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VINYL DESIGNS, INC, Sacramento's Window and Siding Company, Helps It's Customers Scam Sacramento County, City and Surrounding Cities, Out Of Ten's Of Thousands In Unpaid Building Permits

Green Earl Exposes Big Sacramento Building Permit Scam, A Dangerous
Policy of Deception, that could cost someone their life. But for sure,
in these hard financial times, are costing the cities of Sacramento
and Sacramento County tens of thousands in unpaid permit fees and unordered inspections._Green Earl

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

Please let me make this clear, I am only singling out Vinyl
Designs, Inc, because as the form above proves, I have had
first hand knowledge of this policy being in force at their
operations. I'm sure others in similar businesses are
doing the same, and loses to the county and cities of Sac.
must run in the tens of thousands, over the years, perhaps
even more.

Before I exposed this permit policy, I almost contacted each
building and safety department, actually made a list, asking
if their city offered any whistle blower fees for exposing
this scam, because if these BUILDING PERMIT WAIVERS are legal,
and I think you'll agree with me after I explain why and how
they are used, I'd be very surprised.

If you read through such an agreement, and I encourage you to
read this one completely, if you hold a position at any building
and safety department of any California city or any other city
in the nation. What you read seems to be a pretty straight
forward document and notification to the customer. Hell the
document even says Vinyl Designs, Inc encourages all homeowners to obtain all permits required to complete the
work contracted.

But it is a lie. More on what is and what is not being told the
customer below.

Let me make this clear, Vinyl Windows, Vinyl Siding, Patio Covers
and Fiber Stucco Coatings, like TEX-Cote, and Entry or Patio
Doors are a big profitable businesses across the United States
and Canada, and no doubt around the world, in developed countries.

There is more than enough profit from a $8,000 to $10,000 vinyl
window job to do the job right and pull a permit to see that safety
issues of the homeowner are protected and have been addressed.

So the question is, IF like I say, a possible dangerous situation
exist, and most homeowners would not even realize it, and the
contractor is so aware of that situation that he mentions it in
the Permit Waiver, yet goes a head and installs the job without
making the necessary alterations, required by law and most
building and safety departments of any city, and does this
without pulling permit or inspection, would you say that is
careless, unforgivable, illegal or just a total disregard for
the homeowners and their families safety? Or all the above?

I say all of the above and more, if someone has actually died
because of these policies, or does, after they are made public,
they should, and no doubt would, become a criminal matter too.

Let me make it clear right here and now, I have no love lost for
city building department permit and inspection processes, been
there, done that, but they are not called Building And Safety
Departments for nothing. They actually do serve a purpose, but
I am suggesting, it's time they realize what's going on, and if
they already know, then it's time they start addressing this,
because someone could die in a fire, and it is likely it would
be a small child, and it could all be fixed at the time of the
new window install, and if the contractor does not have enough
pride in the job they do to address it, then it's the city and
counties job, (maybe even the states) to see that it is addressed.

So I have posted above enough information that most building
departments worth their salt, can understand what's happening
out there in the field and how the contractors are getting away
with it.

For the sake of my readers and blog visitors, I will add to this
post and add more details so that they fully understand the
reasons I say, this is a potentially deadly combination for any
customer doing work with any contractor who Waives The Building
Permit Process and helps or even encourages (In spite of what
the BUILDING PERMIT WAIVER agreement says at the top of this
article) helps encourage the customer, not to pull a permit or
not to have a safety inspection, at all.

You read it first, from a customers point of view, then come
back soon and I'll have the WAIVER interpreted for you by then

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

Ok, I'm back as promised. Let me include another link to the
Waiver above for you to view, as I go through it with you or
just open another browser so you can follow along with me. just copy and paste.

Someone once said your imagination is usually far worse than the
actual happening. But this Building Permit Waiver has the
customer imagining very bad things happening to them when the
big, bad, building inspector comes to inspect their window,
siding or patio cover job. Who wants building and safety depart
poking around their property, discovering that illegal addition,
shed, (usually legal) out buildings and other potential problems?

Why do you hire a contractor anyway? So that you can rest
assured the job will be done right, within all codes and
restrictions, so that any future liability that might arise
is hopefully addressed.

Then why would you ever agree such a BUILDING PERMIT WAIVER?
I mean if your families safety, your home and your integrity
don't matter, now or at resale perhaps, why not just do the
dang job yourself.

So here we go....First
Paragraph: Vinyl Designs Inc, wants you to release them
from ALL responsibility to obtain any and all BUILDING
Why would
you want to release them, they're the contractor, shouldn't
their work and pay upon completion be releasing you from
All responsibility?

So your going to take on
the responsibility for this licensed, bonded, insured and
trained, certified, award winning contractor, your going
to take over their permit processing department and pull
a permit for them, on your job? Isn't that part of the
work, your hiring them for?

Next line: Here's the crime taking place, ok my choice
of words, Vinyl
Designs, Inc will install all windows as per existing
openings. You the homeowner have been made aware of all
egress (should say ingress and egress)restrictions and

Your agreeing "you've
been notified, of all egress codes and restrictions",
but have you really been? Example, Mr Lane: When your
home was built, in the sixties, the code allowed the
bedroom windows to be only 24" inches high and a xox
window like yours to be in three pieces of only 24"
each, the windows today do not meet new building codes
and restrictions because they are located so high up
the wall and so small of opening that you, your wife,
and for sure your children would find it difficult to
even reach the opening, let alone exit the room through
them in event of a fire, also help from the outside,
your neighbors or even firemen would also have trouble
reaching them.

Now please if you would, sign this waiver, admitting
that your too damned cheap to give a damned about your
family and we are admitting to you in writing that all
we care about is slamming in your windows and getting paid
and moving on to the next job, to worry about your kids
burning alive, trapped in a fire, while you watch.

Well would you sign it?, if it was explained honestly to
you, that way, or would you see that the company pulls a
permit and expands the window opening, to code, so that
your family or the family after you don't ever get trapped
in such a spot? Because I'll tell you for damned sure, the
building and safety department of your county or city will
make that contractor lower and expand that window opening
and assure the safety of your family, if a permit is pulled.

Vinyl Designs Inc knows it, and every window contractor
out their knows it. The only ones that do not, are their

For this to be an honest document, one that might actually
stand up in a wrongful death suit, or manslaughter charge,
I, and I'm far from an attorney, but I believe, it would
almost have to be explained, in the document, that clearly.

All I'm saying, before anyone is asked, legally to sign
away their rights, they should have to be told exactly what
rights their giving up.

That is why I say, If documents like these are legal they
should not be, they should be outlawed right now. The fact
that anyone would encourage such a document to be signed
is exactly why permits are needed and should be required
on ALL window replacement, Vinyl Siding,Tex-Cote stucco
sealing jobs and Patio covers.

Roofers are required to pull permits and many times are
required to actually rip off existing roofs, when this
might not always be the best thing for the roof, but at
least the roof can be inspected for dry rot and other
potential structural problems down the road. Many of
these older homes have entire walls of glass, sometimes
around patio doors. Wouldn't you as a customer want to
be assured that those walls of glass are replaced and
replaced with tempered glass? instead of maybe just
double-strength, I mean if your grandchild rides through
a 7 foot high window on his tricycle?

Now the contractor will try to tell you what a hassle the
permit process is, when actually now, with the internet,
they can easily order a permit online, or even a city license
for that matter (wonder how many are not doing this when
they work in your city).

Contractors that would have you sign such a document, want
one thing and one thing only, your check at completion.

Don't let them get away with it. Tell them, you want the job?
Then you sir, must do the entire job, and pulling permits is
just part of the job. You don't want to do the job? Perhaps
a take and bake pizza shop would be a better profession for
you. No, I take that back, if you mishandle the meat, you'll
poison everyone. Just retire, get out while the gettens good.

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

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CEO wary of green jobs, market The Workplace exec addresses role of economic recovery on employment opportunities By Richard Lee

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

CEO wary of green jobs, market
The Workplace exec addresses role of economic recovery on employment opportunities
By Richard Lee

STAFF WRITER For The Newstimes

Updated: 10/01/2009 09:04:18 PM EDT

An economy bolstered by jobs focused on improving the environment offers promise for Connecticut, but the head of The Workplace Inc. in Bridgeport wants to be certain there is work for its program's graduates.

