Monday, July 21, 2008


A friend from one of my Obama groups, (I joined about a hundred of em) reminded me and sent out a poster he had made showing old gold miners and telling me the Energy Gold Rush was on.

1992 Quote From AEC Marketing Materials

There is an energy crisis in California. Like always, with any diversity, comes some opportunity.
There is an energy "gold rush" taking place in California...and like the last gold rush, the miners won't be the ones who get rich. It will be the guys selling the picks and shovels. Al Boek

Like anything in life you must have a passion for it to be truly successful. But, It sure doesn't hurt if you can make a good living at it too. Right? Our first year in Redding, CA we did $500,000 in gross sales act about a 25% profit margin. Energy was actually cheap compared to today.

I remember telling my customers we would one day be trading American blood for oil. Sadly I was correct. But really, even I could not see two wars and progress and another on the rise.
This is insane.

The customers that listened and took measures then, have been rewarded at least 5 to 1 over
the initial cost (energy investment) they took. The more conservation and generation measures taken then, the more dollars returned on investment now.

How can you not have a passion for a business that does that for it's customers...and country?

It is my intention to answer every question you might have if you decide to join with us in
taking Al Gore's call to action to heart. And you can get wealthy, doing the right thing.

Win Win.

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