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Friday, May 15, 2009

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Your looking at a Hybrid Combination Solar Domestic
Hot Water Heating and PV System...If you look
closely you can see the pv collectors are slighty
elevated and there are baffled Aluminum absorb-
sion plates attached to the back of most of these,
but not all of these, collectors. Now,...your solar
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Route 128 revisited
The Daily Deal (subscription) - New York,NY,USA

Take Konarka, for example, a model for clean-energy technology. The company developed a plastics- and carbon-based photovoltaic solar panel in the old Boott ...

Green Careers-20 Green Companies with Open Positions:May15,2009 ...
By admin

SolarWorld's family of companies are dedicated exclusively to the business of solar energy, combining all stages of the solar photovoltaic (PV) value chain, from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants. ...

MyGreen Education and Career -

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Google Blogs Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic === Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the ... By creativegreenius ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green... -

Making Home Solar Powered Can Be A Matter Of Renting The System ...
By Solargies

Solar energy provides term benefits. Not just for the home owner, but the environment too. Now that PV power is more efficient, you can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill, increase your home's value and contribute to a cleaner environment, all at the same time. .... Four Keys to A Personal Business ...

New Millionaire League Article Directory -

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Good Green Jobs: Clean Energy Careers : Smart Grid Engineer | Energy Commission Specialist | Hydrogen Plant Operator & Operations Manager | Refrigeration Engineer | Landfill Gas Plant Operator | Thermal Engineer | Energy Engineer | Energy Auditor | Green IT Professional Consultant |

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Reposted May 15th, 2009_By Green Earl

Subject: Be wary of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers
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Be wary of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers

After listening to the conservative presidential debate in New
Hampshire on CNN yesterday it is clear which way the cons are going:
more Nuclear, more Oil refineries, Ethanol crops and more Coal. Not a
mention of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen. Ethanol fuels took a bashing for
a good reason. It takes a child to understand we don't have enough
land, to grow enough plants, such as Sugarcane, Rapeseed, Canola,
Hempseed and Corn to convert to Ethanol to run the ever increasing
amount of vehicles.When you take up all this land for Ethanol where
will the food be grown and what rain forest will be left?

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen are our cleanest present and near future. Don't
think of it as making money. Think of S.W.H. as the future for us on
our planet. A true investment for our future. A true investment for
our Children. There are a majority of people that know Time is running
out. So Stop procrastination, Stop pessimism and support Solar, Wind,
And Hydrogen like a charity. Literally millions will die if we don't
try to do something now. Let's try to limit the human and
environmental damage. All Solar, Wind, And Hydrogen Stocks need our
support and guess what we just might make money by doing good.

We have to bring down the cost of Solar, Wind and Hydrogen units. This
is the major stumble block for most consumers. So it is good if
profits for a company, decrease, level off and increase due end price
drops. With price drops more units will be sold and power independence
increased. We make units cheaper buy helping as many companies to
succeed. We must tell people politely to shut up when they say a wind
turbine or solar panel doesn't look good. When I see a solar panel or
wind turbine I see hope and that is priceless. Doesn't look good. Tell
that to all the people that are looking at their lakes dry up, their
animals dying and people starving. Tell that to all the people living
in low lands as they are flooded and drowned. It's happening now and
it's on the increase. We can do something amazing. Creating energy
cleanly and as ethically as possible is one of our greatest

We are on the brink of one of the greatest revolutions since the car
was first invented. It's not transportation that's the problem, it's
the fuel that that must be addressed immediately. Don't let the power
controllers stop us from energy independence. Our future depends on
it. Power to the people: Micro generation is the answer. Don't let the
Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers sway us from our destiny: Energy
Independence. After our generation is through solar and wind
generators will increase property value. Everyone will want S.W.H. to
fuel there power independent vehicles. That's what they are afraid of
and that's why they'll bash.

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen are the coolest brands for the new generation.
This is our chance. Let's take the bull by the horns and ride in the
wind to the sunrise. We will persevere and we will win. Write this in
Internet stone. Send this to the masses.


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Scoop: The Green Stimulus Package - Full Presentation

Germany has leapt from being a fast-follower to a leader in renewable energy by giving people incentives to install solar panels in their homes and employing hundreds of thousands in green collar jobs as a result. ... make decisions that affect energy use) through industrial plant managers and auditors. A recession is a good time to increase skills training opportunities as an alternative to a paid job and to ensure we have the capacity to step up when the recession ends. ...

Scoop NZ - Parliament -

Renewable, Solar, Wind, Energy, Careers, Financing, Training, The Very Latest Google News

Google News Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance

Mass High Tech
Stimulus: A view of the economic recovery from Washington

Mass High Tech - MA, USA
... to prepare workers for careers in energy efficiency and renewable energy. The economic stimulus bill included $500 million for “green jobs” training. ...
See all stories on this topic

GGoogle Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance

Global Gadget Habit a Threat to Efficiency? - Green Inc. Blog ...
By By James Kanter

Similarly, replacing low energy quality fossil fuels with high quality renewables will ultimately cut employment in the energy sector. But, cheaper energy will mean more can be done outside the energy sector. Thus, using a jobs argument ... How will the pressures of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and the mainstreaming of "green" consciousness reshape society? Follow the money. From renewable energy policy to carbon markets to dubious eco-advertising, ...

Green Inc. -

Environmental Job Market To Expand | The Green Living Blog
By admin

Green Jobs Will Flourish The current financial situation worldwide has reached such a point that a number of industries are suffering from severe cutbacks, and. ... This is partly out of altruism – no-one really wants to have “I destroyed the planet” as their legacy, after all – and partly out of the fact that eventually, renewable energy sources and materials are going to be vital in terms of keeping a business afloat – the scarcer a product becomes, the higher a premium ...

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May 12, 2009

Dear Green Earl , If you've ever been to Utah, Colorado or Wyoming, you know how spectacularly beautiful those states are. Now imagine ten new, polluting, coal-fired power plants in those states just to develop oil shale, the dirtiest ...

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Latest Google Wind Energy News and Commentary by_Green Earl

May 09, 2009

Other "green" provisions in the bill include incentives for consumers to use wind- and solar-powered generators and use of alternative fuels. "Kansas stands to gain thousands of jobs from a renewable energy economy, and the work we've . ...

clipped from Google - 5/2009
Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...

May 11, 2009

of American Energy Conservation Group,Green Earl. Monday May 11, 2009 - Foster City, CA As someone that has been involved with the internet, pretty much from it's commercial inception. Over the years I've had some success ...

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Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...

May 12, 2009

Earl Allen Boek: Redding, CA/ National, United States: Al Boek is a 30 year pioneer inconservation,weatherizationand solar renewable energy. Now providing financial solu- tions for the green industry commercial and industrial energy ...
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How GE Became a Green Pioneer in China
BusinessWeek - USA

Fludder's instinct was right, however. Later that year, China opened up
bidding for its first commercial wind farm. The project was small, just 10
turbines, ...

See all stories on this topic:

May 2009 News in Brief
Vermont Business Magazine (press release) - Burlington,VT,USA

The Vermont Public Service Board on Thursday approved one of the largest
wind power generating facilities in Vermont. The PSB issued a certificate
of public ...