Using federal funds to train the unemployed or under-employed is an option, Joseph Carbone, president and chief executive officer of the career development organization, told 65 attendees Wednesday night at "Green Jobs: Preparing for the New Economy," hosted by Soundwaters at the Stamford branch of the University of Connecticut.

"We have to make sure those jobs will be there. In many respects, we have to wait for the market," Carbone said.

Green jobs are occupations that preserve, restore or improve the environment and result in saving energy, advancing new energy-efficient technologies, and fostering a more sustainable regional and national energy system, according to The Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University.

The Workplace is using funds from the Environmental Protection Agency for brownfield remediation job-training programs in Norwalk and the Naugatuck Valley towns of Ansonia, Derby, Seymour and Shelton. Previous programs were conducted in Bridgeport, Stamford and the Naugatuck Valley.

The program has graduated 147 and many have found jobs in the field.

The Workplace recently received a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, administered over three years, to provide training to
military veterans to pursue employment in positions such as weatherization technician, energy auditor, renewable energy technician, asbestos supervisor and hazardous waste technician.

On Tuesday, The Workplace applied for $4 million in federal funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for green job training that would start with basic education needs.

"We're putting a lot of this money in high-poverty areas," Carbone said.

Although the Obama administration has said green jobs will play a role in reviving the economy, there has to be a need for those products and services, Carbone said.

"The economy starts with us. Folks in the community have to be conscious of that," he said. "The market has to be the generator. Creating opportunity and the jobs will follow."

In July, The Workplace issued a report on preparing the work force for green-collar jobs and the training needed to give people the best chance at finding work.

William Leahy, chief executive director for operations at the institute, told the audience that 42,000 jobs could be created in Connecticut through green job-training efforts.

"We need to promote domestic, renewable energy resources and advanced technologies. This is a good place for domestic jobs," Leahy said, noting that manufacturers in the state must "get up to speed" in creating green products.

Connecticut has become a leader in fuel-cell development through United Technologies Corp. and Danbury-based Fuel Cell Energy Inc., while Fairfield-based General Electric Co. is a key player as a wind-energy finance source and developer, he said. Solar-energy technology also is growing rapidly in Connecticut as a business segment.

The goal is to create long-term, stable jobs that cannot be exported, Leahy said.

"The economy side of it is very important, but on the other side, we're doing it because it's the right thing to do," Carbone said.

It is important that the rhetoric Americans are hearing about green jobs results in a boost in employment, said Adam Hinman, Stamford program coordinator for the Student Conservation Association, a national organization that provides young people with hands-on conservation service opportunities.

He said he was pleased to hear Carbone and Leahy define green jobs, cautioning that it can become a buzzword used by businesses to market their products and services.

Green-job creation hinges on market

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

Your Company Could Be Featured in Sundance Channel's The Lazy Environmentalist

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy


Your Company Could Be Featured in Sundance Channel's The Lazy Environmentalist

On Season 2 of THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST, host Josh Dorfman continues his quest to find easy, convenient and affordable green solutions for the most environmentally skeptical people. Think it can't be done? Josh wants to prove you wrong!

If you or someone you know is an environmental skeptic we want to hear from you. Must be outgoing, opinionated and very vocal about why aspects of "going green" won't work for you. Must also be ready to show off your "environmentally challenged" business/occupation/lifestyle. Must live in the LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO or TUCSON area.

Please e-mail a little bit about yourself, including your name, location, occupation, contact information and picture of yourself, to:


Environmental News Stories

Featuring The Latest News About Your World

Air Permit for Coal Power Plant on Navajo Land Sent Back to EPA

The contested air permit for the Sithe Global Desert Rock coal-fired power plant on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico today was sent back to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for additional analysis.

> Big Coal Told to Burn with Less Pollution
G-20 Countries Will Phase Out Fossil Fuel Subsidies

G-20 government leaders today concluded the Pittsburgh Summit with a commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies over the medium term while providing targeted support for the poorest households. The leaders said that this unprecedented move is expected to encourage energy conservation, improve energy security, and kick-start their commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

> World Starting to Go Green
Coastal treasures: 5 marine national parks

Get a quick overview of 5 of the world's greatest marine national parks. These spots are precious and you can find a link to each one of them in this environmental news flash from Jeff McIntire-Strasburg.

> Marine National Parks
What One Second of Bottled Water Consumption Looks Like

Something changes when you see countless plastic bottles piled high on top of each other. Check out a group that is working to increase public awareness about the need to stop wasting so many plastic bottles.

> Bottled Water Consumption
Featured Eco–mmunity Stories
Science Report: Climate Change Speeding Toward Irreversible Tipping Points

The speed and scope of global warming is now overtaking even the most sobering predictions of the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, finds a new report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme, entitled "Climate Change Science Compendium 2009."

> Life As We Know It
Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park Named Important Bird Area

Lake Nakuru National Park in central Kenya, internationally known for its concentration of bright pink flamingos, has been designated as an international bird sanctuary.

> New Bird Sanctuary
Appeals Court: Power Companies Can Be Sued for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In a historic ruling, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with states and private land trusts that sued large power companies to make them curb their greenhouse gas emissions.

> Biting the Hand That Feeds?

[TexasforObama] RE: cornyn - greenhouse gases - Texas ranks s7th IN THE WORLD for these emissions
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 11:42:16 AM
""Cheryl Coon" "
View Contact
To: Texas for Obama
He is correct IF we do not get the renewable energy parts right, in part because we are one of the dirtiest, most lax states around, ranking SEVENTH in the world in greenhouse emissions - that is right up there just behind the US, china, brazil, etc. we need to clean up our act here more than many states.

but there are also studies that we pay a HUGE cost for our dirty air - around $63 billion per year in the DFW area alone due to the effect on people.

From: Mark Anthony Adams []
Sent: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 1:16 PM
To: Texas for Obama
Subject: [TexasforObama] John "MAGGOT SHIT" Cornyn

The health care / insurance reform WAR isn't even any where close to being over; as it has really in fact just begun - And here comes the so FRIGGING eager beaver John "MAGGOT SHIT" Cornyn moving on to ENERGY - He must really want to be the Poster Child for the PARTY OF NO!
September 30, 2009


Raising oil-industry taxes would cost jobs in Texas

The following op-ed by Senator Cornyn was published in the Houston Chronicle, and can also be accessed here.
The oil-and-gas industry helps power the U.S. economy, especially here in Texas. More than 300,000 Texans work in the industry. They generate nearly 7 percent of the wages in our state, despite being only a little more than 3 percent of our workforce.
More than 90 percent of the wells in our country are operated by small and independent businesses, and even the major energy companies rely on small businesses as suppliers and contractors. Together these workers and businesses help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and contribute to the diversity of energy resources that we will need for decades to come.
Domestic oil and gas production is part of America's energy solution, but many in Washington see the industry as part of the problem. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, I heard the Obama administration testify this month that our domestic oil-and-gas industry actually reduces our long-term energy security. In their view, our industry is guilty of overproduction, at a time when 60 percent of our oil comes from foreign sources.
To attack overproduction, the White House wants to repeal nine oil and gas incentives that encourage our entrepreneurs to develop America's natural resources and create new jobs. By doing so, the administration would impose more than $30 billion in new taxes over 10 years.
Texans would pay the biggest share of that bill, and some might pay by going out of business. For example, independent refineries must make the same large capital investments as their global competitors, while operating on much thinner profit margins. Raising taxes now could end their ability to compete and send more Texans to the unemployment line.
Higher taxes would cost jobs here in Texas and weaken our nation's strategic position overseas. The less oil and gas we produce here, the more dependent we are on foreign suppliers. And no matter which suppliers we choose, unfriendly regimes like Iran and Venezuela would claim a larger share of the global energy market.
In addition, U.S. private businesses would be further disadvantaged compared to their state-owned competitors, such as Russia's Gazprom and Brazil's Petrobras.
The White House has ignored strategic and economic reality and elevated liberal ideology. Despite identifying a goal we all share " the diversification of America's energy supplies " they have pursued a more statist agenda in pursuit of “the greatest social return.” But raising taxes on our oil and gas producers won't produce the return we want. Instead, we would only weaken our energy security, force many businesses to close or lay off workers and lengthen the longest and deepest recession in a generation.
Texans understand that we must develop all potential sources of energy, and we also understand the right way to do it. Thanks to economic incentives and private investment, Texas now has more than 8,000 megawatts of installed wind capacity, more than twice that of any other state.
We've also strongly supported the construction of new nuclear power plants, which emit zero greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. The entrepreneurial spirit, rather than government command and control, remains the key to technological innovation, as well as greater job growth for all of us.

