Thursday, December 4, 2008

Solar Industry Heats Up. All Heaven Is About to Break Loose !!!

Very happy to report to you the things I see happening here in the California Renewable Energy Solar field. Things
are speeding up. Like the compounded interest on semi-
annual or annual utility rate increases, the solar industry
here and in other parts of the country are about to explode
I first noticed about a month ago the several dozen job
inquiries being posted for warehouse, sales and marketing, lead development managers, being posted by a couple of
what we'll call "Large solar Players" here in the State.
I call them PLAYERS because these guys are, except for
being well financed, apparently, are flying by the seat
of their pants. Many of them and their new hires were
not even a glimer in their mother's eyes when my associated in the solar business moved 200,000 solar units, or so, in
a couple of years, here in CA. Don't quote me, as I don't
have the actual numbers of business sold, but from my
experience I would say the numbers I speak of, are in the
ballpark. In fact one company, which shall remaind nameless, due to the marketing knowledge
and sales approaches used in the early 1980's marketed, sold, financed and installed 80,000
units in the first several years, in four states. These systems were solar DHW only systems
and sold for $3,900 each. This one companies sales reached $312,000,000 in under 5 years.
Had these systems been $40,000 PV Solar electric systems the sales in dollars would be approx. My financial calculator won't handle the zero's, if my math is right. This one
company would have earned over $4 Billion in Sales. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Anyway, my associates and myself are not dead yet grass-hoppers, just old. Remember the
young bull and the old bull story, both looking down over the heard of cows in the field below.
The young bull tells the old bull. "Hey look at that cow, let's both run down there and cut
her out of the heard and have our way with her." The old bull says, "Why don't we just walk
down...and do em all."

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