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YESWECANSOLVEIT Renewalbe Energy Solar & Wind Blog #2 & #3 Choice of 21,300,000 Goggle Links_Green Earl

If you are concerned about such things as increasing the traffic
to your blog or website you might enjoy the following article
written by conservation and solar generation pioneer, and founder
of American Energy Conservation Group,Green Earl.

Monday May 11, 2009 - Foster City, CA

As someone that has been involved with the internet, pretty much
from it's commercial inception. Over the years I've had some success
figuring out how to actually make money or benefit from the hours,
months and years spent online.

But the trick has always been to find a way to make the medium
actually relate to the renewable energy business in a meaningful
way. It wasn't until I started using the blog format, that I actually
felt like I'm starting to come into my own using the internet. Let
me explain.

This blog is approaching it's one year anniversary in the next couple
of months. Today checking my stats I see that over 50 unique visitors
have arrived in under the last 12 hours or so. I don't have a method
that I know of, that tells me how many page hits those 50 visitors
account for, but in some cases I have documented up to at least 5 or
six page views per visit. I am pretty well versed on conservation
and solar generation, having to do with almost any department of the
renewable energy business, but I'm far from being an expert with this
internet medium, still I have some casual observations... I'll share.

Here's what I notice, my traffic to this blog has more than doubled
in the past 30 days or so. At that rate of growth, it's possible, I'm
thinking, that within the next year I might expect a unique visitors
count of over, say, 100,000 unique visitors. Is it the hottest site
on the net? No, I'm not saying that, I'm just saying, If I don't
do something to screw it up, I should expect maybe 250,000 or more
page views in the next 12 months. Not that bad from something I began
and run out of my home and they all have a real interest in renewables.

More interesting to me is WHO these visitor are, what countries,
states or areas they come from, what internet service they come
through and what search medium and method, or key words they used
to get here. If your eyes are starting to glaze over now, I'll
understand. Try one of my other post. Just check out all the topics
using the labels on the right side.

If your still with me here...I've noticed a few things I'll continue
sharing with you, Where do these 50 visitors come from in 12 hours,
every half a day? 8 countries, from places many of you may have
been to, but I'm amazed how many of the countries I've never even
heard of. Ever been to say, Christianusted, Bulacan, Ibaraki, or
maybe, Vilniaus, Apskritis and the rest are places like British
Columbia, Canada, Hawaii, Singapore, at least places I've heard
of or actually visited.

Why did they come and what search method did they use? Nearly 1/2,
and I knew this, so it holds true, 1/2 of all my visitors came
through Google Searches, as do all the world search and keywords used.
(Now I'm starting to hit on some of the real input I wanted to share,
Just Hang in here with me, I know your time is valuable, I will not waste
it, anyway, "in for a penny, in for a pound."

So figure 25 of the fifty unique visits came through Google Searches.

Four of the 50 came through my new affiliations with Twitter, 2 from
new white paper Wordpress account, a sister blog to this one, my
favorites are the 10ea or 20% who came direct to the site, telling me
they already know, somewhat, what to expect here, really almost anything,
along with Google Renewable Energy Solar, and Wind, and Bio, Green
Careers and jobs, or Leasing and Financing of Alternative Energy

Equipment. The 20% can be called returning customers and I appreciate
their support the most. 2 more came to view my energy auditor online
training, 2 more to view my Leasing Page offers, 2 more from my Feed
Jet, a Gadjet I use here on the site. One AOL, hate this service, but
still appreciate the visit. And two I find interesting and will
check out further, one of which is,, the other
interesting site, I'm not sure if I had anything to do with, is called But it pays sometimes to check out these
rouge sites. The other night a search netted me 35 visits to my MDU
White Pager Investment Site

If you click on the title of this Blog Post, like so many in the past,
I usually post an important link, maybe it takes my visitor to a sister
link, a business proposition, an affiliate or just a link to an article
I've quoted. If I steal your article, because I like it, I'll usually
at least, give you a link to the online version, so you get credit for
the work and the visit, this may even cost me the visitor, if they never
come back, but fair is fair. So if you click, above, Don't do it, until
I explain what you'll see there, hopefully. In the example, like the
title of the blog, You'll notice a Google Search Page, You'll see three
paid Google ads at the top of the page, just under the search terms for
that page. On the right you'll see 8 more sponsored, paid advertisement
links. These positions are highly prized and paid dearly for. But they
are not the most important links on the page.
The generic listing
1 through 10 per page are.

Because surveys say, that 50% of all searches are done using Google. Of
those searches only about 15% of the visitors actually click on the paid,
or Google Sponsored Links, (something I'm sure they'll love me sharing
here on their blog site.)

So notice the search terms used on the page, careers in energy conservation.
See the results of the 1-10 numbered searches and you'll notice number 1
search return is a company called Energy Conservation Job Information/ I'm thinking this site has not earned the right to be here,
but I don't control such things, however, how can I really complain?, when
right below it, YESWECANSOLVEIT (THIS BLOG) holds the number two and
number three spot, of the first ten, of 21 million-three hundred-thousand,
related search links, similar to some of the same terms used, maybe, to
bring you to this article.

So, at some point in time, if your one of those paid, sponsored links,
and you buy advertising for these associated companies, wouldn't it
start making more sense to pay us some of these ads dollars instead of
others? You think?_Green Earl


American Energy Conservation Group said...

Reader: Since this blog was written I notice the number of links regarding the above search has somehow been reduced by about 2 million. I don't really understand how this stuff happens, but still..I guess showing up number 2 & 3 in generic searches for Google is still pretty darn good. _Green Earl

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