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UPDATED! Click here to see a map and photos from Senator Cornyn's Texas travels!
Click here to see a map and photos from Senator Cornyn's Texas travels in August!

517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
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US Nukes Agency Pushes New Bomb Production
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 4:54:23 PM
t r u t h o u t
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t r u t h o u t

Department of Energy still pushing for modernizing nuclear bombs; judge orders release of Guantanamo detainee; senators introduce climate bill; top US envoy loses UN post; Michael Moore warns Blue Dogs on health care; remembering Matthew Shepard; Le Monde on US moral standing; and more...

Wednesday 22 September 2009

US Nukes Agency Pushes New Bomb Production
Matthew Cardinale, Inter Press Service: "Despite statements by US President Barack Obama that he wants to see the world reduce, and eventually eliminate, nuclear weapons, the US Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration continues to push forward on a programme called Complex Modernisation, which would expand two existing nuclear plants to allow them to produce new plutonium pits and new bomb parts out of enriched uranium for use in a possible new generation of nuclear bombs."

Judge's Order to Release Kuwaiti Detainee Puts Obama in a Bind
Carol Rosenberg, McClatchy Newspapers: "A year ago, an Air Force prosecutor swore out charges of conspiracy and providing material support to a terrorist organization against Fouad al Rabia, a 50-year-old Kuwaiti aviation engineer who was seized by US forces in Afghanistan nearly eight years ago. Now a US district court judge in Washington has ordered him released from the Guantanamo military prison, saying the government has presented no evidence of his guilt. The decision, recently made public in a redacted form, not only casts a harsh spotlight on the kind of evidence Pentagon prosecutors were relying on to bring a war crimes charge against Rabia, but also leaves the Obama administration with a dilemma."

Senators Unveil New Climate Change Bill
Renee Schoof, McClatchy Newspapers: "On a stage in front of the Capitol with a giant American flag behind them, a group of senators Wednesday unveiled a new climate bill that they say will increase jobs and reduce the billions spent on foreign oil. The bill's framework is similar to one that squeaked through the House in June. It orders mandatory reductions of heat-trapping gases by large companies and provides incentives and support for clean energy. It goes further, however, with more support for continued use of coal but with the emissions greatly reduced, and for increased reliance on nuclear power and natural gas."

Top US Envoy Removed From Afghanistan UN Job
Peter Graff, Sayed Salahudding and Maria Golovnina, Reuters: "America's top diplomat at the UN mission in Afghanistan has been removed from his post following a row with his European boss over the country's presidential election, a UN official told Reuters on Wednesday. Peter Galbraith, deputy to UN special envoy Kai Eide, had taken an aggressive and outspoken line toward fraud in the August 20 vote, angering his Norwegian boss who has preferred to operate behind the scenes."

Michael Moore Tells Democrats: "Find Your Spine" on Health Care
Markham Heid, Medill News Service, McClatchey News: "Sans video camera, filmmaker Michael Moore on Tuesday turned his megaphone on the current health care system and those Blue Dog Democrats he claims are 'dogging' the health care debate. Moore, an advocate of a single-payer, government-run health care system, called the current setup 'cruel,' and said that two-thirds of Americans support a single-payer system and would punish those Democrats who steer the conversation away from that option. 'To the Democrats in Congress,' Moore said, 'find your spine. Read the polls. And see us coming.'"

Deb Price | Remembering a "Very Human Life" Cut Short by Hatred
Deb Price, Truthout: "On a cold night 11 years ago, a 21-year-old University of Wyoming student was lured into a pickup truck and driven to the outskirts of Laramie, where as he begged for mercy, he was tied to a fence, kicked and pistol whipped so brutally that he lapsed into a coma. He later died. He was a victim of hatred. He was also his mother's treasure. And Matthew Shepard's horrible death forced much of our nation to look at how anti-gay prejudice can explode into violence."

Le Monde | "Gitmo" Again
Le Monde's editorialist writes (French Translation: Leslie Thatcher): "January 22, on the second day of his presidency, Barack Obama solemnly signed the decree for the closure of the Guantanamo prison facility: since 2002, that damning symbol of the George Bush presidency. 'America's moral example must once again be the foundation of our global leadership,' the American president said then, before clarifying that this closing would take effect within a year. Can this commitment be kept? At the moment, nothing is less certain."

Browse our continually updating front page at

Please visit our Donation page to help support Truthout here
Now From Alaska

City unveils plan to reduce winter natural gas use

CONSERVATION: Campaign is launched to encourage residents to curb fuel use at peak times.


Published: September 30th, 2009 03:33 PM
Last Modified: October 1st, 2009 09:47 AM

Cold showers, chilly living rooms and microwaved cuisine could be in store for Southcentral residents this winter as local utilities and government leaders search for ways to conserve natural gas.
City and utility executives embraced the conditional use of those tactics and more in announcing a campaign Wednesday aimed at trying to get residents to use less power during winter's peak demand periods, when the mercury plunges deepest.

Under the new scheme, city officials, working with the utilities, created a three-tiered alert system advising consumers how they should help conserve fuel to cut back demand in cases where the system faces an overload.

"I do not want, under my watch, for half the population of the state to not have heat and not have lights," Mayor Dan Sullivan said. "Two of the last three winters we were in situations for several weeks on end where we were at 10 degrees below zero.

"We wanted to be prepared in case there's a problem moving that gas from producers to customers in the extreme situations."

The written plan revealed Wednesday notes that gas supplies are believed to be sufficient to meet Southcentral needs this winter and delivery problems are not anticipated. The plan, however, contends it is "prudent to plan for contingencies."

Last winter, the gas distribution system on several occasions nearly reached its limit. Utility leaders say the problem isn't a lack of gas, it's keeping the lines pressurized during the periods when demand is at its highest.

Here's the new system's color-coded advisory setup, which asks more and more of consumers as conditions worsen:

• Green: Normal operation. Residents are asked to "use energy wisely."

• Yellow: Residents are urged to set living-area thermostats at 65 degrees; 40 degrees in garages. They are asked to lower water heater settings to "warm."

• Red: Thermostats should be set to 60 degrees in living areas and water heater gas valves set to "pilot." Household activities should be consolidated into as few rooms as possible and people should use the microwave for cooking.

It is up to the utilities to initiate a call for more consumer sacrifices but the city manager will issue a new advisory, city spokeswoman Sarah Erkmann said. Many different factors could lead to a potential crisis so there is no set threshold for each alert level, she said.

Asked whether a red alert would have been implemented last winter when the temperature lingered below minus 10 degrees at length, Sullivan said he didn't think so, though a yellow alert might have been possible.

Sullivan said there will be a test of the system Oct. 21 from 6-8 p.m., in which consumers will be asked "to curtail energy use" under the terms of code yellow to see how much power is saved.

At the press conference, Sullivan said officials plan to launch an advertising campaign urging people to adjust their habits if needed, though he acknowledged there was no way to force people to comply. However, executives from Enstar Natural Gas Co. and Chugach Electric Association said their customers are willing to make sacrifices.

"We've actually done surveys to answer that question," said Chugach chief executive Bradley Evans. "Generally speaking, we had about a 70-80 percent reaction that said that they would do voluntary action to reduce the load."

Bob Pickett, chairman of the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, said he thought creating the plan and getting the public on board was "a very responsible effort" that could help avert a potential crisis in the darkest, coldest months.

"I think it's fair to say that the deliverability issues are real and this has been a situation that's been a long time in the making, a lot of reasons for it," he said. "This is real and the actions of conservation on a short-term emergency basis could actually prevent the problem from happening."

