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Energy Auditor Equipment Loans, Up to $15,000.00

Energy Audit Equipment Loans

Energy Audit Equipment Loans are available for Certified Energy Auditors and Weatherization Technicians, defined as any individual who has one or more of the following certifications: certification from Maine Housing, Maine Public Utilities Commission, Residential Energy Services Network, Building Performance Institute (BPI), or the Northeast Home Energy Rating System Alliance (NE HERS), who will need to purchase equipment (infrared cameras and blower doors) in order to complete future energy audits.  Low-interest loans up to $15,000 will help energy audit businesses get up and running. Click here for more information.  The rates, terms, and specific underwriting criteria are determined by each participating bank. Participating banks include:
Bangor Savings Bank - Any branch office (using standard “small business loan product”)
Biddeford Savings Bank - Peter Sylvestre (207)  284-5906
Damariscotta Bank & Trust Co. – Small Commercial Loan Area (207) 563-8121
Franklin Savings Bank - Mike Mansir (207) 778-2900
Kennebunk Savings Bank - Small Commercial Loan Area (207) 985-4903
Machias Savings Bank - Commercial Loan Area (207) 255-3347
Norway Savings Bank - Commercial Loan Area (207) 743-7986
Saco & Biddeford Savings Bank - Commercial Loan Area (207) 284-4591
Sanford Institution for Savings – Commercial Loan Area (207) 324-2285
Skowhegan Savings Bank - Kurt Maynard (207) 858-2573 or Debbie Knox (207) 858-2544
TD Banknorth - Maureen Vanuden (207) 828-7104

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GenGreen Tips

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Google News Alert for: Renewable energy equity partners, startup fundings, venture capital
Parco seeks funds for zero emission pre-fab housing
Cleantech Group - San Jose,CA,USA
The company has raised about $70 million from venture capital investors, ... a power generation portfolio that includes renewable energy in the Middle East, ...
Google Blogs Alert for: Renewable energy equity partners, startup fundings, venture capital
Dow Jones Financial Information Services
By Clean Technology Insight
Onzo Ltd. has been talking with utilities around the world as it prepares to roll out its energy monitoring panel and it's also looking for more venture capital funding, Clean Technology Insight has learned. Full Story. Previous | Next ...
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Uncertainty in the Auto Industry
If you are an auto engineer, your options are somewhat plentiful. Consider switching your knowledge to the energy field. For a small investment you can become an energy auditor or carbon auditor. If you can, become and energy engineer. ...
Green Careers Guide - Green Jobs,... -
Bill Proposes $10 Billion for Energy Efficiency Retrofits | Energy ...
By Will Mallett
And how do you know how much you’ve actually increased your energy efficiency? It may sound vague or incalculable, but it’s not; a qualified energy auditor can figure out a building’s energy usage spot-on, before and after a retrofit, ...
Energy Circle -
Communication gaps allow criminals access to airport security: AG
Canada's Auditor-General Sheila Fraser. OTTAWA -- Gaps in national security are permitting organized crime to infiltrate Canadian airports, where Transport Canada may be granting clearance to secure areas to "high-risk individuals with criminal links," says the federal auditor ... Her report found that Transport Canada, which oversees aviation security at airports, is not devoting its energy to organized crime because it does not consider it to be part of the mandate. ...
National Post - Canada -
Diversity Job Seeker » Blog Archive » Auditor - Energy Trading
By admin
Auditor - Energy Trading
Houston TX 77002 HireDiversity Jobs. Auditor - Energy Trading
Houston TX 77002. Go to Source · Share/Save/Bookmark. Category: Jobs. Comments are closed. ...
Diversity Job Seeker -
Let Energy Rebates Help Pay for your Window Film- 2007 Incentives ...
By admin
45% of a typical homeowners energy cost is geared to cooling your home in Florida (for example) the energy home auditor will provide an extensive guideline for improvements in your use of energy efficient appliances and lighting, ...
TV and Film Audio -
Google News Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic
Jobs of the Future: Oakdale solar company hiring
Modesto Bee - Modesto,CA,USA
Vella, who founded Acro and has done solar installations since 2000, ... panels made up of photovoltaic cells, which turn the sun's energy into electricity. ...
Google Blogs Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic
Chaos expansion of Chinese solar power industry_ANROSOFT_market ...
By bill
Tak and the power is only subjected to the impact of solar power a manufacturing enterprise. JA Solar power of its competitors (JA Solar) and the electric photovoltaic (Sunergy) also reduced profits, a large number of small ... Related research: China solar cell industry market research and analysis of Chinese investment in wind energy - wind power industry market research reports General Chinese solar water heater industry market research and investment analysis of ...
ANROSOFT_market survey report... -
The Solangelist Learns To Install Solar & Loves It ≪ Creative Greenius
By creativegreenius
The interactive part of the system is the way your solar panels feed power into the grid when they’re generating more electricity than your house is using and the way you draw energy from the grid when its dark and your solar panels aren’t .... The third day of our classes was PV 102 - Wiring Your Own PV system and that’s what we spent the day doing. First at Carlson Solar’s warehouse where we wired up nine panels and connected them to an inverter to generate some power. ...
Creative Greenius -
The Benefits of a Solar Roof | Alternative Energy
By admin
The roof will still shield you from the elements, and it will also and generate electricity when the sun is up. In other words, instead of buying regular roof tiles or shingles, you would be buying solar shingles or photovoltaic roofing material, which will serve both ... Greg Sanders, who coordinates career and technical education for the Iron County School District, said educator-leaders there already were committed enough to alternative energy to incorporate into th. ...
Alternative Energy -
Solar Etching Technology Is More Efficient and Self-Cleaning ...
By admin
Self-cleaning solar arrays will also help in the longevity of the photovoltaic panels, which will reduce overall costs. With the new U. S. Stimulus Package favoring solar energy, many will keep a keen eye on this technology going forward. By admin ... For those who are not afraid of heights and want to retool their careers (or just begin their careers) then wind energy jobs are likely to be a growth industry for many years to come. By admin Read More →. March 31, 2009 | ...
Green Resouces -
Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance
Renewable Energy Jobs - Global Green Energy Jobs & Careers
Renewable energy jobs in more than 25 countries worldwide. Hundreds of green energy jobs across solar power, wind energy, hydro, geothermal, wave, tidal, biomass and biofuels and many other areas of renewable energy. ... a degree in planning, environment, construction or engineering and ideally a post graduate qualification in finance, business • at least five years experience of developing power projects (ideally some wind based); • experience taking at least five ...
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Green Jobs” Likely To Destroy More Jobs Than Are Created | QandO
By Bruce McQuain
Optimistically treating European Commission partially funded data, we find that for every renewable energy job that the State manages to finance, Spain’s experience cited by President Obama as a model reveals with high confidence, ...
QandO -
Low Carbon: Official advice on climate targets "too weak ...
By James Shepherd
"This will show strong international leadership by example ahead of crucial UN climate talks in Copenhagen later this year, and help ensure the UK reaps the huge financial and employment benefits of going green. "The UK has one of the best renewable energy potentials in Europe - investing in green power and cutting energy waste can create tens of thousands of jobs and help lead this country out of recession." Professor Kevin Anderson from the Tyndall Centre said: "The ...
Chester Chronicle - Low Carbon -

