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Jobs MT SHASTA TO LA....And a couple of suggestions



According to PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) not my favorite
California Utility Company, but they have spent a lot of our money, studying and learning such things, you loose more energy out of your window and doors than any other surface of your home...This is why I say...any energy program must
address conservation first...always. Why put a $40,000 dollar solar electric system on a inefficient drafty, hard-to-
heat in the winter, hard-to-cool in the summer house. Adding window and door systems to homes that need them, insulation, ceiling fans, spa heating, pool heating, space heating and DHW (Domestic hot water heating, sized to the family, about 20 gallons of hot water per person, per day)
will allow the homeowners below to add a say $25,000 dollar
solar electric system instead of the $40,000...All money
well spent, when spent well...And the homes look great.
The following jobs were sold and installed in the Union City, Fremont, (we call this east-bay area) of California....But the colder the climate, the hotter the climate the better the comfort and energy savings.......


These pictures are of a job marketed, sold and installed in Alamo, CA. This home was several million then...early nineties, God only knows what the homes worth today.
Notice the oak seat and head on the interior bay window and the trim around the doors and windows all natural clear oak. Sets off and frames out the vinyl, which has gotten some
bad press as to the pollution when manufacturing, but really provides a great energy efficiency window systems. Little or no expansion and contraction during extreme weather changes..Low e gas and Argon gas between panes with butel seals make this a real efficient window and
the angles of the bay, stick out from the house to catch sunshine and breezes. The sidelights fold down for cleaning, both lites and both side lites have screens of course. These window can be purchased with fake grids to make a nice effect on the exterior....The job in this picture ran
nearly $20,000 as I remember, I sold it, but the added comfort, energy savings and eye appeal added is priceless. The customer loved the job. Don't recall putting solar on this I guess the window and door investment was expensive enough at the time, these customers will
enjoy this job for years to come...Plus if you live a a busy noise.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Conservation can be fun and profitable for the homeowner

Most homes built even 5 years ago are under insulated. Aluminum windows, even double pane, can transfer energy 1700 times faster than wood or vinyl, Since aluminum heats and

than can shrink in the winter, seals in the windows can be compromised. Usually south

facing windows do this first, south west next, due to sun and weather exposure...How can you tell if your windows are shot? Look for moisture between the panes of class..if you see it your seals are gone or going.
With all the foreclosures out there not getting that unusual to find houses like above, but I must admit this was a bad one.

Energy Independence...Simple as 1,2,3,

This ad first ran in 1982. I had already been in the energy conservation business a year.

This is called a testomonial ad. I posted it because one of my customers is telling you, If you are one of those that dispise

sales people, "it was the first time purchasing major ticket items, that everything the salesman said came true.''

Solving the energy crisis now facing the nation is really not as complex as many of the experts would have you believe.

Everyone of them wants to put the cart before the horse.

1.) Conservation is Always first

2.) Thermal Solar Energy is Second

3.) Only then do we add solar electric to the home or business and then we can actually undersize it and save the customer money there too.

What is conservation? I will post some links and conservation measures that are well known to the industry. Stay with me here. I really do have a plan and it fits nicely with Senator Barack Obama's stated energy policies. How exciting...

Monday, July 21, 2008


A friend from one of my Obama groups, (I joined about a hundred of em) reminded me and sent out a poster he had made showing old gold miners and telling me the Energy Gold Rush was on.

1992 Quote From AEC Marketing Materials

There is an energy crisis in California. Like always, with any diversity, comes some opportunity.
There is an energy "gold rush" taking place in California...and like the last gold rush, the miners won't be the ones who get rich. It will be the guys selling the picks and shovels. Al Boek

Like anything in life you must have a passion for it to be truly successful. But, It sure doesn't hurt if you can make a good living at it too. Right? Our first year in Redding, CA we did $500,000 in gross sales act about a 25% profit margin. Energy was actually cheap compared to today.

I remember telling my customers we would one day be trading American blood for oil. Sadly I was correct. But really, even I could not see two wars and progress and another on the rise.
This is insane.

The customers that listened and took measures then, have been rewarded at least 5 to 1 over
the initial cost (energy investment) they took. The more conservation and generation measures taken then, the more dollars returned on investment now.

How can you not have a passion for a business that does that for it's customers...and country?

It is my intention to answer every question you might have if you decide to join with us in
taking Al Gore's call to action to heart. And you can get wealthy, doing the right thing.

Win Win.


Energy Quotes

"Well we can conserve our way out of this problem, all we have to do is conserve. We don't have to produce anymore power. VP Cheney

On California...

"They've got a whole complex of problems that are caused by relying on conservation and not doing anything about the supply side of the equation." VP Cheney

"It's unfortunate that Vice President Cheney is so grossly misinformed about California's
agreesive program to build new power plants." Governor Gray Davis

"Clearly, the cheapest megawatt this summer is the megawatt of energy we don't have to
produce." Governor Gray Davis

"Which bills would you prefer, "House Bills, Senate Bills, Utility Bills or Dollar Bills." Al Boek

"We produce NEGAWATTS, these are units of electric power that no one had to fire-up and burn natural gas to generate, because some informed person or company, somewhere took
conservation action." Al Boek

Yes, there is another energy crisis in California and this time the entire nation is involved.

Nearly thirty years ago, several of my associates and I created a company I named American Energy Conservation.

We went on to market, sell and install thousands of energy conservation projects through out
the state of California. We also addressed the energy production side of the equation by installing thousands of solar systems statewide as well.

Recently Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Mr. Al Gore created a campaign and an organization . Mr. Gore has issued a warning, many as you know,
on global warming its harmful effects to the planet and the need to replace our dependency on
oil and other fossil fuels. He has also issued a call to action with goal of our country becoming
100% free of these fuels. Is he a big dreamer, maybe. Can it be done? Yes.

In the following days and post I would like to propose what I call The American Energy Conservation Group Plan to my readers and challenge you, to find something wrong with
the plan we started on nearly 30 years ago.

Please feel free to include your comments and or suggestions. I will not moderate them, however anyone getting out of line, will have their post removed and my ex-brother-in-law,
a fighter pilot, will bomb your house.

American Energy Conservation Groups Plan

Nothing is more powerful, than an idea who's time
has come. unknown

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