Southcentral uses up to an estimated 400 million cubic feet of natural gas a day in winter. Most electricity generated in Southcentral comes from natural gas-fueled power plants -- about 90 percent of Chugach's kilowatt hours and about 85 percent of Municipal Light and Power's come from burning natural gas.

The gas fields in Cook Inlet have long supplied the demand, Sullivan said, but as gas has been extracted the reserves and pressure have declined. And dropping pressure means less gas can move through the lines.

To keep it flowing, the utilities have added compressors to give the gas a push into the Enstar system, ML&P general manager James Posey said. But if a compressor fails, as happened several times last winter, supply might not be able to keep up with demand.

The plan announced Wednesday -- which also includes partners Homer Electric Association and Matanuska Electric Association -- seeks to reduce demand when it is likely to be at its highest. That would be accomplished through the terms of the colored alert system and other voluntary actions like asking commercial operations to reduce their exterior lighting or generate their own power.

It also includes steps the utilities could take to limit demand. For instance, Seward and ML&P could start making power on their own with diesel generators, though that would be more expensive.

Utilities could also curtail power sales to Golden Valley Electric Association and divert gas from the liquefied natural gas plant on the Kenai.

"It's not the volumes of the gas, it's the deliverability," said Colleen Starring, president of Enstar. "During any situation that would require us to become worried that we're going to have an issue, the LNG plant automatically diverts."

In a worst-case scenario, which Sullivan said was unlikely to happen, utilities could implement rolling blackouts around town lasting from 20 to 30 minutes for residences and gas curtailments for commercial accounts.

Asked how long Southcentral Alaskans could expect to find themselves under a warning, Sullivan said it depended on whether the trend of cold snaps seen in the past few winters continues.

"If that continues this winter, next winter, you could be in the yellow situation or maybe even moving into red for a week to 10 days, maybe two weeks," Sullivan said.

Find James Halpin online at or call him at 257-4589.

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Brookfield Renewable Power Fund Begins Construction of Ontario ...
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UN) - Brookfield Renewable Power Fund (the "Fund") announced today that it is beginning construction of the Gosfield Wind project in the Town of Kingsville ...
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Not all Chicagoans 'back the bid' for 2016

Didn't Greece wind up spending almost 10 billion dollars to get Athens and the rest of the country in shape to host the Olympics there? ...
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A look at economic developments around the globe
The Associated Press

... for three years and regulators will limit spending on factories to make steel, cement, glass, polysilicon used in solar panels and wind power equipment. ...
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Smiths Group takes slow and steady path through recession
Times Online

UK electricity prices remain weak, and the planning process for onshore wind farms subject to protracted delays. But, at the very least, yesterday's deal ...
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Tech Tour Day Six: Grand Valley, Ferris State Joining Spinoff Effort

Ferris is also working on creating a West Michigan College Wind Collaborative with several community colleges, creating a program of wind energy education. ...
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Press Release: To support construction in Vanuatu the European ...
By admin

The finance contract was signed in Port Vila on Tuesday by representatives of the European Investment Bank and the President of Unelco. The project is the first wind farm to be implemented in Vanuatu and it is hoped that this will form ...
The Gov Monitor -

G-7 finance officials consider scrapping joint statement as G-20 ...
By Martin Crutsinger

August 18th, 2009 Canadian wind farm sale delayedNEW YORK — GE Energy Financial Services and Plutonic Power Corp. said Tuesday they need more time to decide whether to buy the Dokie Ridge Wind Project, the largest wind farm under ...
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GreenMicrofinance partners with Jamii Bora to clear slums ...
By Microfinance Focus

Its members are among the very poor, but some are buying new homes in Jamii Bora's ECO-Town Kaputiei, the future home for 10000 people which will create jobs for over 12000 when completed. The first project to be funded is a solar and wind project that will bring power to the town. Kenya is experiencing extreme drought which has led to power outages because the country is dependent upon hydropower. Residents of Kaputiei are not suffering from a lack of water because the ...

Microfinance News -

The Oil Drum | Drumbeat: September 30, 2009
By Leanan

(Bloomberg) -- StatoilHydro ASA, Norway's largest oil and natural gas producer, plans to trumpet its experience in developing and running Arctic projects in a bid to be picked by Russia as a partner on the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia. .... What sort of "electric gewgaw" is there which might keep the birds and/or bats away from the wind turbines? BTW, I am all for shooting feral cats, even though they do a good job of killing rats and mice. ...

The Oil Drum - Discussions about... -

Green Car Congress: US Geothermal Power Could Top 10 Gigawatts ...
By Mike Millikin

According to the GEA this was due to 4 new geothermal power projects moving to completion, but also reflects difficulty obtaining final permits and difficulty obtaining financing. The recession, as the report confirms, ... To put that in perspective, 2008 yielded about 52 TWh of wind power. Furthermore, the elegance of geothermal is that it can be used as baseload. These plants in CA, NV, and OR+WA can be used to turn off some coal fired power plants nearby. Good stuff. ...

Green Car Congress -

Google News Alert for: Conservation, creating Negawatts, saving energy

Orion Energy Systems Named Finalist for Esteemed Platts Global ...
GlobeNewsWire (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA

The fixed-rate payments for the negawatts delivered will be used to pay for the implementation of Orion's energy-saving technology. ...

Google News Alert for: energy auditor, Green Jobs, Training, Services,

Growing a Revolution

Silicon Valley's Metro - San Jose,CA,USA

Under his 10-point "Green Vision for San Jose," Reed plans to create 25000 "clean-tech" jobs, reduce per capita energy use by 50 percent, ...

Senate Cap & Trade Bill

This Act may be cited as the "Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act". .... employment services for skills assessment, job counseling, training, ...

Google News Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance

Climate folly before failure
The Australian - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia

Australia only emits about 1% of the world's green house gas emissions. ..... Focussing on reducing emissions, increasing renewable energy production, ...

Boxer-Kerry Bill: It's Still All About Jobs
Wall Street Journal (blog) - New York,NY,USA

Many of these green jobs are still just dream jobs though at the moment, ... will serve the dual purpose of creating extra jobs in renewable energy, ...

The Next Youth-Magnet Cities
Wall Street Journal - USA

David Gibson Jr., 25 years old, passed up finance jobs in Charlotte, .... And with significant high-tech, videogame and renewable-energy sectors, ...

Risky Business
San Antonio Current

“What we found was the public wanted more energy efficiency and more renewable energy,” said Cordova. “Basically our recommendation reflects this ...
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Hill Heat : Text of Kerry-Boxer Clean Energy Jobs and American ...
By Brad Johnson

Authorizes the Secretary of Education to award grants, on a competitive basis, to eligible partnerships to develop programs of study focused on emerging careers and jobs in the fields of clean energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency, ... Requires the Secretary of Labor, in consultation with the Secretary of Energy, to establish a Green Construction Careers demonstration project to promote careers and quality employment practices in the green construction sector and to ...

Hill Heat -

Revolution Solution: It's time to get things done in Moose Jaw!
By Larissa Shasko

This admittedly puts a university student at an unfair advantage to those who may be at the end of their careers or retired and who have already built their "nest egg". So to that note, donations to the campaign to elect Larissa Shasko are welcome! .... Larissa will be a voice on Council for urban sustainability, safe and local food initiatives, low-income housing, locally owned businesses, and the creation of Green Jobs in the renewable energy sector. ...

Revolution Solution -

The Next Hot Youth-Magnet Cities (yay Seattle!) - amygeek's posterous
David Gibson Jr., 25 years old, passed up finance jobs in Charlotte, New York and Atlanta to settle in Washington as a financial analyst for the Federal Reserve. Mr. Gibson, who has an M.B.A., figures the capital, with its many .... And with significant high-tech, videogame and renewable-energy sectors, Mr. DeVol calls Austin "a model for a thriving 21st-century knowledge-based community." The downside: Some panelists have doubts about how strongly Austin will rebound ...

amygeek's posterous -

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Solar Wind Conservation Green Careers Renewable Energy Lease ...
Trainees graduate from green jobs program By GREG MENZA gmenzacdhnet. Solar Wind Bio Energy News And .... Renewable Energy News Green Jobs Green Careers ...