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New Wind Farm in Missouri will Create 2500 Green Jobs | MyGreen ...
By admin

“Homegrown wind projects like Lost Creek don't just provide clean energy,
they generate manufacturing, construction and maintenance jobs, and new
opportunities for farmers, landowners and rural communities. By harnessing
the power of ...

MyGreen Education and Career

SustainabiliTank: Here a start for Copenhagen - Renewable energy ...
By Pincas Jawetz

“The renewables sector, and especially the wind energy industry, has seen
remarkable growth in 2008, and the long-term prospects are encouraging.
Governments around the world seem to be waking up to the benefits that wind
energy can bring ... the credit crunch has taken its toll on the financing
options for new projects, investment in the renewables sector in 2008
reached over USD120bn, up 16% from 2007. Around USD 50 bn of this
investment came from wind energy alone. ...


Scoop: TrustPower Limited Audited Financial Results
Additionally, a number of generation projects were completed since the last

revaluation namely, Tararua Stage III wind farm, Deep Stream hydro and the
Snowtown Wind Farm. Consequently, Deloitte Corporate Finance has
independently valued the Group's generation assets as at .... May 15 -
Here's a radical thought for saving 22000 jobs. I didn't think of it
myself, the NZIER snuck it into their latest report on just what a tough
Budget this is for John Key and Bill English. ...

Scoop NZ - Business

By mnottingham

The London Array project is bringing jobs to Ramsgate and is being helped
with government money. Good to see green jobs being created locally and the
picture shows parts for wind turbines in Ramsgate Port. ... In January,
Eon, the German company that has 30 per cent of the Array, said the project
was "on a knife edge" because of soaring costs and a finance shortage. I
hope this project is a success. In the Budget, the government changed the
renewables obligation, ...

From One End of Kent

The Greenest Stocks | Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
By Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro

With President Obama calling for growth in employment opportunities in
corporations that manufacture solar panels, wind turbines and energy
efficient equipment, it is likely more corporations will fall into the
green investments category. ... Some other sectors include environmental
tech, that is, specializing in air and water quality and waste management,
reducing emissions by pollution control and carbon capture and green
projects that involve education, ... Blog | Personal Finance...

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Nestlé Purina PetCare, Gov. Bill Ritter Unveil Pilot Solar Array ...
SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA
To provide the same amount of electricity now produced by the plant's 467
solar panels, Xcel Energy would generate nearly 300000 pounds of carbon
dioxide ...

Owens solar installation classes
Toledo On The Move - Toledo,OH,USA
Peschel offers training in electricity, as well as photovoltaic systems.
This is the sixth year Owens has offered this type of solar training
program. ...

State to Spend Stimulus Money On West Tenn. Solar Project
Memphis Daily News - Memphis,TN,USA
The plant will be the largest solar installation in Tennessee. TVA has
eight small photovoltaic systems around the state, mostly for demonstration
purposes ...

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electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic ===

Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the ...
By creativegreenius

I find it interesting that they, along with Edison have positioned
themselves big advocates and pushers of solar – and you'd expect them to
be since AB 32 mandates that 20% of our electric come from renewable energy
next year and we're only at ... HOW EFFECTIVE IS SOLAR POWER FOR SOUTH BAY
HOMES? IMG_3413 JOE So let me talk about a more pleasant subject and that
is producing solar in our South Bay communities and the productivity and
efficiency of PV systems down here. ...

Creative Greenius

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solar, Wind, Bio, Conservation The New Space Race?-Green Earl

Would you like to be a big factor in a big California
Conservation and Solar Generation Project? (Click
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[GreenEnergy] Australia to lead in Solar energy development
Thursday, May 14, 2009 9:10 PM

From: ""

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To:"Green Energy"

Remember the "space race" of the 60s?

An "energy race" may be in the works.

The Australian Government has announced in its recent budget a AUD$1.6 Billion investment in solar technologies, including a 1,000 MW of solar generation capacity, which is three times the size of the largest solar energy project currently operating anywhere in the world. They'll develop up to four individual generation plants on the national grid, both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

Also to promote the development, commercialization and deployment of renewable technologies.

There is also a planned AUD$2 Billion investment in Carbon Capture and Storage (in my opinion the technology has yet to be developed beyond feasability to the level of environmental safety, practicality, overall efficiency, cost effectiveness. Any comments?)

For more, go to

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Environmentalism, Green Washing, As In Clean Coal & Green Awards for Clear Cutting

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Progress Isn’t Green

The corporate appropriation of the green movement suggests that traditional environmentalism is dead.

* Mon, 04 May 2009 4:11 pm — Posted by Micah White

* Green Washing
* Environmentalism

Progress Isn't Green

I remember when the call to “be green” had some revolutionary potential: it served as a rallying point for those of us who felt that corporations were trashing our planet in favor of short-term profits. By demanding that corporations go green, we hoped to draw attention to the long-term consequences an economic model based on infinite growth had on our planet’s finite resources. Although “being green” was never clearly defined, it had something to do with acting in accordance with nature. The implicit argument was that the current way of doing business was essentially not green. Looking around at advertisements today, however, I notice that the corporations who claim to be the most “green” are the same ones that we hoped the environmental movement would defeat: oil companies, large-scale developers and warehouse-size shopping centers.

The other day I passed a huge fleet of machines cutting down trees and digging a massive hole in the ground. Before I could even start to think about the physical destruction of the natural environment, I saw a sign explaining that this was actually “Green Construction.” I felt comforted for a moment and then I realized that I had been tricked: there is nothing green about construction. There are two competing visions of what it means to be green: the original meaning and the appropriated meaning.

The original vision of “green” was that it would represent a cultural and economic shift – a point from which the future would look drastically different from the past. To imagine a green future was to imagine a world that did not resemble our own because we had, as a civilization, turned away from the path of industrialization. The second, more contemporary, meaning of being green is the one appropriated by the mega-corporations. According to this definition, anything permitting the continued, linear progress of industrialization is green. For corporations, any system that will enable humanity to continue to consume and ravish the earth forever is considered green. This definition creates the oxymoronic and paradoxical situation we have today: the top global polluters claim to be green.

We wanted a revolution but corporations want more of the same. So how is it that the green movement was so easily appropriated? My suspicion is that the appropriation of the green movement represents the death of traditional environmentalism. It demonstrates that concern over the desecration of our physical environment is important but not primary.

Advertisers appropriate every revolutionary idea and use them against us. We ask for a “greener” world and we get million-dollar ad campaigns calling our dying world green. As long as corporations are able to lie to us through glitzy advertisements, our desires for change will always be in vain. Only a movement for a clean mental environment, one that silences corporate communication, can give us the intellectual clarity to address the environmental problems that face us as a species.

Let’s clean up the info-toxins polluting our worldview and then stop the physical-toxins poisoning our world.

Micah White is a Contributing Editor at Adbusters and an independent activist. He is writing a book on the future of activism. or micah (at)

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14, 2009
10:09 pm

A multi-millionaire lumberman named Red Emmerson, who owns Sierra-Pacific Lumber company in Anderson, CA has checkerboard
style, clear-cut 10 acre parcels all the way to the foot of the pristine
Mt Lassen Federal park in Lassen County and received a Green Award this year from some bull shit company.

