Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten New Polluting Oilshale Coal-Fired Power Plants In Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, HELL NO_Green Earl

Stop Threat of New Coal Fired Plants in Western States
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:03 AM
From: "AlterNet"

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AlterNet: The Mix is the Message

Dear Green Earl ,

If you've ever been to Utah, Colorado or Wyoming, you know how spectacularly beautiful those states are. Now imagine ten new, polluting, coal-fired power plants in those states just to develop oil shale, the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet. For the sake of our future and the environment, our nation needs to move in the direction of clean energy. Tell the Bureau of Land Management to protect our air, water, land and wildlife by going slow on unproven, dirty oil shale development.

Don Hazen
Executive Editor, AlterNet.org


Protect millions of acres in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming from being destroyed.

If oil companies are allowed to extract oil shale - the world's dirtiest fossil fuel from public lands in these Western states, the consequences will be devastating.

Take action now to help put a stop to oil shale development!

Americans are finally admitting that our addiction to fossil fuels has got to be curbed, but Big Oil is not giving up.

Right now, oil companies want the federal government to hand over millions of acres of land in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado to oil shale development. And unfortunately, rules issued by the Bush Administration that allow commercial oil shale development are still in effect.

What ís oil shale? Simply put, it ís the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world. It is rock that needs to be mined, processed, and burned at high temperatures using extraordinary amounts of water to yield useful fuel. If development moves forward as planned, the impact on these Western states will be devastating.

Take action now urging the Bureau of Land Management to halt oil shale development on public lands!

If you support a cleaner, greener future, there ís nothing to like about oil shale.

First, it ís extremely resource intensive. To extract it, ten new coal-fired power plants would have to be built in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. What ís more, the amount of water needed to process oil shale development sites would place the water resources of these arid lands under immense stress, forever changing the lives of people and wildlife in the region.

In the quest for new energy sources, dirty fossil fuels are not the answer. This sort of reckless development puts our wild places at risk. Places like Colorado ís Piceance Basin, a spectacular expanse of rolling sagebrush inhabited by North America ís largest herd of mule deer, would be crippled by pollution and carved up by miles of roads and pipelines.

It ís time to move our nation away from dirty fossil fuel dependency. Click here to stop oil shale development today.

Protecting our public lands not only ensures our natural heritage, but is essential for real economic recovery. Your letter today will help make all the difference.


Green Earl, Founder
American Energy Conservation Group

Kathy Kilmer
The Wilderness Society

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