Saturday, July 26, 2008


According to PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) not my favorite
California Utility Company, but they have spent a lot of our money, studying and learning such things, you loose more energy out of your window and doors than any other surface of your home...This is why I say...any energy program must
address conservation first...always. Why put a $40,000 dollar solar electric system on a inefficient drafty, hard-to-
heat in the winter, hard-to-cool in the summer house. Adding window and door systems to homes that need them, insulation, ceiling fans, spa heating, pool heating, space heating and DHW (Domestic hot water heating, sized to the family, about 20 gallons of hot water per person, per day)
will allow the homeowners below to add a say $25,000 dollar
solar electric system instead of the $40,000...All money
well spent, when spent well...And the homes look great.
The following jobs were sold and installed in the Union City, Fremont, (we call this east-bay area) of California....But the colder the climate, the hotter the climate the better the comfort and energy savings.......

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