They want to build 10 more coal-fired power plants in the west, in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming. These are not clean coal
power plants, there is no such thing..

I’m working mentally on some kind of
effort to draw attention to this very crappy way of generation electric power.

American Energy Conservation Group
Producing Negawatts…Since 1981
— Green Earl

* reply

09, 2009
11:34 pm

I think this article’s point is correct in the absence of one critical force. That force is of numbers. Not numbers of anti-corporatists rallying to take down the propaganda of green-wash. It the force of scientific numbers being thrown in the face of that propaganda, so that people know what they’ve got by buying green. Stats shown to the public by impartial scientific reporting would allow us to see just what impacts the green corporate sales is getting us. If people are told what the baseline information is compared to the new green tech stuff , and they see a .000002 change in parts per million of carbon footprint by buying a Prius, then people might wise up to the propaganda. So in short, we need a reliable source of independently arrived at, peer reviewed facts that we can rely on to see what these companies are actually doing to reduce carbon foot print and become sustainable.
— jimzello

* reply

07, 2009
10:12 pm

I worked on a Construction Job where the Architect the builder and the owner demolitied a perfectly good, solid brick well insulated,freestanding house that had occupied the house for near on 100 years, they knocked it down to build a new house using new products and new technologies, these technologies are not new a lot of them have been thought of done and used in the past, the old house when it was demolited went into land fill, the new house with new concrete panels, concrete floors, was errected, concrete is 50 % water, where i live there has been drought for the last ten years.
This is not green construction, green construction would have been to retain the existing and to be happy with what youve got, “The best things are not things”
— Anonymous

* reply

07, 2009
05:40 pm

My guess is that the multinationals just define green as the colour of money, that way they can sleep easy.
— David laurin

* reply

07, 2009
04:05 pm

It is amazing to me that something calling for the fundamental destruction of the current way of doing things can be so utterly silenced, turned around, and made servile.
— Caroline

* reply

06, 2009
10:07 pm

Last line is excellent I must say. Unfortunately in America this going green means buying green products. No one cares that these are the same products as before just sold to us with a new spin. Advertisers aren’t dumb, when counter culture becomes culture you kind of have to say damn, they get us again. Activism spread the message and corporations sold it. This only makes things harder on real environmentalists, you cant help the mind which purchased the “idea” that they are making a difference. You have to realize that recycling your cereal boxes wont make a difference, new light bulbs wont change a thing. You are only made to believe that they will.
— Nicholas

* reply

07, 2009
02:20 am

Let us hope you’re right
— Anonymous

* reply

06, 2009
11:56 am

The more informed we get, the more stuff we realize… sort of :P
— Anonymous

* reply

06, 2009
08:32 am

I think the corporations are inadvertently doing us a favor in the long run by proliferating the concept that we have all been doing things wrong to the mostly-oblivious population. The “green” fad may be temporary, ill-conceived and misleading; but ultimately everyone is receiving a kernel of knowledge that in many cases will become an enormous boon to real environmental causes.
— Sam

* reply

04, 2009
08:38 pm

Corporations seek to make money. They make money by selling products that people want. People are demanding “green” products. Corporations respond to popular demand.
— Anonymous

* reply

04, 2009
07:54 pm

“My suspicion is that the appropriation of the green movement represents the death of traditional environmentalism.”

Maybe I am misinterpreting this, but I feel that traditional environmentalism has been dead before “green” hit the corporate advertisements. For example, John Muir created Sierra Club to fight for the preservation of our lands, and today he would be turning in his grave if he saw what Sierra Club is doing. Environmental groups themselves have completely gone mainstream and are full of legislative compromises. I think traditional environmentalism died when people left the streets in protest to writing checks for groups that call themselves environmentalist.

Whatever you may think of the Green-washing, I think it is important to remember that the consumer has more power than corporations and their advertisements and it is ultimately up to the people to resist the temptation to buy these “green” goods. I worry that people will want to replace their old technology with new green technology when instead they should just use their old technology less. You don’t need florescent energy efficient light bulbs to save energy or to be green, all you need to do is turn off the lights…
— Emily

* reply

04, 2009
07:29 pm

Before anyone flames this article:

I think the point (in less flammatory terms) is that the corporations are doing their green campains to be reactionary. Once they feel that fervor has died down, they’ll revert. This means that fervor must be maintained in the absense of visible resistence.
So really, it could be considered a sort of trick.
— Nicholas

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American Energy Conservation Introduces Solar Air Conditioning With Back Up Power Station

Green and Clean (Click Above) are now setting up dealers for this
new exciting Solar Product..I've got all of Northern CA, so don't
even try, but give them a call. Tell them Green Earl sent you.

=== Google News Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy,
renewable finance ===

Growth of Renewables Transforms Global Energy Picture
Reuters - USA

... to the financial crisis, several governments have directed economic
stimulus funding towards the new green jobs the renewable energy sector can
provide, ...

See all stories on this topic:

State submits $49 million stimulus proposal for energy projects - Charlotte,NC,USA

... for adopting renewable energy and conservation practices. •
Increasing access to services so more options and jobs tied to green energy
initiatives are ...

See all stories on this topic:

SEC Renewable Energy Expo Tomorrow in DC
Domestic Fuel - Holts Summit,MO,USA

This will include not only the technical aspects of renewable energy and
energy-efficient technologies but also related issues such as economics,
jobs ...

See all stories on this topic:

Plumas County news on-line
Plumas County Newspapers - Quincy,CA,USA

He said the 20 northern counties of California were far exceeding the
state's goals for renewable energy levels by the year 2020. Sheehan said
Plumas County ...

See all stories on this topic:

Mayoral candidates try to differentiate themselves
Las Vegas Sun - Las Vegas,NV,USA

Hafen said bringing green jobs and renewable energy to Henderson is a major
part of his campaign. “I honestly think that renewable energy — solar
— is going ...

See all stories on this topic:

=== Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy,
renewable finance ===

My Green Element » Transforming The African Brand Through ...
By admin

Green Biz reports that a proposal from Norway's Finance Minister this
weekend would halt all sales of fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2015 as a
way of spurring the development of clean car technologies. Minister of
Finance Kristin ... This will include policies that conserve energy also
save money, as well as the development of neighborhood sources of renewable
energy. Obstacles to building green are to be eliminated, and retrofits for
buildings should be accelerated. ...

My Green Element

Energy Savings?! Knock, knock…any CleanTechie at home ...
By ceylan

... renewable energy, resource efficiency, green building and sustainable
transportation. Industry experts write about current trends, discuss clean
technologies as well as policies and provide career advice. About
CleanTechies... » ...

CleanTechies Blog -

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Finance Markets: Finance News... Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers,
Renewable Energy Lease ... By American Energy Conservation Group News
results for solar wind renewable. Oman reviews pilot projects for ...
MyGreen Education and Career == Google News Alert for: energy auditor,
Green Jobs, Training, Services, === Green Jobs & Greenbacks New Haven
Independent - CT, USA Any United Illuminating customer can request an
audit. When I called UI, I ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green...

