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Our 200th Post On The Latest Renewable Energy Google Solar, Wind, Bio News % Commentary by_Green Earl

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How GE Became a Green Pioneer in China
BusinessWeek - USA

Fludder's instinct was right, however. Later that year, China opened up
bidding for its first commercial wind farm. The project was small, just 10
turbines, ...

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May 2009 News in Brief
Vermont Business Magazine (press release) - Burlington,VT,USA

The Vermont Public Service Board on Thursday approved one of the largest
wind power generating facilities in Vermont. The PSB issued a certificate
of public ...

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New Wind Farm in Missouri will Create 2500 Green Jobs | MyGreen ...
By admin

“Homegrown wind projects like Lost Creek don't just provide clean energy,
they generate manufacturing, construction and maintenance jobs, and new
opportunities for farmers, landowners and rural communities. By harnessing
the power of ...

MyGreen Education and Career

SustainabiliTank: Here a start for Copenhagen - Renewable energy ...
By Pincas Jawetz

“The renewables sector, and especially the wind energy industry, has seen
remarkable growth in 2008, and the long-term prospects are encouraging.
Governments around the world seem to be waking up to the benefits that wind
energy can bring ... the credit crunch has taken its toll on the financing
options for new projects, investment in the renewables sector in 2008
reached over USD120bn, up 16% from 2007. Around USD 50 bn of this
investment came from wind energy alone. ...


Scoop: TrustPower Limited Audited Financial Results
Additionally, a number of generation projects were completed since the last

revaluation namely, Tararua Stage III wind farm, Deep Stream hydro and the
Snowtown Wind Farm. Consequently, Deloitte Corporate Finance has
independently valued the Group's generation assets as at .... May 15 -
Here's a radical thought for saving 22000 jobs. I didn't think of it
myself, the NZIER snuck it into their latest report on just what a tough
Budget this is for John Key and Bill English. ...

Scoop NZ - Business

By mnottingham

The London Array project is bringing jobs to Ramsgate and is being helped
with government money. Good to see green jobs being created locally and the
picture shows parts for wind turbines in Ramsgate Port. ... In January,
Eon, the German company that has 30 per cent of the Array, said the project
was "on a knife edge" because of soaring costs and a finance shortage. I
hope this project is a success. In the Budget, the government changed the
renewables obligation, ...

From One End of Kent

The Greenest Stocks | Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
By Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro

With President Obama calling for growth in employment opportunities in
corporations that manufacture solar panels, wind turbines and energy
efficient equipment, it is likely more corporations will fall into the
green investments category. ... Some other sectors include environmental
tech, that is, specializing in air and water quality and waste management,
reducing emissions by pollution control and carbon capture and green
projects that involve education, ... Blog | Personal Finance...

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Nestlé Purina PetCare, Gov. Bill Ritter Unveil Pilot Solar Array ...
SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA
To provide the same amount of electricity now produced by the plant's 467
solar panels, Xcel Energy would generate nearly 300000 pounds of carbon
dioxide ...

Owens solar installation classes
Toledo On The Move - Toledo,OH,USA
Peschel offers training in electricity, as well as photovoltaic systems.
This is the sixth year Owens has offered this type of solar training
program. ...

State to Spend Stimulus Money On West Tenn. Solar Project
Memphis Daily News - Memphis,TN,USA
The plant will be the largest solar installation in Tennessee. TVA has
eight small photovoltaic systems around the state, mostly for demonstration
purposes ...

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Solar Smackdown in Torrance – Installer Sues City on Behalf of the ...
By creativegreenius

I find it interesting that they, along with Edison have positioned
themselves big advocates and pushers of solar – and you'd expect them to
be since AB 32 mandates that 20% of our electric come from renewable energy
next year and we're only at ... HOW EFFECTIVE IS SOLAR POWER FOR SOUTH BAY
HOMES? IMG_3413 JOE So let me talk about a more pleasant subject and that
is producing solar in our South Bay communities and the productivity and
efficiency of PV systems down here. ...

Creative Greenius

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