Google Blogs Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic

Space Solar? : Built on Facts
By Matt Springer

In theory I like solar power a lot. There's a lot to be said for energy that falls from the sky for free for as long as we care to use it. But actually getting that energy to do useful work in an economical way. Solar panels are expensive and not terribly environmentally friendly to .... For either CPV, or space based power the cost per unit area of photovoltaics has to be high enough to justify all the extra infrastructure to optimally use the limited PV material. ...

ScienceBlogs : News -

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Suntech Brings UtilityScale Solar to China | Solar Photovoltaic ...

Suntech Power Holdings Co LtdNYSE STP is the world's leading solar energy company as measured by production output of crystalline silicon solar modules ...

[RenewableEnergyAdvocatesforObama] FW: #37 in Health vs. Broken System
Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:50:34 AM
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To: Renewable Energy Advocates for Obama
This is worse than being #37 in the world for health care - it is surrendering complete control to a broken system.

In a message dated 9/27/2009 11:16:54 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

FW: We're #37 in the World for Healthcare... Re-send

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Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:58:18 AM
"Mitch Stewart,"
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To: Earl Allen Boek
Organizing for America
Earl Allen --

On Wednesday, Vice President Biden talked to seniors in Maryland about how health reform will affect Medicare -- and he debunked the "death panels" lie as only he can.

The Vice President was at his passionate best, and there was a video camera there to catch the whole thing. You won't want to miss this. Watch the video today:

Watch the video

Special interests are spreading lies in a shameless ploy to scare seniors away from supporting reform.

The best way to fight back is to spread the facts -- one note, video, and conversation at a time -- until everyone hears the truth that reform will protect seniors and strengthen Medicare.

Watch the video today, then send it to every friend or family member who still has doubts about reform.



Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America



Ron says "Read this email, please"
Thursday, October 1, 2009 12:01:14 PM
Ron Paul
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To: Earl Boek

October 1, 2009

Dear fellow defender of liberty,

This is it.

The next few weeks will determine whether Barack Obama and the statists in Congress massively increase the government's control over healthcare (16% of the U.S. economy and rising).

Make no mistake, this is one of the most important political battles of our lifetimes; and the actions by Campaign for Liberty activists like you have already made a big impact here in Washington in slowing down and casting doubt on what a few months ago the experts said was a "done deal."

But the statists are pushing back hard. So, I ask for your help today.

Click here to hear an urgent message from Campaign for Liberty President John Tate and then, please, take all the actions John requests.

Liberty must be defended, day-after-day, over-and-over ... when it is not the statists win.

Please listen to John's message and act today.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

PS. With the healthcare battle now at a crisis, please click here to listen to Campaign for Liberty's President John Tate's message and, please, take all the actions he requests.

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California Senator Questions Value of PG&E Smart Meters 1 comment »

Sure, what's in it for the consumer. Consumers need value. Simply telling them you're charging them more during peak periods does nothing.
By David Schneider
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Smart Grid Investment to Quintuple in Next Two Decades 0 comments » | October 1, 2009

The amount of money invested in the Smart Grid is expected to grow fivefold over the next 20 years. That's according to Rob Wilhite, senior vice president of global energy and utility consulting firm KEMA, Inc. Wilhite's comments ab…
Andy Bochman 0 comments » | October 1, 2009

Andy Bochman works in Customer Advocacy and Integration at IBM. He is a contributor to industry and national security working groups on energy security and cyber security. He is founder of the Smart Grid Security blog, which he co-a…
Jack Danahy 0 comments » | October 1, 2009

Jack Danahy is a Security Executive in the Office of the CTO, Rational at IBM. He is a national speaker and writer on computer network and data security, including the Smart Grid Security Blog.…
When is the absolute BEST TIME to land a new job? Do you know? 0 comments » | October 1, 2009

Are you, at a minimum, passively aware of new opportunities in the market? Why or Why not?…

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Kohl's Creates 5200 Jobs, Opens 37 New Stores
Trading Markets (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA

As a leading environmentally responsible retailer, Kohl's green initiatives ... to energy efficiency and the use and support of renewable energy sources. ...
Kohl`s Creates 5200 Jobs, Opens 37 New Stores
Reuters - USA

... construction of green buildings, a dedicated recycling program, a commitment to energy efficiency and the use and support of renewable energy sources. ...

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Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance Stocks to Watch for Tuesday, September 29t - Monday ... Mike Andric, CEO of Green Star Alternative Energy, stated: "This is an ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green... -

Ben Powless: Grassroots must lead transition to green economy ...
By derrick

For myself, that's what I saw as being the real challenge here in Canada, we actually have to start and create a movement that will be able to bring about significant contributions by the government, the financial backing to really create ... Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy production not only reduces greenhouse gases, it can also provide quality jobs. Investing in public transit, co-generation (combined heat and power systems), retrofitting homes and ... - News for the rest of us -

By Curicaveri

Mostly importantly to build awareness of the severity on the need to make the projects for clean energy and green jobs that pays livable wages in the region; Create awareness on clean energy opportunities that will help stem global warming and ... The Greenlining Institute, California EDGE Campaign, Center on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, The Verde Group, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment, Grid Alternatives and the SJV Clean Energy Organization. ...



The latest from Yahoo! News: Most Emailed - Odd News

* Military may lift ban on women in submarines (Reuters)
* What the? Tourism group changes name, acronym (AP)
* Bangladesh awards farmer who killed 83,000 rats (AP)
* Britain asks Schwarzenegger to close prostitute website (Reuters)
* Giant candy store to open in gigantic mall (Reuters)
* Tweeting Ugandan gorillas make friends online (Reuters)
* Man sues BofA for "1,784 billion, trillion dollars" (Reuters)
* Girls warned not to hide boyfriends' guns (Reuters)
* Fashionistas furious over Berlusconi link (Reuters)
* German minister-to-be rebuffs question in English (Reuters)
* Rental pets and robots in "Blade Runner" Tokyo (Reuters)
* Schwarzenegger asked to close prostitute Website (Reuters)
* Fla. college ready for flesh-eating zombie attack (AP)
* Police: Woman, not in the mood, cuts boyfriend (AP)
* North American pro sports leagues in a twitter over tweeting (Reuters)
* Wyo. boy, 11, leads police on chase up to 100 mph (AP)
* Woman accused of urinating on NH police station (AP)
* School tells all parents their children are absent (AP)
* Mule deer or Yule deer? Buck draped with decor (AP)

Military may lift ban on women in submarines (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Top Pentagon officials are calling for an end to the U.S. military's historical ban on allowing women to serve in submarines.

What the? Tourism group changes name, acronym (AP) Top
AP - A Wisconsin tourism lobbying group is changing its name after realizing its initials formed a crude acronym. The Wisconsin Tourism Federation group did a quiet rebranding in July, changing its name to the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin and updating its logo from WTF to TFW after it was featured on Web sites and blogs poking fun at it. It had no way of knowing 30 years ago that the letters would go on to take on a crude association.

Bangladesh awards farmer who killed 83,000 rats (AP) Top
AP - Bangladesh on Wednesday awarded a farmer who killed more than 83,000 rats and launched a monthlong campaign nationwide to kill millions more, to protect crops and reduce the need for food imports. Mokhairul Islam, 40, won a first prize of a color television for killing some 83,450 rats in the past nine months in Gazipur district near the South Asian country's capital, Dhaka. He collected their tails for proof.

Britain asks Schwarzenegger to close prostitute website (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A government minister asked California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Wednesday to shut down a U.S. website that allows men to rate prostitutes, including many working in London.

Giant candy store to open in gigantic mall (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Dubai-based company is opening what it says will be the world's largest confectionary store in Dubai as it looks to tap demand from the Gulf Arab region's hunger for candy.

Tweeting Ugandan gorillas make friends online (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Lurking deep in the mist-glazed forests of east Africa, Uganda's mountain gorillas are preparing to 'tweet' for their survival.

Man sues BofA for "1,784 billion, trillion dollars" (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Dalton Chiscolm is unhappy about Bank of America's customer service -- really, really unhappy.