DAVID-BAPTISTE CHIROT: OpEdNews; Get out on the streets and FIGHT ...
By David-Baptiste Chirot

Granholm Says Renewable Energy Sector Will Help Grow Michigan Economy
Michigan defines green jobs as jobs directly involved in generating or
supporting a firm's green-related products or services. The state's green
economy is defined as ... For the final act of his too-long public career,
Cheney seems to have decided to become an Old Faithful of self-serving
nonsense. His latest in a series of eruptions came Sunday on "Face the
Nation," when he continued to press his ...


Where for art thou stimulus? - FP Posted
By Jacqueline Thorpe

Either the green shoots will have withered by then, or the fertilizer will
start raining down just as the jungle is about to burst forth and strangle
us. Either way, the government rarely gets it right. Jacqueline Thorpe,
economics and markets editor, FP ... FP Careers Blog. Career advice, job
search tips and more from regular contributors to the Financial Post's
careers section, including Ray Williams, Crystal Campbell, Stephen
Friedman, Marty Parker, and Cathy Graham. ...

FP Posted

American Energy Conservation Group, Solar, Wind, Bio, Renewable Energy News and Commentary by Green Earl

Solar Energy has left a new comment on your post "Solar Energy, Renewable, Latest Google News Alerts...":

Thanks for this useful post!!! === Google News Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs === Your very welcome_GE

Project promises energy independence for Ireland within five years - Sharing Intelligence - Dublin,Ireland

Once Ireland is self-reliant in energy terms after five years, the group
then plans to create a massive export market for surplus Irish wind energy,
which, ...

See all stories on this topic:

Earle O'Donnell Discusses the American Recovery and Reinvestment ...
Linex Legal - London,UK

To redress this situation, the Act provides that owners of qualifying
renewable energy projects, like wind and solar, are eligible to take a PTC
equal to ...

See all stories on this topic:

=== Google Blogs Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind
financing, wind jobs ===

World's biggest wind farm planned for Thames Estuary
By Peter Charalambous

The 1000 megawatt wind farm planned in the Thames Estuary near London has
been given the go ahead by E.ON UK, DONG Energy and Masdar, and will help
the UK meet its carbon reduction target as the Prime Minister Gordon Brown
... The construction will lead to hundreds of jobs and both Greenpeace and
Friends of the Earth welcomed the project. However, Martin Harper of the
RSPB said that the site expansion beyond the first phase could lead to a
detrimental impact on bird life. ...

Finance Markets: Finance News...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

News results for solar wind renewable. Oman reviews pilot projects for
solar, wind‎ - 2 days ago. The government of Oman is reviewing six pilot
projects to harness energy from wind and solar, as well as recruiting
international advisers to ... These projects and systems have saved
American Energy Conservation customers hundreds of thousand of dollars in
utility cost. Currently consulting and setting up statewide dealer network
in CA while financing projects Nationwide. ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green...

North Country Gazette » GE Proposes Sodium Battery Manufacturing Plant
By North Country Gazette

New York State will contribute a combined total of $15 million in grant
funds to help facilitate this new project. Empire State Development (ESD)
has offered the company a Jobs Now capital grant of up to $12.5 million,
... The battery research will also include the development of systems that
can be used with wind and solar energy generators to enable them to provide
electricity to customers 24 hours a day, even when the wind is not blowing
and the sun is not shining. ...

North Country Gazette

Bleeding Heartland:: Attack of the misleading talking points
By desmoinesdem

A separate Republican talking point is that Democrats have supposedly
exaggerated the number of jobs created with the infrastructure projects.
Iowa State Economics Professor David Swenson, whom I greatly respect,
estimates that "only" ... the same amount on projects with long-term
benefits: flood reconstruction, increased capacity to transmit electricity
generated through wind power, cleaner drinking water, renovated schools
that are more energy-efficient, and so on. ...

Bleeding Heartland - Front Page

Green Education:Wind Farm Electrical Systems Training | MyGreen ...
By admin

Electrical issues for wind farms, in particular regulatory and related
issues such as grid codes, are critical for wind projects but are not well
understood by many in the wind industry. In addition, the situation changes
rapidly and there are significant differences between countries. Who should
attend? Developers, lenders, network operators and .... United States
President Barak Obama talks about the US commitment to combat climate
change and create green job. ...

MyGreen Education and Career

Google News Alert for: energy auditor, Green Jobs, Training, Services, ===

Green Jobs & Greenbacks
New Haven Independent - CT, USA

Any United Illuminating customer can request an audit. When I called UI, I
was referred to Lantern Energy, one of ten companies that cover UI's
service area ...

See all stories on this topic:

PR Newswire Summary of Technology Copy, May 13, 2009
TMC Net - Norwalk,CT,USA, to Serve the Green Building Industry FL16248 05/13/2009 11:42
rf FL-SoftwareFX-SharePt (BOCA RATON) Software FX Releases Virtual Training
Center ...

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Google Blogs Alert for: energy auditor

Cape Town gets a clean bill of health | Health and Energy
By admin

Auditor-General Terence Nombembe gave the city an unqualified report for the financial year ending June 30, 2008, saying the council”s finances were generally in order. 'The unqualified report indicates to ratepayers that the city is ...

Health and Energy -

The sagacity of Stacey Hurley-Rider: Austin's Energy Conservation ...
By Stacey Hurley-Rider

Mayor Will Wynn and the Austin City Council created the ECAD ordinance or Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure Ordinance to "improve the energy efficiency of Austin homes and buildings that receive electricity from Austin Energy". ...
The sagacity of Stacey Hurley-Rider -

Conzerv Recruits Freshers - - Freshers Jobs, Sample ...
By Job Bot

-M.Tech in Energy Management with Certified Energy Auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency will be given preference. Functional Knowledge of Energy Audit and Energy Conservation Opportunity areas in utilities and process systems. ... - Freshers Jobs,... -

Recent IIA News - IIA Announces Award Winners for Excellence ...
The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) is an international professional association
of more than 120000 members. Throughout the world, we are recognized as the internal audit profession's leader in guidance, certification, education, ... from which he just retired — he was instrumental in initiating performance auditing, integrity services including investigations, and special ongoing auditing efforts focusing on risks in the energy and water utility departments, ...

IIA News Feed -

To inspect how you can be a part of the profitable Conservation,
Solar Generation Retro-fit MDU Markets In California Click one the
Blog Heading at the very top of this blog.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Solar Wind Renewable Keyword Search and American Energy Conservations Ratings

Google Search Says We're Number 1 out of 5,730,000 possible searches for SOLAR, WIND AND RENEWABLE We are now accepting advertisers.

