Friday, May 15, 2009

Important Note To Our Visitors Reqarding Link To Google Stories

I had switched my Google News Renewable Energy Searches
From Text to HTML hoping you would be provided with
click-able links to all the stories posted on this blog,
like Google once allowed me to do. Somehow that changed
as the blog began to dominate all related renewable
topics and links. So Please note

The last post or two does not show the links to the stories
even though I make sure they were included in the post.
I have switched back to text format..future post should
show the link. Stories you want more info on will need
to have their links, which should re-appear now, with the
change, will need to have their links copied and pasted
to your browser. Sorry for any challenges this may have
caused you_Green Earl

It is always my intention to give you all the information
possible, even at the risk of losing you to another site.
I figure if I treat you right, you'll be back.

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