Saturday, July 26, 2008


These pictures are of a job marketed, sold and installed in Alamo, CA. This home was several million then...early nineties, God only knows what the homes worth today.
Notice the oak seat and head on the interior bay window and the trim around the doors and windows all natural clear oak. Sets off and frames out the vinyl, which has gotten some
bad press as to the pollution when manufacturing, but really provides a great energy efficiency window systems. Little or no expansion and contraction during extreme weather changes..Low e gas and Argon gas between panes with butel seals make this a real efficient window and
the angles of the bay, stick out from the house to catch sunshine and breezes. The sidelights fold down for cleaning, both lites and both side lites have screens of course. These window can be purchased with fake grids to make a nice effect on the exterior....The job in this picture ran
nearly $20,000 as I remember, I sold it, but the added comfort, energy savings and eye appeal added is priceless. The customer loved the job. Don't recall putting solar on this I guess the window and door investment was expensive enough at the time, these customers will
enjoy this job for years to come...Plus if you live a a busy noise.

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