Monday, September 20, 2010

Redding, CA instead of a Green Industrial Park Redding Officials Want To Bring Back The Poison Paper Plants Of The Past.

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Global Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy 15 Years Of Internet Marketing

Grand Ma use to say, "You kids clean up that last mess before you start 
another one".  To bad the city of Redding and RUE power brokers didn't 
have my common-sense grandmother as a guide._Green Earl

  • This system shown is not a batch solar
  • system, it is a hybrid Solar Electric
  • collector with a baffled, waffled, heat-
  • exchanger built in to enough of the 
  • panels to deliver the thermal and hot
  • water needs of the family, including
  • spa and space heating when needed.
Below see the collection tanks, this
system and it's controller are tied
into the internet and can be controlled
and surveyed from anywhere on the planet.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
-Green Earl
  • September 20, 2010
  • 5:51 a.m.
citizenactivist writes:
in response to pleaseconsider:
How proud the Redding area could be to be at the fore-front of the green-tech movement
But, some would rather get residual benefits of wreaking havoc on our earth.
These solar water heaters, called batch heaters are easily constructed
using 4ea 10 gal stainless tubes or 8ea 5gal copperand have been installed
and operation trouble-free, completely trouble free, in our area and
through-out the state of California now for thirty years. Even-though
in many cases REU and PG&E auditors told many of my customers
that such a purchase would not be cost-effective in an area with a full
over 300 great solar days. Adding the total amount of energy, barrels
of oil saved,and actual payback in dollars earned from my systems
still operating and reducing carbon footprints, statewide and even
some throughout the nation, I take GREAT satisfaction that these
high-paid, highly EDUCATED and too-smart for their own good EXPERTS
lacked and could not compete with the locally-grown common sense
of someone without any agenda except to to his part for his fellow man
while fighting all the naysayers and operating an honest and ethical business.

If the city would spend half the money and effort helping someone
like myself, a local yokel, I guess they would consider me, as I know
they don't think anyone at REU is qualified to be hired from within
the ranks of REU either.

But if they did help someone with 30 years of background in conservation
and solar get setup in this park we could set a green tone on this business
park and turn in into something we could all be proud of for the park itself,
our community and the north state.

In a perfect world this could happen, but not in the self-serving,back-door
dealing, Big power-playing,PG&E-Wanting-to-be world of Mr. Hauser
manager of REU.

Mr. Hauser, the future of energy conservation and power generation in not
in TANC it's in thermal,(not just electric) hot water stored in TANKS, we
call batteries,  as stored energy for later use...

Earl Allen Boek Founder of
American Energy Conservation Group in
Redding in 1981

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