Girls warned not to hide boyfriends' guns (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A campaign warning girls not to stash or carry guns for their boyfriends was launched by London police Wednesday.

Fashionistas furious over Berlusconi link (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Italian fashionistas on Wednesday hit back at foreign media reports that their latest creations were for "bimbos" inspired by the sex scandals surrounding Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's private life.

German minister-to-be rebuffs question in English (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Guido Westerwelle, who is widely expected to become foreign minister in the next German government, admonished a reporter who asked him a question in English on Monday, saying: "We're in Germany here."

Rental pets and robots in "Blade Runner" Tokyo (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Only in Tokyo could you hire a cat out for an hour and stroke it while you have a cappuccino -- or better still, while a robot cooks your noodles for you.

Schwarzenegger asked to close prostitute Website (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A British government minister asked California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday to shut down a U.S. website that allows men to rate prostitutes, including many working in London.

Fla. college ready for flesh-eating zombie attack (AP) Top
AP - No one expects a zombie apocalypse. But the University of Florida is making sure officials are ready for a night of the living dead, just in case. The school has a plan for responding to the undead on its Web site among outlines for dealing with hurricanes and pandemics.

Police: Woman, not in the mood, cuts boyfriend (AP) Top
AP - A 52-year-old woman was booked Thursday morning with domestic battery after telling police that she cut her boyfriend for trying to have sex with her. In the arrest affidavit, police said the woman's boyfriend claimed she cut him with a knife when they got into an argument, and police saw a 4-inch gash on his left arm along with several small cuts and scratches.

North American pro sports leagues in a twitter over tweeting (Reuters) Top
Reuters - North America's professional sports leagues are all a twitter over tweeting and have pushed through guidelines to ban player access to social networking sites during games.

Wyo. boy, 11, leads police on chase up to 100 mph (AP) Top
AP - Wyoming police say an 11-year-old boy driving a large SUV led officers on a high speed chase reaching speeds of 100 mph. Bureau of Indian Affairs police say the chase started about 3 a.m. Tuesday near Riverton in central Wyoming and ended about 50 miles away near Crowheart on the Wind River Reservation.

Woman accused of urinating on NH police station (AP) Top
AP - Police said a woman has been arrested for urinating on a police station after her companion wasn't allowed to use its restroom. A 28-year-old woman was charged with indecent exposure after the incident Wednesday, which started when her companion went to the station to resolve a 12-year-old traffic citation.

School tells all parents their children are absent (AP) Top
AP - A student absence phone call that went to every family of students at a West Tennessee middle school caused an uproar. The automated call is set to go out at 9 a.m. each day from Martin Middle School, but only to families whose children have been marked absent that day. WCMT Radio in Martin reported the call on Wednesday went to parents of all 475 students at the school.

Mule deer or Yule deer? Buck draped with decor (AP) Top
AP - Call it a case of Christmas creep. A young mule deer in Montana is ushering in the holiday season early. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Kevin Cook says the buck got mixed up with a string of Christmas lights and now they are hanging from his antlers and body. The agency started getting reports about the decorated deer near Fort Harrison last week.

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

Solar Power For Home

Everything To Install Solar Power To Your Home

« Does Anyone Have Solar Power?

Why Is That The Solar Power Equipments So Expensive.? »

(Why are you going to spend over $100K over the next 10 yrs
or so, without solar?

When / How Is Solar Power Going To Be Cost-competitive With Today’s Common Energy Sources?
ANSWER (Long term financing, like your utility bill is now.)_Green Earl

Actually this depends on where you live, and how much electricity you use.
obviously if you live in an area that has a lot of mostly sunny days, the Solar panels are more cost effective than where I live.

where I live we get 80 to 100 inches of rain a year, so we only get about 75 non-rainy or cloudy, or foggy days a year.

(New Jersey gets how many solar days a year? They are now number
2 in the nation, to add solar, it's rebates, credits and financing
that is making the difference.

also our utility company is a Co=op, so our energy bills are reasonably low.
however if you live in say Ca. either central or southern, with rebates and incentives, you should be able to recoup the cost of you solar panels in 15 years or less. (Sooner, if you add thermal, hot water, space heating and solar
electric air-conditioning)

This site should give you insight into cost and other related benefits.…
Technorati Tags: Common, Costcompetitive, Energy, Going, Power, Solar, Sources, Today's, When, With

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 1st, 2009 at 8:32 am and is filed under solar power for home. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.
4 Responses to “When / How Is Solar Power Going To Be Cost-competitive With Today’s Common Energy Sources?”

1. Hannah's Grandpa Says:
October 1st, 2009 at 8:32 am

Not for a long time.
Remember that if you decide to install a solar water heater you are not only paying for a water heater but you are paying the total cost for the system that harnesses that energy.
Every time you hit a light switch that is connected to a supplier you are only paying a tiny amount that contributes to the cost of harnessing that electricity.
It is a personal choice. Untill governments have the balls to increase power by an awful lot it will never be cheaper to pay for your own systems of energy generation.
2. napper Says:
October 1st, 2009 at 8:32 am

As far as I know solar power is still not cost-effective when you consider the cost of installation with the energy “payoff”.
Several years ago the government was giving generous rebates for homeowners installing solar power.
That program needs to be continued.
Also, consider installing a geo-thermal system. I understand this is an extremely cost-effective way of providing home energy.
3. seaeagle Says:
October 1st, 2009 at 8:32 am

It depends on what you want to use the solar power for and what you mean by solar power and where you live.
For example, there are solar panels which generate not electricity but are used to provide heated air for homes in the winter. Some even come with a small solar electric panel to drive the fan that takes the cold air out of the house into the solar space heating unit to be heated by the sun and then back into the house again. A small home with a south facing wall or roof can have one installed for around $3,000 and then receive it’s heat during the day for free!
The next best use I come across is using solar panels to heat water. What is the heated water used for? Not just for hot water in the house but also for radiant heating where the heated water goes through various tubes under the floors of the home which then heats the house rather than using electric or forced air natural gas / home heating oil during the day.
Depending on the price of natural gas (doubled in the past 12months) and home heating oil, the cost to heat a home is rising while through mass production and increasing government grants (depending on the government in power) the cost of solar heating is / will be going down.
Hope that helps,
4. Dan_DHRT Says:
October 1st, 2009 at 8:32 am

