Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Energy Independence...Simple as 1,2,3,

This ad first ran in 1982. I had already been in the energy conservation business a year.

This is called a testomonial ad. I posted it because one of my customers is telling you, If you are one of those that dispise

sales people, "it was the first time purchasing major ticket items, that everything the salesman said came true.''

Solving the energy crisis now facing the nation is really not as complex as many of the experts would have you believe.

Everyone of them wants to put the cart before the horse.

1.) Conservation is Always first

2.) Thermal Solar Energy is Second

3.) Only then do we add solar electric to the home or business and then we can actually undersize it and save the customer money there too.

What is conservation? I will post some links and conservation measures that are well known to the industry. Stay with me here. I really do have a plan and it fits nicely with Senator Barack Obama's stated energy policies. How exciting...

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