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1. American Energy Conservation Group_Founder Green Earl
Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
Obama's Energy Policies, Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy, Green Careers, Leasing,

129k - Cached - Similar pages -
#1 | PR: 0 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: - | Age: 10-2000 | 263 | Page Bookmarks: - | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 1,436 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 100 | Y! Links: 190,000,000 | Y! .edu Links: 656,000 | Y! .gov Links: 53,600 | Y! Page Links: 1 | Y! .edu Page Links: 0 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 8 | Rank: 14 | Uniques: 47,305,750 | Trends | Cached: 307,000,000 | dmoz: 15,100 | Bloglines: 1,357 | Page blog links: - | wikipedia: - | 1,566 | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: - | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 1,660,652

Solar Wind Technologies Store - Providing Solar and Wind Renewable ...
Solar Wind Technologies is a power systems integrator of solar panels and wind turbine power solutions, serving the US market with an emphasis in Texas. - 28k - Cached - Similar pages -

#2 | PR: 3 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 58 | Age: 02-2003 | 3 | Page Bookmarks: 3 | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 0 | Y! Links: 80 | Y! .edu Links: 0 | Y! .gov Links: 0 | Y! Page Links: 58 | Y! .edu Page Links: 0 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 5,277,460 | Rank: 4,159,083 | Uniques: 177 | Trends | Cached: 747 | dmoz: 1 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: - | wikipedia: - | - | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: 65 | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 621

SWERA - Data for Solar and Wind Renewable Energy
The SWERA Programme provides easy access to high quality renewable energy resource information and ... Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages -

#3 | PR: 6 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 3,412 | Age: 04-2000 | 15 | Page Bookmarks: 19 | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 0 | Y! Links: 53,800 | Y! .edu Links: 679 | Y! .gov Links: 229 | Y! Page Links: 397 | Y! .edu Page Links: 6 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 833,137 | Rank: 734,303 | Uniques: 1,622 | Trends | Cached: 1,630 | dmoz: 12 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: 6 | wikipedia: 339 | 1 | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: - | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 13,097

Home Power Magazine: Solar | Wind | Water | Design | Build
Blank Power & Light: Solar Electricity Shines in Milwaukee ... Information on federal, state, and utility renewable energy incentives ... - 83k - Cached - Similar pages -
#4 | PR: 6 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 31,187 | Age: 10-1996 | 881 | Page Bookmarks: 881 | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: 15 | Twitter: 2 | Y! Links: 24,700 | Y! .edu Links: 416 | Y! .gov Links: 78 | Y! Page Links: 20,300 | Y! .edu Page Links: 237 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 112,159 | Rank: 35,117 | Uniques: 56,882 | Trends | Cached: 3,990 | dmoz: 6 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: 209 | wikipedia: 10 | 4 | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: - | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 11,349
Solar Winds Renewable Energy
SolarWinds has been serving the Renewable Energy community since 2001. We specialize in Solar Photovoltaic, Thermal, and wind renewables. ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages -

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Four Winds Renewable Energy
Net Metered Grid-tie Wind and Solar Electric Systems allow you to use renewable wind and solar energy to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. ... - 20k - Cached - Similar pages -

#6 | PR: 4 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 12 | Age: 10-1999 | - | Page Bookmarks: 5 | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 0 | Y! Links: 68 | Y! .edu Links: 3 | Y! .gov Links: 0 | Y! Page Links: 40 | Y! .edu Page Links: 3 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 3,430,753 | Rank: 1,939,819 | Uniques: 543 | Trends | Cached: 15 | dmoz: 0 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: 1 | wikipedia: 2,533 | - | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: 25 | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 219

Solar and Renewable Energy Products: Solar Power, Wind Power ...
A directory of solar and renewable energy companies and products. - 35k - Cached - Similar pages -

#7 | PR: 4 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 58,902 | Age: 02-1998 | 171 | Page Bookmarks: 7 | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 3 | Y! Links: 16,200 | Y! .edu Links: 347 | Y! .gov Links: 28 | Y! Page Links: 153 | Y! .edu Page Links: 4 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 146,618 | Rank: 37,849 | Uniques: 52,532 | Trends | Cached: 1,270 | dmoz: 9 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: - | wikipedia: 2 | 4 | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: 9 | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 20,357
Whidbey Sun & Wind, LLC -- Renewable Energy Systems -- Solar ...
Whidbey Sun & Wind has experience with all types of renewable energy systems, from solar lighting, to solar water heating, to solar, wind, and hydro power ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages -

#8 | PR: 3 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 5 | Age: 10-2001 | - | Page Bookmarks: - | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 0 | Y! Links: 231 | Y! .edu Links: 0 | Y! .gov Links: 0 | Y! Page Links: 222 | Y! .edu Page Links: 0 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 9,895,866 | Rank: 4,135,889 | Uniques: 167 | Trends | Cached: 77 | dmoz: 0 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: - | wikipedia: - | - | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: 14 | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 65

Off-Grid.Net - Off-Grid - life unplugged: solar, wind, hydro ...
solar-cell You've seen the advertisements, “Build your own solar panels”, ... The US and UK governments have announced funding for renewable energy ... - 72k - Cached - Similar pages -

#9 | PR: 5 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 7,272 | Age: 06-2004 | 719 | Page Bookmarks: 719 | Diggs: 4 | Digg's Popular Stories: 1 | Stumbleupon: 33 | Twitter: 3 | Y! Links: 21,900 | Y! .edu Links: 13 | Y! .gov Links: 1 | Y! Page Links: 15,700 | Y! .edu Page Links: 6 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 257,753 | Rank: 112,394 | Uniques: 15,362 | Trends | Cached: 5,870 | dmoz: 2 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: 353 | wikipedia: 1,961 | - | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: - | Majestic SEO
linkdomain: 4,382

High Plains Wind Energy South Dakota Wind Renewable Energy SD ...
Welcome to High Plains Wind Energy, South Dakota's first renewable energy company. We offer the sale and installation of wind turbines, solar panels, ... - 11k - Cached - Similar pages -

#10 | PR: 3 | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 0 | Age: 06-2006 | - | Page Bookmarks: - | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 0 | Stumbleupon: 1 | Twitter: 0 | Y! Links: 125 | Y! .edu Links: 0 | Y! .gov Links: 0 | Y! Page Links: 119 | Y! .edu Page Links: 0 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 18,434,614 | Rank: 4,247,503 | Uniques: 160 | Trends | Cached: 9 | dmoz: 0 | Bloglines: 0 | Page blog links: 1 | wikipedia: - | - | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: - | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 96

News results for solar wind renewable
Oman reviews pilot projects for solar, wind‎ - 2 days ago
The government of Oman is reviewing six pilot projects to harness energy from wind and solar, as well as recruiting international advisers to conduct a ...
Cleantech Group - 56 related articles »

#11 | PR: - | Google Cache Date: - | Traffic Value: 213,063,489 | Age: 11-1998 | 35,622 | Page Bookmarks: 46 | Diggs: 0 | Digg's Popular Stories: 924 | Stumbleupon: - | Twitter: 100 | Y! Links: 556,000,000 | Y! .edu Links: 2,460,000 | Y! .gov Links: 342,000 | Y! Page Links: 164,000 | Y! .edu Page Links: 164,000 | Technorati: - | Alexa: 1 | Rank: 1 | Uniques: 139,497,818 | Trends | Cached: 90,500,000 | dmoz: 7,680 | Bloglines: 90 | Page blog links: - | wikipedia: - | 118 | Botw: ? | Whois | Sktool | Yahoo position: - | Majestic SEO linkdomain: 1,246,374

Searches related to: solar wind renewable solar energy renewable

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Don't BLOW UP The Mountains Boy, Don't Blow Up The Mountains...