Let me start off by saying we (my family and I) live completely, 100% “off of the grid and are completely self sufficient”
The house is built utilizing natures natural elements, in the shape of an octagon with 8ft wide arch doors on every wall to catch every angle of wind (typical 4 sided homes have half the chance as one with 8 sides. A circle being the most efficient design). Woodburning stoves, solar chimney, solar AC, solar heating, solar water heating (pool and home), solar stove, solar power, wind power, hydrogen powered back up generator, hydrogen back up water heater, hydrogen stove, 2 hydrogen powered trucks, 1 EV (electric vehicle) and satellite internet.
There are no utility lines, no water lines, no roads, tv, cell service, etc. on our ranch. EVERYTHING needed is produced here. All electricity comes from 27 solar panels, 2 main wind gens and a back hydrogen generator if needed (typically we can last 9 days with all luxuries of sunless windless weather, hasn’t happened yet). Water is caught and storaged from the rain. Hot water is made with solar batch water heaters with an on-demand hydrogen hot water heater as backup. Even our vehicles use alternative energy (2 hydrogen trucks, 1 EV electric vehicle converted). Because of this we have no bills, no debt and no mortgage.
The fallowing steps were taking directly out of a DIY guide I offer to those who would like to run their homes on solar power safely, reducing their monthly utility bills or even selling power back the the electrical companies. The entire guide is available at www agua-luna com. Its pretty simple but if you have any problems feel free to contact me directly I can walk you threw the process.
Materials you will need
A sheet of copper flashing from the hardware store. This normally costs about $5.00 per square foot. We will need about half a square foot.
Two alligator clip leads.
A sensitive micro-ammeter that can read currents between 10 and 50 microamperes. Radio Shack sells small LCD multimeters that will do, but I used a small surplus meter with a needle.
An electric stove. My kitchen stove is gas, so I bought a small one-burner electric hotplate for about $25. The little 700 watt burners probably won’t work — mine is 1100 watts, so the burner gets red hot.
A large clear plastic bottle off of which you can cut the top. I used a 2 liter spring water bottle. A large mouth glass jar will also work.
Table salt. We will want a couple tablespoons of salt.
Tap water.
Sand paper or a wire brush on an electric drill.
Sheet metal shears for cutting the copper sheet.
The first step is to cut a piece of the copper sheeting that is about the size of the burner on the stove. Wash your hands so they don’t have any grease or oil on them. Then wash the copper sheet with soap or cleanser to get any oil or grease off of it. Use the sandpaper or wire brush to thoroughly clean the copper sheeting, so that any sulphide or other light corrosion is removed.
Next, place the cleaned and dried copper sheet on the burner and turn the burner to its highest setting.
As the copper starts to heat up, you will see beautiful oxidation patterns begin to form. Oranges, purples, and reds will cover the copper.
As the copper gets hotter, the colors are replaced with a black coating of cupric oxide. This is not the oxide we want, but it will flake off later, showing the reds, oranges, pinks, and purples of the cuprous oxide layer underneath.
The last bits of color disappear as the burner starts to glow red.
When the burner is glowing red-hot, the sheet of copper will be coated with a black cupric oxide coat. Let it cook for a half an hour, so the black coating will be thick. This is important, since a thick coating will flake off nicely, while a thin coat will stay stuck to the copper.
After the half hour of cooking, turn off the burner. Leave the hot copper on the burner to cool slowly. If you cool it too quickly, the black oxide will stay stuck to the copper.
As the copper cools, it shrinks. The black cupric oxide also shrinks. But they shrink at different rates, which makes the black cupric oxide flake off.
The little black flakes pop off the copper with enough force to make them fly a few inches. This means a little more cleaning effort around the stove, but it is fun to watch.
When the copper has cooled to room temperature (this takes about 20 minutes), most of the black oxide will be gone. A light scrubbing with your hands under running water will remove most of the small bits. Resist the temptation to remove all of the black spots by hard scrubbing or by flexing the soft copper. This might damage the delicate red cuprous oxide layer we need to make to solar cell work.
Cut another sheet of copper about the same size as the first one. Bend both pieces gently, so they will fit into the plastic bottle or jar without touching one another. The cuprous oxide coating that was facing up on the burner is usually the best side to face outwards in the jar, because it has the smoothest, cleanest surface.
Attach the two alligator clip leads, one to the new copper plate, and one to the cuprous oxide coated plate. Connect the lead from the clean copper plate to the positive terminal of the meter. Connect the lead from the cuprous oxide plate to the negative terminal of the meter.
Now mix a couple tablespoons of salt into some hot tap water. Stir the saltwater until all the salt is dissolved. Then carefully pour the saltwater into the jar, being careful not to get the clip leads wet. The saltwater should not completely cover the plates — you should leave about an inch of plate above the water, so you can move the solar cell around without getting the clip leads wet.
now place in the sun with the magnefied on top.
The solar cell is a battery, even in the dark, and will usually show a few microamps of current.
That’s it it’s that simple. If you’d a more detailed process and some pics (ouldn’t put them here) it’s available along with some other DIY alternative energy projects at www agua-luna com
Hope this helped, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions if you’d like assistance in making your first self sufficient steps, I’m willing to walk you step by step threw the process. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others help the environment.
Dan Martin
Alterative Energy / Sustainable Consultant, Living 100% on Alternative & Author of How One Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Resource Is Transforming The Lives of Regular People From All Over The World… Instantly Elevating Their Income & Lowering Their Debt, While Saving The Environment by Using FREE ENERGY… All With Just One Click of A Mouse…For more info Visit:
www AGUA-LUNA com
Stop Global Warming!!!
5. Green Earl Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
October 2nd, 2009 at 1:19 am

BS….Thermal is cost effective right now, with rebates and tax grants, savings and increased home market values. Only difference is financing, if you take your average utility bill, add 10% per year for the next 10 years,(solar should last about 30yrs) you’ll see the $100K or so you’ll be spending (over time) for PG&E. Solar is a steal, with the right financing…I suggest, new first at 6% over 30 years._Green Earl

You’ll get about 1/2 back in CA…In cash withing 60 days, putting you into a positive cash flow forever..Make sure you have a solar space heating option, with hot water and solar air conditioning option, if you need it, with electric…Address the entire utility bill that way.

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Kohl's Creates 5,200 Jobs, Opens 37 New Stores, Remembering Microsoft Was Built In A Recession_Green Earl

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Live link to this story above in title_GE The Big Story
Is Kohl's GREEN approach to doing it's about
it here.

Kohl's Creates 5,200 Jobs, Opens 37 New Stores

Wed. September 30, 2009; Posted: 07:00 AM
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Look up the PowerRating of KSS and see how it has performed over the past week as well as the current proprietary PowerRating.

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis., Sep 30, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- KSS | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating -- Today Kohl's Department Stores (NYSE:KSS) marks the grand opening of 37 new stores that have created more than 5,200 jobs across six states.

"We are proud that Kohl's is in a position to grow and add more than 5,000 jobs to the economy," said Kevin Mansell, Kohl's chairman, president and chief executive officer. "We have used our financial strength during this downturn to expand in key markets, such as California, as well as invest in our existing store base in order to gain market share at a time when customers are looking for value more than ever."

Growth & Expansion

Among the 37 stores opening today, 35 are former Mervyn's locations, 30 of which are in California. With the addition of these stores, Kohl's now has 121 California locations, a 33 percent increase in the state. This translates into more than 4,200 new jobs in California.

In addition to the new California locations, Kohl's is opening stores in Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas and Utah. During spring 2009, Kohl's opened 19 stores, including its first Alaska location. In total, the retailer opened 56 stores in 2009, and now operates 1,059 stores in 49 states. Kohl's is also remodeling 51 locations nationwide this year.

More Ways to Save on World-Class Exclusive and National Brands

Kohl's offers shoppers a variety of ways to get great values on the brands they love. There are no merchandise or brand exclusions when using offers like Kohl's Cash coupons or Kohl's Charge Card discounts. In addition, customers can layer on these discounts and maximize savings during special promotions and sale hours. Every store also offers an industry-leading return policy, gift cards, gift registries, convenient store hours, centralized checkouts and the Kohl's Cares for Kids(R) cause program.

Kohl's commitment to customer service has been endorsed by the National Retail Federation, which for the past four years has recognized Kohl's on its list of retailers that offer the best customer service. In addition, Kohl's has ranked among the top retailers in the University of Michigan's customer satisfaction survey for six consecutive years(1).

Kohl's wide range of world-class exclusive and national brands is another way the retailer offers great value and convenience to customers. Brands include Simply Vera Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, ELLE Contemporary Collection, Chaps, Abbey Dawn and the new Abbey Dawn Girls designed by Avril Lavigne, Hang Ten, Tony Hawk, Mudd, Jumping Beans, apt. 9, American Beauty, Food Network, Nike, adidas, Levi's, Carter's, Gloria Vanderbilt, Cuisinart and KitchenAid. In addition, Kohl's is now the exclusive U.S. retailer for LC Lauren Conrad, a new contemporary lifestyle brand for women designed by Lauren Conrad.

Committed to Environmental Responsibility

As a leading environmentally responsible retailer, Kohl's green initiatives include the construction of green buildings, a dedicated recycling program, a commitment to energy efficiency and the use and support of renewable energy sources. The company was most recently ranked first among retailers on Newsweek's list of The Greenest Big Companies in America and was named one of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) 2009 Green Power Partners of the Year.

All 37 stores opening today feature green operational enhancements. These include high-efficiency heating and cooling systems; occupancy sensor lighting for stockrooms, break rooms and offices; and a recycling program for cardboard boxes, hangers and packaging. In addition, the Plantation, Fla., location is one of 64 Kohl's stores nationwide built according to a store prototype that has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) initial certification at the Silver level from the U.S. Green Building Council. The store's green attributes also include recycled and locally obtained building materials and water-conserving plumbing fixtures.

