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You know, life is funny...Someone once said. "You got to live everyday like you just had a heart attack, and  your doctors only given you a year to live."  Now why would anyone need to be reminded out there?
simply put...There are a bunch of you out there, running around, that are already DEAD. Smile..Your just waiting for someone to put some dirt on your face, so you realize it.

So I spent a couple minutes this morning putting together this gift, I call, my $10 Million Dollar Flyer. Why give ideas and concepts away to the masses?  Am I fricken crazy or what?  Not really, not totally, anyway.  I just wanted to see if anyone out there with a check book wants to make some money?  I can be reached'll figure it out

Exclusive Affiliates for AECG
PO Box 1579
Anderson, CA. 96007
Phone: 530-549-4315
FAX: 530-549-4315
No More Utility Bills
offer includes
Free Energy Audit*
Free Project Planning*
Free Conservation and Weatherization*
Installation of Solar PV/Electric System
Installation of Wind Generation System
Installation of Solar DHW System
Installation Pool and Spa Heating,
(as needed)
Free Goods and Services (Worth Thousands In Improvements)
Help Us Put The Utility Company Out Of
Business !!!
The first ten complexes that return the filled out apartment information and
energy survey sheet and a signed right of entry agreement
(for audit and inspection only)
and then agree to give American Energy Conservation Group
fair and equal access to the complex will receive the following
A Solar Pool and/or Spa Heating System
At No Charge
A Complex-Wide Security Camera System
Call Now (530) 549-4315
*Audit and Project Plans are No Charge, No Obligation,Free Weatherization & Conservation Packages,
Pool, and/or Spa Heating or Security Systems are included (not to exceed $10,000) with a no-cash out of pocket installation of American Energy Conservation Group Renewable Energy Electric and Thermal Solar Application

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Green, Solar, Wind, Careers, Financing

Click above for details on becoming a home based Eco Consultant. This training includes or coaching and mentoring program. If you join under AECG we will include job placement when you've become trained. ALB.

Energy, Solar, Wind, Green Jobs, Green Careers, Entery Doors Into Renewable Industry

If your interested in getting knowlege in the Energy Audit Business...Click On The link above...
The money here will normally be larger, as you are trained here to work with commercial accounts.
Above link will train you as a Energy Auditor/Consultant

If you would rather work helping families, in residential settings, I recommend the link below.

Either training and career path, will provide you with online training and Green Energy Entry Into the renewable, alternative industry. 

American Energy Conservation Group will provide unlimited support to any parties, world wide, that
join and take the training offered.  In  either case the expense will be no greater than $500.  In both cases it will be less if your budget does not allow the full entry cost, starting out, don't worry about it.  Contact
the program owners in each case.  After you have proof of entry, contact me so I can add you to my computer.  Contact us anytime you have questions about anything you need.  Allow up to 24 hours for an
answer.  I will try to respond faster, just don't know if I'll always be able to. But I will reply.  Al Boek

Monday, January 12, 2009

Gov. Candidate For Virginia, Brian Moran Proposes MANDATORY Renewable Energy Program

For Green Job Coaching and Information   click on Title Above.........


Moran Announces Support for Bold Renewable Energy Initiative

Monday, January 12, 2009
Moran Announces Support for Bold
Renewable Energy Initiative: 25% by ‘25

Bold Call for Renewable Energy Standard is the Most of Any Candidate
Make Va. a National Leader in Fighting Global Warming and Creating Green Jobs
ALEXANDRIA – Today, Brian Moran announced his support for a mandatory commitment to renewable and alternative energy to create thousands of jobs across the Commonwealth. The announcement is a preview of his campaign’s energy and environmental plan which will be announced in the coming weeks.
Virginia currently has a voluntary goal reaching 12% of Virginia’s energy from renewable resources and Moran’s bold plan will more than double the current standard and make it mandatory – he is calling for a 25% mandatory standard by 2025, making a quarter of our energy from renewable sources.
Virginia can be a leader in the area of renewable energy, and Moran’s bold proposal will put Virginia in the top ten states nationally. Moran’s plan is the boldest of any candidate for Governor.
Governor Kaine’s Climate Change Commission has called for an increase from the current voluntary 12% Renewable Portfolio Standard (SB1416, 2007) to 15%. Recently, candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe called for making the existing 12% standard mandatory (Gubernatorial hopeful touts renewable energy sources, “Danville Register and Bee,” 1/9/2009). Moran’s plan is the most progressive of any of the candidates for governor and echoes President-elect Obama, who has called for a nationwide 25% mandatory standard by 2025.
“I have proposed a bold step, which will make Virginia a leader in renewable energy,” Moran said. “The next governor needs to be looking toward the future and creating an environment which will attract good high-paying green jobs, and help Virginia grow in the green economy. My commitment to our environment and our economy is too strong to do anything less.”
Sources of renewable energy that can meet this commitment include solar, wind, energy efficiency, geothermal, hydropower, wave, tidal, waste to energy, and biomass. Currently, 28 states have mandatory RPS standards according to the Pew Charitable Trust. Five others, including Virginia, have voluntary standards. Seven states have 25% RPS (Ill., Minn., N.H., N.Y., Ohio, Ore. and Vt.), while Connecticut is at 27% and Maine at 30%. Moran supports an RPS of 20% by 2020 on the way to his goal.
Moran presented his approach to environmental issues in a September, 2008 speech, in which Moran said “We must reject the false choice between growing our economy and protecting our environment. We can create jobs by investing in a 21st century energy economy.” Link to full speech text:
Brian Moran has been repeatedly named a Legislative Hero by the League of Conservation Voters. In the General Assembly, he worked for new energy efficiency standards and incentives for renewable energy production.
Brian Moran has a 20-year record of service to the people of Virginia. He was Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and a Delegate from Alexandria City and Fairfax County. Prior to that, he served as a prosecutor in Arlington County.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

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Free Career Consultation with 30 year conservation, renewable energy pioneer, Al Boek, Call 530-549-4315 or write me at: and I will call you on my dime.