Just could not pass this up. Hope you all enjoy it_Green Earl

Just Click On The Link Above

I Highly Recommend This Series Of You Tube Videos "Kilowatt Ours" A Plan To Re-Energize America By Jeff Barrie

Highly Informative series of Renewable Energy Videos Produced
by Award Winning Filmmaker Jeff Barrie, As he searches
America's cities, towns and countryside for solutions to the
great energy problems facing our country today._Green Earl

(Click On Link Above And Watch The 45 Second Trailer and More...

Wind Lease, Wind Conservation, Wind Energy, Solar, Bio, American Energy , Green Careers, Leasing, Lastest Google News and Commentary by Green Earl

Google News Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs

Green Energy Rising - Washington,DC,USA

Says Gregory Wetstone, of the American Wind Energy Association: "Our astronomical
growth came to a screeching halt in late 2008. ...

See all stories on this topic

No go on Webb funds
Reedsburg Times Press - Reedsburg,WI,USA

She said a project of this size would not only create jobs, it would put Reedsburg on the map as one of the foremost leaders in wind technology. ...

See all stories on this topic

Obama agenda: 'Historic' or 'vague'? - USA

Let these moronic right wing nut jobs cry in the wind. We won the election handily and when President Obama puts Healthcare reform, a new energy plan, ...

See all stories on this topic

GE commits to battery factory (with photo gallery)
Schenectady Gazette - Schenectady,NY,USA

They would store energy generated by turbines, wind and solar collectors, and then discharge it later. The energy would power a hybrid diesel locomotive, ...

See all stories on this topic

Feds: Mass. to get $25M for wind blade test center (press release) - Salem,OR,USA

Edward Kennedy and the state's congressional delegation also lobbied for the project. "Testing the next generation of wind turbines here will make ...

See all stories on this topic

Google Blogs Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs

The IIIrd World: Editorial by Robert Redford: Harnessing Nature's ...
By Trey Lord

By financing this new carbon-intensive infrastructure, multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) of the industrialized world are hamstringing the fight against global warming and setting back longer term efforts to ... Right now Congress is working on a landmark clean energy jobs plan that would boost the amount of wind, solar and other clean energy our country produces. The American Clean Energy and Security Act will also make our vehicles , ...

The IIIrd World -
Energy News Digest: Energy News Digest for May 12, 2009
By Joel Myer

Wind Turbine Technology Gets Bigger and Better - How Wind Energy Financing Models Are Changing - Blackfoot, Idaho Clears Way for Wind Turbines in City - North Carolina - Windmill Owner Fascinated By Power ... Oregon - House Scales Back Business Deductions for Energy Projects - Stimulus Offers Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency - Nation's Green 'Czar' Pushes Jobs, Community-Building - Detroit Free Press - Make Efficiency Incentives a Key Part of Energy Plan ...

Energy News Digest -
energyaustralia » Blog Archive » Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green ...
By energyaustralia

See all stories on this topic. Google Blogs Alert all the technique through: gust, gust careers, gust projects, gust financing, gust jobs. Wind Energy: Bird kills on the radar, CleanTechies Blog. In Spain, 35000 are already. ...

energyaustralia -
Hot Air » Blog Archive » Obama admin memo: Greenhouse gas limits ...
By (Hot Air Network, LLC)

The big problem with green energy is that no one knows if it can do the job. Wind, solar, and tidal energy are largely unreliable means of powering a grid. They work great for individual buildings but not for powering cities. .... We hear it's over $700000 per job. How much more per job is this cost than the cost per job of, say, traditional energy job-creation projects? Counting operational (not temporary/construction) jobs, that would be …500% more? 1000% more? ...

Hot Air » Top Picks -
G.E. Announces New York Battery Factory - Green Inc. Blog ...
By By Kate Galbraith

A job is a job. If Obama has given GE 140 B it is already keeping people at work who would otherwise be walking the streets In the rain with holes in their shoes. Let us celebrate the 350 jobs, and not deprecate the efforts of the ... Storage capabilities (e.g., industrial scale batteries, flywheels), particularly as additional intermittent sources such as solar and wind increasingly contribute to the power generation mix, can be quite useful in managing the electric grid ...
Green Inc. -

Google Blogs Alert for: energy auditor

How To Lower Utility Bills With A Household Energy Audit
One of the first steps you should take to reduce your utility bills is to have a household energy audit done. This audit is often done at no charge by your utility company, or a professional auditor can be hired to do the job. ... - Article Marketing... -

Harb-Blog: Saying My Goodbyes / Making the News
By harbtravels

On a completely separate note, the class I taught (which is now being taught by an actual energy auditor) made the news today. ABC News 40 filmed the students during their first day of "field work" which involved going into 3 nearby ...
Harb-Blog - - News - Large corporations overpay tax on purpose ...
In one case, he was president of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance-Transport
when it received federal funding. "NRCan knew of these circumstances and permitted the conflict of interest to occur," the audit reported. ...

More News -

Audit slams Natural Resources for allowing contractor to double ...
Middleton also worked with two other organizations _ the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and CEEA Transport _ who eventually signed deals with the department under programs he´d helped the department develop. ...

Oilweek Online -
Identify the ways to save energy : The Content Desk

Fist of all, one has to know that there two possible ways to identify these areas: one is by means of performing a simple home audit by yourself or by contracting a professional, in the person of an independent energy auditor, ...
The Content Desk -

Google News Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance

Inland Empire News
Rialto plant to feed on renewable green waste
Inland Empire News - Riverside,CA,USA

RIALTO--Plans were announced Tuesday for a plant that will produce synthetic fuels and electric power from renewable waste biomass. ...

See all stories on this topic

London Array offshore wind project to go ahead - UK

Asked about the timing, Paul Golby, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, said: "The first renewable power will come in 2012. Maybe we can have the first green ...

See all stories on this topic

The Brightest Green Fund - Washington,DC,USA

The Europeans are several years ahead of us on the renewable-energy learning curve, so many of the best green companies reside across the pond. ...

See all stories on this topic

Labor Secretary Visits Lansing
WILX-TV - Lansing,MI,USA

Solis was in Lansing Monday, along with Governor Jennifer Granholm, to talk about federal funding for green jobs-- jobs she says are good fits for those who ...

See all stories on this topic

Labor Left to push for green jobs
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,Australia

Labor's Left faction will push the Rudd Government to develop renewable energy sources as a way of creating "green" jobs. It will also press for further ...

See all stories on this topic

$100m green cash up for grabs
Warrnambool Standard - Warrnambool,Victoria,Australia

The Government said that one regional city - yet to be selected - will receive the funding injection to show how renewable energy can be harnessed. ...

See all stories on this topic

Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance

Register Today! SEIA's PV America | Green Energy PR
By nabcep

Join SEIA for the premier solar PV event on the East Coast with top keynotes, more than 50 in-depth sessions, Career Center and Expo featuring 200 exhibitors. Presented by the Solar Energy Industries Association. Get Stimulated! ... Former Director of Central Intelligence and renewable energy advocate, links the interwoven issues of climate, security, and jobs. The answer to all three challenges, according to Director Woolsey, is PV generated electricity with battery ...

