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Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Bio, Conservation, Be Wary Of The Solar, Wind and Hydrogen Bashers

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Be wary of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers

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Reposted May 15th, 2009_By Green Earl

Subject: Be wary of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers
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Be wary of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers

After listening to the conservative presidential debate in New
Hampshire on CNN yesterday it is clear which way the cons are going:
more Nuclear, more Oil refineries, Ethanol crops and more Coal. Not a
mention of Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen. Ethanol fuels took a bashing for
a good reason. It takes a child to understand we don't have enough
land, to grow enough plants, such as Sugarcane, Rapeseed, Canola,
Hempseed and Corn to convert to Ethanol to run the ever increasing
amount of vehicles.When you take up all this land for Ethanol where
will the food be grown and what rain forest will be left?

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen are our cleanest present and near future. Don't
think of it as making money. Think of S.W.H. as the future for us on
our planet. A true investment for our future. A true investment for
our Children. There are a majority of people that know Time is running
out. So Stop procrastination, Stop pessimism and support Solar, Wind,
And Hydrogen like a charity. Literally millions will die if we don't
try to do something now. Let's try to limit the human and
environmental damage. All Solar, Wind, And Hydrogen Stocks need our
support and guess what we just might make money by doing good.

We have to bring down the cost of Solar, Wind and Hydrogen units. This
is the major stumble block for most consumers. So it is good if
profits for a company, decrease, level off and increase due end price
drops. With price drops more units will be sold and power independence
increased. We make units cheaper buy helping as many companies to
succeed. We must tell people politely to shut up when they say a wind
turbine or solar panel doesn't look good. When I see a solar panel or
wind turbine I see hope and that is priceless. Doesn't look good. Tell
that to all the people that are looking at their lakes dry up, their
animals dying and people starving. Tell that to all the people living
in low lands as they are flooded and drowned. It's happening now and
it's on the increase. We can do something amazing. Creating energy
cleanly and as ethically as possible is one of our greatest

We are on the brink of one of the greatest revolutions since the car
was first invented. It's not transportation that's the problem, it's
the fuel that that must be addressed immediately. Don't let the power
controllers stop us from energy independence. Our future depends on
it. Power to the people: Micro generation is the answer. Don't let the
Solar, Wind, and Hydrogen Bashers sway us from our destiny: Energy
Independence. After our generation is through solar and wind
generators will increase property value. Everyone will want S.W.H. to
fuel there power independent vehicles. That's what they are afraid of
and that's why they'll bash.

Solar, Wind, Hydrogen are the coolest brands for the new generation.
This is our chance. Let's take the bull by the horns and ride in the
wind to the sunrise. We will persevere and we will win. Write this in
Internet stone. Send this to the masses.



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