Kohl's is proud to be the largest retail host of solar power in the world, with 78 solar locations nationwide, including 58 in California. Kohl's expects that once activated, the Point West location opening this fall in Sacramento will be Kohl's 59th solar location in the state. In addition, more than 300 Kohl's stores, more than 60 in California alone, have earned EPA's ENERGY STAR label for superior energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Editor's Note
New store locations opening today include:
Citrus Heights
Huntington Beach
San Diego (3 stores)
Rancho Cordova
Redondo Beach
San Luis Obispo
San Rafael
Sun Valley
Los Angeles
Mountain View
Redwood City
Lake Charles
Las Vegas (2 stores)
El Paso
Salt Lake City

*All new Kohl's stores in California, Nevada, Texas and Utah are former Mervyn's locations.

For more information, visit Additional detail about Kohl's California locations is available at

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information

This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Kohl's intends forward-looking terminology such as "believes," "expects," "may," "will," "should," "anticipates," "plans," or similar expressions to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, which could cause Kohl's actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to those described in Item 1A in Kohl's Annual Report on Form 10-K, which is expressly incorporated herein by reference, and other factors as may periodically be described in Kohl's filings with the SEC.

Kohl's Department Stores

Based in Menomonee Falls, Wis., Kohl's (NYSE: KSS | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating) is a family-focused, value-oriented specialty department store offering moderately priced, exclusive and national brand apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty and home products in an exciting shopping environment. Kohl's operates 1,059 stores in 49 states. A company committed to the communities it serves, Kohl's has raised more than $126 million for children's initiatives nationwide through its Kohl's Cares for Kids(R) philanthropic program, which operates under Kohl's Cares, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kohl's Department Stores, Inc. For a list of store locations and information, or for the added convenience of shopping online, visit

(1) The NRF Foundation (NRFF) is the research and education arm of the National Retail Federation. A non-profit foundation created in 1981, the Foundation conducts industry research, develops education and workforce development programs, professional certification programs and promotes retailing as a career destination. The National Quality Research Center (NQRC) at the University of Michigan Business School is a research and teaching center focusing on the measurement of customer satisfaction and the study of its relationships to quality, customer retention, profitability and productivity for private and public sector organizations, for specific industries and for national economies.

Editor's Note:

Kohl's fall grand opening B-roll package is available at:

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

SOURCE: Kohl's

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How would the 'public option' outcompete private enterprise?
Atlanta Journal Constitution

What the Republicans are up to is giving the private health insurance industry a wind fall that is 200 percent of their best years profit in the last ten ...
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Gordon Brown's Labour conference speech in full

We are already global leaders in wind power, green cars, clean coal and carbon capture. And now we will lead again, with new designated low carbon zones ...
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Port enjoyed strong 2008, audit finds
The Columbian

The port estimates its operating revenues will hit $30.77 million, an increase of 12.6 percent from 2008 revenues thanks to lucrative grain and wind energy ...
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The ChamberPost: Cape Wind Voices
Projects like Cape Wind not only create jobs and aid our nation's energy security; they also offer a way to address climate change. Deploying wind, solar, nuclear, and other clean energy technologies will reduce carbon... ... When you factor in NIMBY opposition, the problem becomes insurmountable. Lawsuits drag on, zoning laws are changed, financing dries up, and ultimately projects stop. All of this is killing jobs and stifling economic development. ...

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Prince Of Petworth » Blog Archive » Is Mayor Fenty Doing a Good Job?
By Prince Of Petworth

All the major development projects that Fenty has taken credit for were planned and orchestrated by the Williams administration. Oh - except Speed Bumps. We now have about 900 of them. That's quite a legacy for Fenty to rest on. .... He's heaped money on a few neighborhoods and left the rest of us twisting in the wind. Complaints to his office simply get you blacklisted, and he's done nothing but fortify the city as a have for rich and poor, with middle class homeowners ...

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Canadian Hydro To Acquire Great Lakes Wind Rights

Regulatory and environmental permits and approvals, site release from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and financing are required prior to proceeding with construction. ... The renewable generation portfolio is diversified across three technologies (water, wind, and biomass) in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Wasatch Wind is an established wind project developer based in Park City, Utah, ... investor, network, jobs ... Investor News -

UK's NE could see 100s of new low-carbon jobs | Money and Finance
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The possibility of hundreds of new jobs in low-carbon industries in the UK's North East received a boost this week after three ground-breaking projects were endorsed by the One North East board. The 15-member board of business people, ... Like the existing wind turbine facilities at Narec, this will be an open-access facility enabling marine developers to test and prove designs on land before they commit to costly and high-risk testing at sea. Narec will work closely with ...

Greenbang -

POLITICO Breaking News:

The Senate Finance Committee has rejected the public health insurance option amendment on an 8-15 vote.

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In late 2009, the level of payments to households, businesses and other organisations generating their own electricity from solar photovoltaics (PV) will be set by the government under its new 'Clean Energy Cashback' scheme. ...

Public Sector & Local Government... -

myecpro-laptop battery » Blog Archive » Solar cells and components ...
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Solarfun Power from solar cells and modules are also extended to the field of silicon solar photovoltaic systems for electricity production in areas such as Shanghai have begun to channel energy ultra-days solar industry to the top of ...

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TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA

Green Star Alternative Energy is an environmentally conscious, renewable ... and First Quarter 2009 financial statements and released their accompanying ...

Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance Stocks to Watch for Tuesday, September 29t - Monday ...
Mike Andric, CEO of Green Star Alternative Energy, stated: "This is an important development for both Green Star and the Republic of Serbia. The project will firmly establish wind as the foremost renewable energy source ..... The web site features companies in Profile Campaigns, Executive Interviews and Profile Research Reports authored by our financial writers. We publish a daily Newsletter to subscribers, and we publish our Daily Market Movers Digest which is sent out ...

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Sigourney Weaver: Taking Acid Test, Our New Documentary, To ...
By Sigourney Weaver

Acid Test, which premiered on Discovery Channel Planet Green, was produced by our colleagues at NRDC and narrated by Sigourney. We've been friends since high school and were even shared an apartment as young professionals in New York, ..... Create a market for renewable energy credits or carbon credits. The PSC could create a feed in tariff, the Department of Commerce can underwrite a GG/CC security. It's easy and saves money. Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:52 ...

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Wisconsin Energy Jobs (9-28-09) | Wisconsin Energy Connection
By gmwrites

Conduct green building and green operations research for client projects including renewable energy options, green materials options, passive heating and cooling techniques, grey water systems, native landscaping specifications, .... We are looking for highly motivated students who are interested in a career in Accounting or Finance to work in our Madison, WI office. This paid internship is available A.S.A.P. and will continue throughout the spring semester, ...

Wisconsin Energy Connection -

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Houston a Hub for Renewable Energy? - Green Inc. Blog -
Sep 24, 2009 ... Select a Financial Tool, Analysis Tools, Stock and Fund Screener ... Solar Cells , Automation and Green Jobs ... Cylindrical Solar Panels: The Future of Renewable Energy-Powered Homes? .... Bright Green Talent · Clean Edge Jobs · CleanTechies · · EcoEmploy · Green Career Central ...

GOP freeholder candidates in Burlco want taxes cut
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The county has obtained money for an energy audit of its own and has just ... and work with county-level schools to initiate more job training programs. ...

Election fever: what the main parties are promising business
Info4Security - London,England,UK

However, the Conservatives wish to increase the amount of funds collected by green taxes and introduce a new Carbon Levy to encourage low carbon energy use ...
The first class of graduates from the Honeywell Energy Auditor Training program gather at the Columbia Housing Authority office prior to a ceremony held Friday to recognize their accomplishment . Staff photo by Greg Menza

Trainees graduate from green jobs program
Columbia Daily Herald - Columbia,TN,USA

The Honeywell HEAT, Home Energy Auditor Training, program completed its ... the possibility of developing a green jobs program we came upon the idea of ...
Despite expansion efforts detractions continue at TRCC
Southeast Missourian - Cape Girardeau,MO,USA

The program would be designed to offer energy efficient job training, ... from a draft of the state audit that someone apparently leaked to the newspaper. ...

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Free retirement seminar offered
Eagle Tribune - North Andover,MA,USA
... College is offering a course that will provide "green" job training and preparation ... Analyst I Certification for Weatherization and Energy Auditor, ...

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