Thursday, May 21, 2009

Please help support the important Conservation Work of Award Winning Film Maker Jeff Barrie, of the Fame

Award Winning Film
Maker Jeff Barrie

The is in financial straits, please read the
following article and click on the link above if you can
help this worth while cause and award winning film maker
and conservationist. Also suggest you click on the link
provided on the right hand side or this blog and watch Jeff
Barrie's work on YouTube if you haven't._Green Earl

From : Kilowatt Ours
Subject : Save Kilowatt Ours!
To : Green Earl
Reply To :

Thu, May 21, 2009 01:08 PM

Dear Friends,

It has been an exhilarating adventure producing Kilowatt Ours and seeing it make such a broad, positive impact in the world. I write with a heartfelt thank you to the thousands of people who have taken its message, shared it in your communities and made energy saving changes in your lives. You have become the solution, and your stories continue to inspire me! I recently learned that government data indicate a 2.3% decline in coal consumption in the electric power sector in the near term (source: -- a sign that the vision portrayed in Kilowatt Ours is becoming a reality. We know that Kilowatt Ours has helped save untold millions of kilowatts. Now I ask you to help "Save Kilowatt Ours!"

This is an urgent appeal for your financial support to help us bridge a shortfall, and to reach continued greatness in changing the world. In two weeks, without your support, we are faced with the reality of cutting our staff, slashing our award-winning programs, and closing our office.
Please help us today by...

1) making a donation of $5 or more at (donations of $55 or more may choose to receive a gift copy of Nancy Sleeth's wonderful, inspiring new book "Go Green, Save Green.")
2) asking a friend or twelve to make a donation(s) (If you are with an organization -- please forward to your listserves as appropriate)
3) thinking of people or companies that you feel will be interested in making larger financial contributions or sponsorships - please help us connect with them.

We have been running full-throttle for 5 years to get our message to the widest audience possible, with great success. Kilowatt Ours has now been broadcast more than 1200 times on 400+ public TV stations nationwide, reaching 75% of the public TV marketplace. Not bad for a shoestring film project produced in my basement apartment. Since all broadcasts are royalty-free, we must find other creative ways to finance our continued work, including asking all our friends, fans and collaborators, like you. We are actively seeking new grants, sponsorships, and Recovery Act dollars to broaden our work, and we foresee much prosperity moving forward. YOU can help us today by making a small contribution, and being as generous as you are able:

Our vision for the next few years includes:

Delivering our award-winning youth initiative into every school in America, to build a young generation of energy conservation leaders. We have piloted this curriculum in many classrooms nationwide for three years, demonstrated results, and are ready to scale up!

Expanding our neighborhoods program to every community in the nation. This program launched in Nashville this spring, when we knocked on 1000 doors in our pilot neighborhood and began the process of teaching households how to make energy savings stick and grow for the long haul.

Enhancing our community screenings program to reach ever larger numbers of audiences nationwide, fueling the mantra of energy conservation, and mobilizing more and more people to hold the vision for a greater, greener world.

It has been proven that Kilowatt Ours results in significant energy and financial savings for participants and viewers, and we are committed to keeping this message alive during this crucial time in America and the world. Please help us share the message as widely as possible by making your donation and forwarding this message to your trusted friends. Donations of any size help.

Thank you for what you can do! Click here now:

All the best,

Jeff Barrie
Founder of Kilowatt Ours

PS: Did I mention you can make a donation today at:

PPS: Have you interacted with our website community? check it out to access the Kilowatt Counter, discussion forums, interactive script and free downloads! See also,
Kilowatt Ours

P.O. Box 60322
Nashville, TN

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