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama Renewable Energy Green Bank, Green Financing, Solar and Wind Financing, Leasing and More!!!

March 25, 2009 
Article taken and credited to 

Green Bank Act of 2009 Introduced in US House

Washington, D.C., United States []
U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) this week introduced the Green Bank Act of 2009. If passed, the legislation would create the Green Bank as an independent, tax-exempt, wholly owned corporation of the United States. The Bank's mandate would be to provide a range of financing support to qualified renewable energy and energy efficiency projects within the territorial United States.
" By creating the Green Bank, we will accelerate the development, deployment and production of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies across the country."

-- Rep. Chris Van Hollen
The Green Bank Act of 2009 would provide the Green Bank with an initial capitalization of US $10 billion through the issuance of Green Bonds by the U.S. Department of Treasury, with a maximum authorized limit of $50 billion in Green Bonds outstanding at any one time.
“Energy independence is central to our security, our economy and our environment. By creating the Green Bank, we will accelerate the development, deployment and production of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies across the country,” Rep. Van Hollen said. “Last week, I introduced the National Home Energy Savings Revolving Fund Act, which will enable over one million households across the country to save money and make their homes more energy efficient. Today, with the introduction of the Green Bank Act of 2009, we are taking another step towards America’s clean energy future.”

Original co-sponsors of the Green Bank Act of 2009 include Congressman David Loebsack (D-IA), Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Congresswoman Madeleine Z. Bordallo (D-GU). first reported on the idea of a federal clean energy bank earlier this month when Solarsa's Scott Jorgensen published an open letter to President Obama highlighting the concept. Click here to read that letter.
Reader Comments (2)
B Nicholson
Date Posted:
March 26, 2009
Am I really the only economist with a brain IN this country? Issuing bonds right now is a very bad idea because we are in the middle of a terrible deflation that is taking money out of the economy, causing prices (especially illiquid real estate holdings) and salaries to fall, and putting millions of Americans out of work. Duh. Issuing bonds will need to be paid for with money that is far better left in circulation. Just have the federal reserve fork it over or give the function to the federal reserve instead. That way we can have the green economy as a bonus rather than a zero-sum substitution. Who elects these silly-headed congresspeople anyway? Sheesh!
Comment 1 of 2
Date Posted:
March 30, 2009
Surely we all understand that renewable energy is a worthy pursuit. But, this act, like several other recent initiatives, is another attempt to take capital out of the private sector, recycle it and put it onto the backs of the public. I believe the mantra of the present government is "form over substance." I'm told that GE is a prime lobbyist for this statute.

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