Green Energy PR -
Is It Time For a New Workplace Structure? - FP Posted
By Ray Williams

We need only visualize the scene every day, twice a day, when millions of one person cars travel long distances to work, with an extreme cost to society in terms of urban sprawl, increased polution, use of non-renewable resources, and increased stress on individuals and ... Career advice, job search tips and more from regular contributors to the Financial Post's careers section, including Ray Williams, Crystal Campbell, Stephen Friedman, Marty Parker, and Cathy Graham. ...
FP Posted -

C-Questor Carbon Markets and Climate Change News Letter: London ...
By Graham Crawford

However, hopes that renewable energy would create large numbers of jobs in Britain took a blow last month when Vestas, the Danish wind turbine producer, said it was cutting 600 jobs in Britain and probably closing its factory in the Isle of Wight. ... Andy Atkins of Friends of the Earth said: ”Ministers must ensure that more projects like this are developed so that Britain reaps the huge employment, business and environmental benefits of clean, green energy.” ...
C-Questor Carbon Markets and... - Is becoming one of the
fastest growing renewable conservation, Wind, Solar, Bio,
Green Careers, Alternative Energy Leasing, Google News and
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100 Renewable Energy Visits From 100 World Wide Cities, Solar, Wind, Bio, Green Careers

Following is a list of 100 cities our visitors live
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Last 24 hours.

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Francisco, East Moline, Dallas, Itako, Meycauayan, Denver,
Frederick, Yokohama, Guangzhou, Toronto, Surquillo, Santa
Rosa, Brisbane, Central District, Shah Alam, Johannesburg,
Carryfuff, Seattle, Stroud, Oxford, Calcutta, Vllers-le-bouillet,
Melbourne, Salisbury, Lawrenceville, Wayne, Lafayetter,
Sunland, Merchantville, Rocklin, Conway, Atlanta, Cape Town,
San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, DC, Oakland, Toledo,

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24 hours of YESWECANSOLVEIT Google Action...Whew

Ten New Polluting Oilshale Coal-Fired Power Plants In Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, HELL NO_Green Earl

Stop Threat of New Coal Fired Plants in Western States
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:03 AM
From: "AlterNet"

Please Click On The Link Above To Do Something About This.

AlterNet: The Mix is the Message

Dear Green Earl ,

If you've ever been to Utah, Colorado or Wyoming, you know how spectacularly beautiful those states are. Now imagine ten new, polluting, coal-fired power plants in those states just to develop oil shale, the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet. For the sake of our future and the environment, our nation needs to move in the direction of clean energy. Tell the Bureau of Land Management to protect our air, water, land and wildlife by going slow on unproven, dirty oil shale development.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor,


Protect millions of acres in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming from being destroyed.

If oil companies are allowed to extract oil shale - the world's dirtiest fossil fuel from public lands in these Western states, the consequences will be devastating.

Take action now to help put a stop to oil shale development!

Americans are finally admitting that our addiction to fossil fuels has got to be curbed, but Big Oil is not giving up.

Right now, oil companies want the federal government to hand over millions of acres of land in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado to oil shale development. And unfortunately, rules issued by the Bush Administration that allow commercial oil shale development are still in effect.

What ís oil shale? Simply put, it ís the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world. It is rock that needs to be mined, processed, and burned at high temperatures using extraordinary amounts of water to yield useful fuel. If development moves forward as planned, the impact on these Western states will be devastating.

Take action now urging the Bureau of Land Management to halt oil shale development on public lands!

If you support a cleaner, greener future, there ís nothing to like about oil shale.

First, it ís extremely resource intensive. To extract it, ten new coal-fired power plants would have to be built in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. What ís more, the amount of water needed to process oil shale development sites would place the water resources of these arid lands under immense stress, forever changing the lives of people and wildlife in the region.

In the quest for new energy sources, dirty fossil fuels are not the answer. This sort of reckless development puts our wild places at risk. Places like Colorado ís Piceance Basin, a spectacular expanse of rolling sagebrush inhabited by North America ís largest herd of mule deer, would be crippled by pollution and carved up by miles of roads and pipelines.

It ís time to move our nation away from dirty fossil fuel dependency. Click here to stop oil shale development today.

Protecting our public lands not only ensures our natural heritage, but is essential for real economic recovery. Your letter today will help make all the difference.


Green Earl, Founder
American Energy Conservation Group

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

Solar Install Pictures By National Geographic Computer Wall Paper Suggestions

Wind, Solar Energy, Bio, Latest Google News World Wide, Commentary By Green Earl

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Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...

By American Energy Conservation Group

Google Blogs Alert for: energy auditor. Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ... By American Energy Conservation Group The term, it seems, means different things to different people, and some experts say a ...
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Auditor's report wins national accountability award | Politics in ...
By Betsy Sundquist, Staff Writer, Saint Paul..

A report issued last summer by Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto's office, "Best Practices Review: Reducing Energy Costs in Local Government," has won a national award. The National State Auditors Association (NSAA) gave the report a ...
Politics in Minnesota - Minnesota's... -

Another Week of GW News, May 10, 2009 : A Few Things Ill Considered
By coby

A business energy auditor is hoping the Federal Government will not tax businesses in other areas because of a reduction in the price of carbon permits to $10 a tonne. 2009/05/05: ABC(Au): Green groups split over emissions scheme ...

ScienceBlogs : Combined Feed -
Reemployment Works : View : Helping Workers Navigate the Green Economy
By Cheryl Martin

Build formal articulation agreements so you have a pathway from energy auditor assistant to energy auditor or energy rater, or the transition from residential work to often unionized commercial work. ...

Recent Resources For : reemploymentwo... -
Think Spring – Think Green! « greenbridge blog
By greenbridge

Having an energy audit done by a non-affiliated auditor is the best way to prioritize which projects will make sense for your home. Although the costs vary depending on the size of the house, you can expect to pay around $1200 for their ...
greenbridge blog -

Solar Open House Events - Maine Solar Power Blog
By Jen

Al provides consulting services to builders and homeowners on all aspects of high-efficiency, super-insulation, passive solar design for new home construction and older home retrofit. He is a BPI Home Energy Auditor. ...

Maine Solar Power News by ReVision... -
Green Careers in Energy Efficiency in New York City | MyGreen ...
By admin

New York city law makers are in the process of passing a bill that will make it mandatory for building owners in the city to retrofit their buildings to be more energy efficient if it makes economic sense. This will stimulate job growth in the ... To find Energy Auditor positions click hereenergy auditor jobs. To find Energy Manager positions click here energy manager jobs. To find Energy Engineer positions click here energy engineer jobs · Share/Save/Bookmark ...
MyGreen Education and Career -

Google News Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs

Region gets an energy boost
Buffalo News - NY, United States

Companies, schools and local governments also are working to become environmentally friendly, taking advantage of solar and wind power to operate more ...

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BBC News
Community groups get £3m funding
BBC News - UK

Two proposals aiming to finance future local projects by selling wind power, and a community hub in Gowkthrapple, Wishaw, will also be given support. ...