We produce NegaWatts.........Since 1981


McCloud Local First Steering Committee

Thank you for the idea requesting entries on projects and business ideas that can bring jobs to McCloud, help with the local environment, make a social contribution to the area, and last but not least, earn a profit. I have one.

I am 3rd of a 6th. generation Redding family. My grandfather started Redding Roofing Company in the late thirties, early forties and I had an opportunity, working for the family business, to visit and work in McCloud for about a month, as a teen. While visiting the area that summer, I developed a love and concern for the area, it's beauty, the community and the friendly people.

Since the early 80's, when I founded American Energy Conservation, I have traveled and given conservation, weatherization, vinyl windows and solar presentations to most of the state. I usually schedule marketing time in your area in the dead of summer, when an escape from the valley heat was a nice retreat. Is our website, along with Our renewable energy Blog.

So your idea, gave me this one. Hope you like it!

I am proposing a business involving marketing, sales, financing and installing of renewable energy measures in and around the McCloud city region. I have included a article on the state of solar energy, in our state. Please read to the bottom of the article and notice the part about the Federal Credits on these measures being increased and expanded. Notice installs of solar, both residential and commercial and industrial, have been at record levels, even without the federal tax increases and expansions. This makes many types of renewable energy measures and devices the most cost-effective, and makes the market, the most desirable, in the last 3 decades. In short, there will never be a better time and opportunity for North State Business building owners, ranchers, and homeowners to take advantage of these "make-sense, utility-bill-eliminating-improvements" than there is now, effective January 1st, 2009.

I am suggesting the setup of a McCloud Renewable Energy Seminar Program. This idea can easily be tested without purchasing or leasing any space, at first, by forming an alliance with an existing business having presentation space and dinner capacity, such as Shasta Sunset Dinner Train. Feb and March schedule is open, (for our purpose the train does not have to go anywhere.) They have been contacted and we can seat
75 in their theater car and serve the attendies free dinners to thank them for attending. Arrangements are pending and Feb 13th & 14th, or Feb 20th and 21st are our suggestions for a firm date.

Our suppliers: Eninthal, LLC,, headquartered in Grand Island, New York, have agreed to fund the initial budget for the project in exchange for the product orders we expect from the efforts.

The funding will allow us to hire the crew at Shasta Sunset Dinner Train, for an upcoming Friday evening seminar and perhaps a follow up Sat morning, cover the
cost of the theater car, dinning car, dinners, tips and misc. expenses, including
some free drawings, door prizes and gifts. No sales will take place at this event,
only a brief movie, introduction of our partners and an offer of a Free Renewable
Energy Audit, worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars ea. in some cases.

The funding also will cover our marketing partners efforts and put dozens of people
in Boise, Idaho, to work too, contacting local business owners, ranches, retail, commercial and industrial property owners as potential new clients.

I have business associates and partners, headquartered out of San Francisco and
Brooklyn, New York, who are certified experts in renewable energy projects. They
have agreed to provide all audit, project planning and installing supervision of the local
contractors and workers we hope to employ in these efforts.
They have quite an impressive list of completed projects in California and nationwide.
Please view their Case Studies section.

My leasing affiliates in Colorado will handle all financing for any project clients that take advantage of our valuable advice and cost-effective, renewable energy proposals.

I know a world-famous country western entertainer, who happened to be one of our
first solar customers in the early eighties, I intend to send his wife and him a copy
of this plan and ask for their attendance, as our special guest of honor, for what we hope will be the first of many similar programs through-out the North State. That would
make the evening even more special.

So, I've covered who will work on projects. All locals expect a need for 20 full-time.

Products are renewable energy products, Conservation, Solar, Wind Generation.

Target market, All energy users, commercial and industrial, residential, farms, ranches, churches, hotels, food establishments, schools, stores, etc.

The profit part, is...several cities, across the nation have embraced similar programs
as I'm suggesting McCloud does. Those cities enjoyed world wide response for their vision and community spirit. I see no reason why your city would be any different.

No other industry, that I know of, has the local, state and federal support, and incoming administration, that the renewable energy industry has, as of today, except perhaps WALL STREET.

No other idea, has the local impact that this many completed jobs will have on the city. I am forecasting no less than 10 jobs will come from this effort. The total gross sales
from this one evening could exceed a million dollars.

The jobs, people, promotion for the city, area, contribution to the general economy as well as the factories and supply channels that will supply equipment and support services are in the thousands of folks.

Social Contributions...What business model do you know of with the potential to change your local economy, while cutting emissions, the use of gas fired electric turbines, and reducing the impact of these conventional methods and oil from some countries that don't like us very much, than that of the renewable energy industry?

Thank you for the opportunity to expose this shinning star business model to your community.


Al Boek, Founder, CEO
American Energy Conservation Group

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