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If your thinking about refinancing or your thinking about
upgrading or remodeling of any kind, this is the perfect
time to consider what we at American Energy Conservation
Group are calling The Total, 100%,

Zero Energy Makeover Package

Before We explain what exactly it is...Understand this...
If your paying say $250 or more a month for utilites
including heating and cooling. Your online to spend
over $100,000+ over the next ten years or so, at current
rates with historic annual increases. Knowing that,
it makes good sense to invest today, while there are
cash rebates, state credits and federal grants and
FHA loans designed to help.

What is it?

Take whatever job your needing to do on your home,
new air and heating system, new siding and windows, Pool or
spa heating, and add to it our package of goods and services..

First, Number 1, is to Conserve...Every Dollar Invested
Here Is Worth $2.50 invested in Generation of Energy.

Conservation...Extra attic insulation to R-40 (about 15" of
InsulSafe cotton insulation...actually fiberglass that acts
like and fluffs like cotton when you blow it in your attic
into ever nook and cranny.

Add ceiling fans and LED lighting to the entire home, use
SolarTube Natural light in dark hallways or other dark
areas, Weatherstrip, caulk around all windows and doors..
Upgrade Air and Heating Systems if over 20 years old...
A wholehouse fan, upstairs if two story.

Next, Upgrade your windows or siding as needed to Vinyl...
Vinyl really is Final....

Next, add Solar Hot Water and Solar Space Heating....

Next add Solar Spa and Pool Heating (if you have a pool)

Now, last, but not least, add Solar Electric Generation
and Solar Air Conditioning......

And if your utility company is telling you this system
is NOT cost-effective, like PG&E told many of my solar
customers int the eighties, tell them their full of it..

This is California fools, over 300 solar days a year...
we are number 1 in solar, have been for thirty years
and counting and New Jersey is Number 2 in the nation..

If solar makes sense in New Jersey for heavens sake, it
has to make sense here...but when you address...
Conservation, Totally...

Then Hot Water Solar and Space Heating, adding solar
electric really becomes both effective and cost-
effective, Air Conditioning added to your solar packages
and now you are finally addressing your ENTIRE home or
business energy needs......

If things are really going to get as bad as some of you
out there are saying...nothing makes more sense to me than
to add your own energy generation, on site....because not
only will you not be able to keep food cold and safe to
eat in a brown or black out...your fancy camera and
security systems and motion detector lighting systems are
not going to work without backup either...

What might you invest in a Zero Energy Makeover...
As much as $50 to $60 Thousand, depending on what your
already planning on making over anyway, or what you've
already done in the way of conservation and generation


Already refinanced? Do it again as quick as possible.
The cash rebates back to you in about 60 days will pay
for the points, fees and cost associated with the
investments we are recommending you make right now,
with a handsome sum of cash left over.

Home Mortgage Rates are lower than ever....Refi...add the
$50K or 60K to the loan amount...not to worry, your financing
it over at least 15 years and 30 is better, the monthly payment
added for the improvements, (which by the way, rate very high
in value by real estate appraisers) the monthly added payment
to your house payment is about $285-$290...about the price
of the average PG&E bad and you will not
be paying them the $100K they have planned for you to pay them
over the next 10 years....

You think not? Take your monthly bill of Whatever...times
it times 12 months, take the annual figure and add 10% to it
every year for the next 10 years...and add up the annual energy
bill and see for yourself...what plan you like better...

Cash Rebates, Tax Credit, and Other Incentives and Discounts...

Do not forget these...In California, and New Jersey, you will
be getting back around 50% in cash rebates and tax credits
(which are dollar for dollar invested) back. Add the energy
savings, 100%, almost, and you are in a positive cash situation
withing the first 60 days of so...and should stay that way from
now on...You my friend have won at the energy game. You
just changed the program your utility company spent years
planning for you...

If your interested in using AECG energy services contact us
today. All work performed by licensed, bonded and insured
Generals and Subs. Become a AECG Energy Partner. We will
pay you each and every time one of your neighbors takes the
same steps as you. And we will pay you well._GE

_Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

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