Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Energy, Solar, Wind, Green Jobs, Green Careers, Entery Doors Into Renewable Industry

If your interested in getting knowlege in the Energy Audit Business...Click On The link above...
The money here will normally be larger, as you are trained here to work with commercial accounts.
Above link will train you as a Energy Auditor/Consultant

If you would rather work helping families, in residential settings, I recommend the link below.

Either training and career path, will provide you with online training and Green Energy Entry Into the renewable, alternative industry. 

American Energy Conservation Group will provide unlimited support to any parties, world wide, that
join and take the training offered.  In  either case the expense will be no greater than $500.  In both cases it will be less if your budget does not allow the full entry cost, starting out, don't worry about it.  Contact
the program owners in each case.  After you have proof of entry, contact me so I can add you to my computer.  Contact us anytime you have questions about anything you need.  Allow up to 24 hours for an
answer.  I will try to respond faster, just don't know if I'll always be able to. But I will reply.  Al Boek


BeyondGreen said...

Of the money we have seen thrown around thus far let me ask you this, that 168 billion that our country borrowed to give away to us in the form of an "economic stimulus package" ...did it do a darn thing to create jobs or stimulate our economy? NO, nothing. And we borrowed the money from China.

This past year the high cost of gas nearly destroyed our economy and society. More people lost jobs and homes as a direct result of that than any other factor in our history.

Fannie and Freddie continue to get all the blame. Of all the homes I have seen lost in my area SW FL and believe me I have seen many, none were due to an adjustable mortgage. They were due to lack of work.

Families went broke at the pump alone. Then added to that most saw record rate hikes at their utility companies. The high cost of fuel resulted in higher production and shipping costs that were passed on to the consumer, in most cases higher prices for smaller packaging.

Consumers tightened their belts, cut back, went out to eat less or stopped totally. Drove around on tires that needed replacing longer, some even quit buying medicines they really need.Unfortunately cutting back and spending less results in even more layoffs. A real economical catch-22.

And, as we are doing the happy dance around the lower prices at the pumps OPEC is planning to cut production to raise prices. They are even getting Russia in on the cutbacks. Oil is finite. We have used up the easy to get to reserves already. It will run out one day.

We have so much available to us. Solar and Wind are free sources of energy. Of course to get the harnessing process set up is somewhat costly it is still free energy.

It would cost the equivalent of 60 cents per gallon to charge and drive an electric car. The electricity to charge the car could be generated by solar or wind at least in part and in most cases totally.

If all gasoline cars, trucks, and suv’s instead had plug-in electric drive trains, the amount of electricity needed to replace gasoline is about equal to the estimated wind energy potential of the state of North Dakota. What a powerful resources we have neglected.

Jeff Wilson has a profound new book out called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence Now. Powerful, powerful book!

I think we need to rethink all these bailouts and stimulus packages. We need to use some of these billions to bail America out of it's dependence on foreign oil. Create clean cheap energy, create millions of badly needed new green collar jobs and get out from under the grip foreign oil has on us. What a win -win situation that would be for America at large

American Energy Conservation Group said...

BeyondGreen, Just want to thank you for your thoughtful input. I agree with your post. I've stopped waiting for my stimulus check, months ago.

Yes, there is hope for us in renewable energy. The industry has had positive effects in my own life and can in any one elses.

Helping to put folks back to work. Helping local and state economies and fighting the effects of global warming.

The great income potential is the
icing on this cake.


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