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Google Blogs Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs

t r u t h o u t | In Toledo, Downturn Empties Offices

A nascent wind- and solar-power sector offers hope and some jobs, but not nearly enough to keep up with recent losses in manufacturing, real estate and finance. Larry B. Dillin, head of Dillin Corp. and Noonan's former boss, laid off 60 percent of his workforce of about two dozen in the Toledo ... Dillin's executive-suite contacts and Noonan's ground-level experience took them to jobs in 15 countries before they branched into retail-residential projects closer to home. ...

Truthout - All Articles -
Green Careers for Job Seekers in the Utah Wind Energy Industry ...
By admin

First Wind, an independent North American wind energy developer, recetly announced that it has obtained a $376 million financing for its 203.5 MW Milford Wind Corridor Phase I project in Milford, UT. The Milford Wind Project will ...
MyGreen Education and Career -

Schiesser's Blogspot: All The Best Blog (Click on This Title)
By Alexander Schiesser

Drake has also completed multiple projects for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg—a client for almost twenty years—including the recent renovation and restoration of Gracie Mansion, the longtime ceremonial residence of the Mayor of New York and the redesign of various rooms at City Hall. .....

Wind Energy And Finance. Wind Power Stocks, Renewable Energy Investing Info · Windpower stocks will play catch-up in global stock market post-Bush rally. Vor 1 Monat ...Schiesser's Blogspot -

It may be time to refocus job goals « Uber Operations, LLC ...
By gonzalezloumiet

Though he worked in the financing department as a pricing analyst for technology companies for years, it wasn't a great career fit because he didn't think the job took much ingenuity. ... He has been going to conferences, seminars, and WIND networking events for New England professionals in transition. He's also scheduled a few informational interviews. Cabral said when he is networking, he feels good about his prospects, but sometimes being at home, when the phone's not ...
Uber Operations, LLC | Official Blog -

Today's Business Headlines - WA Business News
Page 7: Universities are increasing efforts to attract more private financing into the
sector amid fears that a boost to recurrent funding in this week's budget will be spread out over time. A wind-back of the private health insurance ...
WA Business News - Latest News -

Google News Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic

East County Magazine - La Mesa,CA,USA
PV (photovoltaic panels) 15% efficient at converting sunlight into electricity ... conference and the State of Oregon's Solar Energy Association Conference. ...

SCHOTT Solar Opens Manufacturing Facility in Albuquerque

Rocklin and Roseville Today - Rocklin,CA,USA
SCHOTT Solar produces important components for photovoltaic applications and ... in large-scale power plants that generate electricity from solar energy ...

Google Blogs Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic
Renewable and Green Energy: The Future |
By Matt Harris
Photovoltaic cells (also called solar cells) collect energy from the sun's light, filtering the electricity directly into the power system. Solar power, wind power and hydroelectricity are all part of renewable energy. ...
Attorney Information -

Google News Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs
Election Diary 11.05.09
Limerick Blogger - Limerick,Ireland
Ireland's west coast can be the Saudi Arabia of wind, with scope for 10000 jobs in this sector by 2020, according to James. In Spain, 35000 are already ...
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Google Blogs Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs

Wind Energy: Bird kills on the radar | CleanTechies Blog ...
By jeff

There is a U.S. Department of Energy program that uses the term, and that program has funded gasification and carbon sequestration projects. So there is such a thing, whatever you want to call it. How about “Clean(er) Coal”? ... This radar could help spur more wind development and remove a barrier to breeze power. DeTect also makes bird deterrent devices for wind farms, including bioacoustics and propane cannons, according to the company's Web site. ...

CleanTechies Blog - -
Oman reviews pilot projects for solar, wind | Cleantech Group
By Emma Ritch

The government of Oman is reviewing six pilot projects to harness energy from wind and solar, as well as recruiting international advisers to conduct a feasibility study for a large solar plant. The news comes as the government is establishing policies to encourage .... "You do a great job. I'm always informed, energized and encouraged by your coverage. You've got a reader for life." Dr. Bryan Smith, President, Broad Reach Innovations, strategy consultant & author ...

Cleantech Group - Latest clean... -
National Journal Online -- Energy/Enviro Experts -- A New Go-To ...

We should try a variety of financing approaches, but we should aggressively use the leverage provided by low federal cost of borrowing to get wind, solar and geothermal up and going fast -- just as we used cheap federal money to build ... We should explore every possible option and be ready to adapt when policies don't seem to get the job done. It's going to take significant and sustained investment to bring these technologies to a point where they can be deployed on the ...

Energy/Enviro Experts -
Solar Home Review: Aussie Goverment Ups Green Home Incentives ...
By Anja Atkinson

If you need to cut home energy costs, simple solar and wind energy is the key. Find rebates and incentives for home upgrades, read consumer reviews for residential solar and wind systems, including diy products. Explore your home energy options today and save time ... Another bonus of this green program is a great job opportunity for Australian's. The Government has set up a standard in Home Sustainability criteria and needs Assessors that they can call on to do the work. ...

Solar Home Review -
High-Powered Spending On Alternative Energy Tumbles
By Dave Burdick

NEW YORK — Venture capitalists reined in spending on renewable energy to begin the year, with funding for research and startup projects falling 63 percent through March, according to an industry report released Monday. It is the latest indicator of just how badly the ... When large off-shore wind farms and tidal-energy plants are visible from coastal CA and luxury lots on Cape Cod, then maybe I'll believe the hype. Until then, VC should, and will, keep their powder dry. ...
Dave Burdick -

Google Blogs Alert for: renewable, green jobs, green careers, energy, renewable finance

Gippsland Friends of Future Generations - Renewable Energy Today ...
By Blair

THOUSANDS of new jobs will be created if South Australia acts quickly enough to avert climate change, environmentalists say. More jobs are expected to be created than lost in the "green" sector from the effects of climate change on ...

Gippsland Friends of Future Generatio... -
NYREJ - Mayor Bloomberg and speaker Quinn unveil package legislation
By CRE Newswire

"There are millions of buildings that can be upgraded to save money and save energy, which can create millions of green jobs that cannot be sent overseas. The leadership of mayor Bloomberg, speaker Quinn and the entire coalition behind the initiative .... 64 responses received to the city's renewable energy request for expressions of interest. * 224 energy efficiency projects on city government buildings begun. * 15% of the yellow taxi fleet converted to hybrid vehicles. ...
New York Real Estate Journal -

Al Gore's Testimony to Support the Clean Energy and Security Act ...
By lynnhass

By Lynn Hasselberger This one Act promises to create millions of new clean energy jobs, save consumers hundreds of billions of dollars in energy costs, enhance America's energy independence, and cut global warming pollution. ... Award grants to universities and colleges to develop curriculum and training programs that prepare students for green-collar careers in renewable energy, and climate change mitigation. To take action, call your elected representatives. ...

RushPRnews - Newswire & Global... -

The White House - Press Office - Briefing by a Senior ...
By The White House

... green versus non-green or whatever. I think the important thing -- I mean, what we know is that in the Recovery Act, we did have a lot of money for weatherization for jump starting renewable energy and all of that. ... And so we very much think of the Recovery Act as the down payment on his overall energy agenda. And so you know if you've listened to the President talk that green jobs and that the future of energy in the United States is a very big priority for him. ...

White Press Office Feed -

Thanks...It's a real pleasure to have you here_Green Earl

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