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Gulf Oil Spill Disaster...Green Earl Fills Up At Local Shell Station. .25 cents. Click Here

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choices we make everyday by the way we choose to
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill, Volcano Disaster, Latest Pics... WARNING IT'S NOT GOOD NEWS

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Global Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy 15 Years Of Internet Marketing

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill, They Will Ruin Your Planet, Would Your Countrymen Risk WWIII For More Oil?

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Global
Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar
Energy 15 Years Of Internet Marketing

Would a country that would risk spoiling it's own environmental
balance in it's greed, thirst and hunger for oil, risk WWIII for
the domination of such a resource? What do you think?

Earl Allen Boek
Iran has 5 times the oil and gas reserves in their county
than the USA.
Someone wants to steal it very badly to risk your son's 
and daughter's lives for it and WWIII.

The Bible says 1/3rd of the earth's population will perish
in this folly.

Rev 18:13... See More
"These have one mind, and shall give their power and 
  strength unto the beast."

Who is the greatest military power on the planet?

Who is the Beast? Rev17:5
"And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, 

The Bible says, "He that has ears should hear, and he  
that has eyes should see."

Rev 9:6 "And in those days shall men seek death, and shall 
not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from 

Rev 9:16 "And the number of the army of the horsemen 
were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the 
number of them."

Rev9:21 "Neither repented they of their murders, nor of 
their sorcery , nor of their fornication's , nor of their thefts."
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Wolf and the Other Blitzers: The Propaganda Barrage to Justify Iran Attack and Launching WW III

By Clif High
April 21, 2010
Original Title: Wolf and the Other Blitzers, the new War Season, a terrible choice
Wolf BlitzerWorld War 3 is here. This war has already begun, at least the propaganda part intended to drive the emotions of the populace to support the ‘terrible choice’ that our ‘leaders’ will say they are forced to make to ‘safe guard our homeland’.
One of the ways that They plan on levering the planet into war begins with an Israeli attack on Iran. Within our work here at Halfpasthuman, we had thought that the attack by the Zionist war machine on Iran would be a mistake. That opinion has now changed. The Israeli attack will be a planned ‘sacrifice’ of the ‘nation of Israel’ in order to draw the larger nations into a global thermonuclear war. Of course, the Israelis don’t recognize that they are to be the sacrifice to Molock, Baphomet, and the other masonic (vatican/reptilian) gods of war.

World War 3 is here, and will most likely begin, according to one interpretation of the emotional tension sums that we have in our data, on November 8th, very early in the pre-dawn. That is when Israel, the sacrifice, will be ‘led’ by its Zionist ‘leaders’ to launch an attack on Iran. Within minutes of the launch, everything (for the Israeli residents and silent backers of the Zionist killing machines) will go wrong. The retaliation will be both swift and unexpected, though of course, the Zionist ‘leaders’ of the sacrificial sheep of Israel will be knowledgeable enough to not be in Israel when they launch the attack.

As dawn on November 8th moves around the planet, so will the progression of the Global Thermonuclear War. Within minutes of the launch of the attack, death will rain on Israel from a number of sides. As their killing machine streaks toward Iran, the Zionist minions will already be fleeing as they know that retaliation will be swift. It is all part of the plan.

As the people in Israel are dying of flames and gas and explosions, the propagandists here in the US of A will be parroting the ‘official line’, as promulgated by Wolf and Other Blitzers, that the ‘poor oppressed jews are being slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands and WE need to act now! The propaganda machine of the TPTB will of course have built up the hate and suspicion language around Iran for months prior to the actual attack. They will have used subliminal messages, repetitious themes endlessly repeated, and carefully crafted word imagery to get YOU ready to respond to their cry to ‘help save poor israel’.

The mental pathways prepared by the press minions of ThePowersThatBe will be most intense here in the USofA as we are the pin that holds the whole war machine together. As the mind controlled residents of the USofA rise to go work for their hidden slave masters on November 8th, they will be greeted with images of a world gone mad. That is until they turn on the sound, and tune into the messages of ThePowersThatBe pouring out from the prisoner press on mainstream media. Wolf and the Other Blitzers will weep on the screen accompanied by images of the horror of the poor israeli innocents unjustly killed by the evil-doers for no good reason at all. The propagandists will wail and cry, and bring your favorite celebrities to also wail and cry “poor Israel, oh poor Israel, done so low for merely launching a nuclear attack against Iran”….and other ‘woe to us poor Zionists” language that is exactly calculated to support the rallying stance from the ‘leaders’ of the USofA as they shout “rise up Christians, and go to battle to avenge the poor sacrificed Israel”. Then they will cite individual lives within the millions of dead and soon to die merely for launching a nuclear attack against Iran, and cry ‘foul evil doers must be stopped’. Wolf and the Other Blitzers will confer with earnest and thoughtful criminals from congress, pedophiles from the vatican, cabalists from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and other parts of the control structure, who will all play their scripted part in releasing the triggers for prepared pathways in your mind.

The flaming eyes intensity of the Other Blitzers at the official channel of the opposition, Fox, will ratchet up several notches as the news readers begin to feel the blood engorging their pindars in anticipation of the beautiful horrors awaiting their lust for death and religious confrontation. Their shining eyes will seem to seek out viewers through the 1080 HD screens as they too shout the rallying cry of ‘rise up evangelical and fundamentalist Christians! Rise up! Killing time is here! Be ready to die for our beloved Israel!’

The reptilian ‘leaders’ of the Americans, both visible and hidden, will also be tugging on their rigid penises, eyes and hearts flashing hot, and dense, as they too anticipate the sacrifice of Israel and the coming orgy of blood. Their eyes blink rapidly, their jaws clench in rhythmic spasms as their tongues dart between quivering lips. They can already taste the coming ‘feeding’ upon humanity, and it smells good to their darting tongues even as it is brought so faintly on the future winds drifting into the now.

World War 3 is here. The aware observer sees the evidence as Wolf and the Other Blitzers carefully seed the linguistics of the propaganda channels here in the reptile owned Anglo-American empire. They plant these seeds on orders of their masters such that we will all respond appropriately at the appointed time to act out our part in planned grand death ritual, World War 3.

World War 3 is here. The reptiles are even now planning the details of your death in their ritual sacrifice and feeding frenzy. Deny it, or accept it, your choice. A terrible choice, either way, with repercussions long lasting, and dread. A terrible choice, to acknowledge that omnihumanity is marching along to obediently yet-again to orders that will result in the deaths of billions in very short order, or to deny that such a possibility exists, to put to rest all the nagging worries that something is decidedly wrong, and to surrender to the mind-control, fully supporting the version of reality fostered on you by your ‘betters’.

A terrible choice, to own your position as one of very few aware and thus a member of the ‘insane conspiracy theory fringe’, or one of the masses, fully swallowing the lies and hoping that ‘this time is different’.

So, you are here now, watch Wolf and the Other Blitzers over the coming months noting their use of language and war symbols. Note who they speak with, and whom is ignored. See what subjects are brought up how often, and especially watch for what is not shown. Follow with conscious awareness as they attempt to lead your mind to death in their ritual wars. The aware observer will grasp the language changes over these coming months as they begin to introduce the plan to the unprotected minds of humans all around you. The new War Season starts May 6th….stay tuned.
As Wolf and the Other Blitzers’ slogans say, ‘watch, then decide’. It is, after all, their lies, and your terrible choice.

Clif High
April 21, 2010
copyright to HalfPastHuman. All rights reserved.

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