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Al Boek, associated with Lease One of Denver, US Home Funding of Anaheim, CA., Energy Savings 4 You, Toronto, Canada, SEPartners of San Francisco and New York, Liberty Bell Consultants of Mass and American Energy of Redding, CA.

is currently interested and interviewing International Investment Banks for the purpose of meeting and establishing valuable investment relationships with us for the purpose of making investments into our private equity fund with a focus on the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency in emerging markets.

Looking for a fully dedicated banking or private finance team to help us initiate, appraise and monitor US, Canada, and other world wide renewable energy markets.

We will identify, appraise and negotiate investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency funds, in line with your banks, fund objectives and guidelines.

Draft due diligence reports, and investment recommendations.

Draft reports to the fund's investment committee, financial reports and recommendations in English, French, Spanish or whatever language preferred.

Monitor Projects and draft monitoring reports on a regular basis.

Devise appropriate incentive and renumeration structures, exit strategies and control mechanisms for the fund's investments and qualifications.

Your firm should have at least 5 years relevant professional experience and a proven track record in investments in the renewable energy sector and /or in emerging and developing renewable energy markets.

Experience in and a willingness to become involved in private equity positions would be an advantage.

Experience and aptitude in direct contacts and clients, associates, alliances and partners.

Would also like to see a experience and sense of initiative, with a genuine motivation to help structure
and give content to this new activity for our company and associates.

We are team players, have good inter-personal skills at all levels even multicultural environments, स्ट्रोंग negotiation and analytical skills, ability to draft clear and concise reports, work under pressure and meet important deadlines.

Interested Banks, Investment Firms, Angel Investment Groups, Pension Funds, Venture Capital or Insurance Companies Please Contact:

Al Boek, Founder
American Energy Conservation Group
Redding, CA. 96003
Producing Negawatts...Since 1981
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The Oil Drum | Drumbeat: March 22, 2009
By Gail the Actuary
The $535 million guarantee will go to Solyndra Inc., which said it would use the money to expand its production of photovoltaic panels at its facilities in Fremont, Calif. The company said the guarantee would cover about 75 percent of ... California's Mojave Desert may seem ideally suited for solar energy production, but concern over what several proposed projects might do to the aesthetics of the region and its tortoise population is setting up a potential clash between ...
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NEW BEDFORD — The New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meeting of the SouthCoast Electric Power Group a collaboration of 36 large users of electricity in the New Bedford and Fall River areas. ... to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing energy costs, offering air sealing, weatherization, blown cellulose insullation, photovoltaic (solar energy) system design and installation and solar thermal (solar hot water) design and installation. ... Latest Headlines -
Renewable Energy Blog » Blog Archive » Renewable Energy Is The Future
By Admin
There are many ways to use the sun to generate renewable energy. These can include the generation of electricity through photovoltaic solar cells, the generation of electricity through a concentration of solar power, or the generation ...
Renewable Energy Blog -

Emploi Europe Private Equity / Venture Capital
Our client, a bank's fund of funds seeks a Renewable Energy Investment Officer to ... by Private Equity and you would like to be part of a start up in Luxembourg? ... Director, Financial Institutions Private Equity, Greenwich Partners ...
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Emissions trading at centre of high-stakes game
The Age - Melbourne,Australia
Tim Hanlin, a former investment manager at Woodside's renewable energy company Metasource, is another sprouting the green job message. ...
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Wind Turbine Energy: How It Works and Stocks to Watch
Seeking Alpha - New York,NY,USA
The US still leads worldwide in small wind production, but global market opportunities, and the resulting clean, renewable energy production, ...
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Summary of 2009 New Mexico legislative session by topic
Silver City Sun News - Silver City,nm,USA
... for cleaning up abandoned uranium mining and mills sites; allow New Mexico Finance Authority to issue bonds for renewable energy transmission projects. ...
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Creating jobs in times of crisis
Malta Independent Online - Malta
This will also be the priority of an AD MEP in the light of the European Greens proposal for a Green New Deal: the creation of five million jobs Europe-wide ...
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Update on proposed solar power purchase agreement
San Francisco Bay Guardian - San Francisco,CA,USA
Representatives from Arc Ecology, the Brightline Defense Project, and others advocating for green jobs urged the Budget & Finance Committee to move the ...
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Which ‘Green New Deal’ is the Real Deal? « well sharp
By parker62
The focus is again on green collar jobs, and renewable energy systems. Obama does make mention of the financial crisis but this is only to the extent of “reforming a weak and outdated regulatory system” not restructured financial ...
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Channel 4 Local News and Weather for Reno-Tahoe Region ...
"We must do what we can to establish Nevada as the nation's leader in renewable energy. By investing in a green economy, we will diversify Nevada's economic base, create new career opportunities, and help consumers reduce energy costs that will help ... "By investing in the Green Jobs Initiative, we can create jobs, save energy, and save our citizens' money, both in terms of their lower home energy bills, and in terms of the lower cost of each school and state building, ...
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Being Smart and Efficient on the Stimulus and Careers « Blogal Views
By timothydenherderthomas
That’s a lot of money coming in quickly, and energy efficiency is just one small part of a series of investments in renewable energy, job training, infrastructure improvements, and economic aid in the recent federal stimulus package. This is all very good news. ... If energy efficiency is not so much your thing, but you like the idea of building your career by building a green economy, you should join us this summer for the Summer of Solutions! ...
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Ensaios Imperfeitos: Keynes, Capitalism, and the Crisis
By António Geraldo Dias
This has little to do directly with Keynesianism and in fact reflects the continued dominance of financial capital in the crisis. Keynes was far from being a big supporter of speculative finance and argued for the "euthanasia of the ..... Amandla: Can there be an exit from this crisis through a shift to green capitalism, i.e. massive investment in renewable energy, green technologies -- a kind of "green Keynesianism" as proposed by the folk of New Economics Foundation. ...
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Ferrarii Clan. / Sir Laurence Gardner#: A study.: Post 102 ...
By Templar
Re-educate the sarcophilists, Don Brown and his GREEN followers! Here follows the word of Beppe Grillo, the Italian Guru. Allelujah! EUROPEAN FINANCIAL AID TO THE MAFIA-INFESTED/CONTROLLED/GOVERNED SOUTHERN ITALY! Luigi De Magistris will be standing as an independent ... The most important thing is to focus on renewable energy sources and, above all, on absolute respect for nature, which is not only part of Italy’s heritage but also that of the rest of the world. ...
Ferrarii Clan. / Sir Laurence... -

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