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Green Energy Rising - Washington,DC,USA

Says Gregory Wetstone, of the American Wind Energy Association: "Our astronomical
growth came to a screeching halt in late 2008. ...

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No go on Webb funds
Reedsburg Times Press - Reedsburg,WI,USA

She said a project of this size would not only create jobs, it would put Reedsburg on the map as one of the foremost leaders in wind technology. ...

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Obama agenda: 'Historic' or 'vague'? - USA

Let these moronic right wing nut jobs cry in the wind. We won the election handily and when President Obama puts Healthcare reform, a new energy plan, ...

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GE commits to battery factory (with photo gallery)
Schenectady Gazette - Schenectady,NY,USA

They would store energy generated by turbines, wind and solar collectors, and then discharge it later. The energy would power a hybrid diesel locomotive, ...

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Feds: Mass. to get $25M for wind blade test center (press release) - Salem,OR,USA

Edward Kennedy and the state's congressional delegation also lobbied for the project. "Testing the next generation of wind turbines here will make ...

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The IIIrd World: Editorial by Robert Redford: Harnessing Nature's ...
By Trey Lord

By financing this new carbon-intensive infrastructure, multilateral development banks (MDBs) and export credit agencies (ECAs) of the industrialized world are hamstringing the fight against global warming and setting back longer term efforts to ... Right now Congress is working on a landmark clean energy jobs plan that would boost the amount of wind, solar and other clean energy our country produces. The American Clean Energy and Security Act will also make our vehicles , ...

The IIIrd World -
Energy News Digest: Energy News Digest for May 12, 2009
By Joel Myer

Wind Turbine Technology Gets Bigger and Better - How Wind Energy Financing Models Are Changing - Blackfoot, Idaho Clears Way for Wind Turbines in City - North Carolina - Windmill Owner Fascinated By Power ... Oregon - House Scales Back Business Deductions for Energy Projects - Stimulus Offers Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency - Nation's Green 'Czar' Pushes Jobs, Community-Building - Detroit Free Press - Make Efficiency Incentives a Key Part of Energy Plan ...

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energyaustralia » Blog Archive » Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green ...
By energyaustralia

See all stories on this topic. Google Blogs Alert all the technique through: gust, gust careers, gust projects, gust financing, gust jobs. Wind Energy: Bird kills on the radar, CleanTechies Blog. In Spain, 35000 are already. ...

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Obama admin memo: Greenhouse gas limits ...
By (Hot Air Network, LLC)

The big problem with green energy is that no one knows if it can do the job. Wind, solar, and tidal energy are largely unreliable means of powering a grid. They work great for individual buildings but not for powering cities. .... We hear it's over $700000 per job. How much more per job is this cost than the cost per job of, say, traditional energy job-creation projects? Counting operational (not temporary/construction) jobs, that would be …500% more? 1000% more? ...

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G.E. Announces New York Battery Factory - Green Inc. Blog ...
By By Kate Galbraith

A job is a job. If Obama has given GE 140 B it is already keeping people at work who would otherwise be walking the streets In the rain with holes in their shoes. Let us celebrate the 350 jobs, and not deprecate the efforts of the ... Storage capabilities (e.g., industrial scale batteries, flywheels), particularly as additional intermittent sources such as solar and wind increasingly contribute to the power generation mix, can be quite useful in managing the electric grid ...
Green Inc. -

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How To Lower Utility Bills With A Household Energy Audit
One of the first steps you should take to reduce your utility bills is to have a household energy audit done. This audit is often done at no charge by your utility company, or a professional auditor can be hired to do the job. ... - Article Marketing... -

Harb-Blog: Saying My Goodbyes / Making the News
By harbtravels

On a completely separate note, the class I taught (which is now being taught by an actual energy auditor) made the news today. ABC News 40 filmed the students during their first day of "field work" which involved going into 3 nearby ...
Harb-Blog - - News - Large corporations overpay tax on purpose ...
In one case, he was president of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance-Transport
when it received federal funding. "NRCan knew of these circumstances and permitted the conflict of interest to occur," the audit reported. ...

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Audit slams Natural Resources for allowing contractor to double ...
Middleton also worked with two other organizations _ the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and CEEA Transport _ who eventually signed deals with the department under programs he´d helped the department develop. ...

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Identify the ways to save energy : The Content Desk

Fist of all, one has to know that there two possible ways to identify these areas: one is by means of performing a simple home audit by yourself or by contracting a professional, in the person of an independent energy auditor, ...
The Content Desk -

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Inland Empire News
Rialto plant to feed on renewable green waste
Inland Empire News - Riverside,CA,USA

RIALTO--Plans were announced Tuesday for a plant that will produce synthetic fuels and electric power from renewable waste biomass. ...

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London Array offshore wind project to go ahead - UK

Asked about the timing, Paul Golby, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, said: "The first renewable power will come in 2012. Maybe we can have the first green ...

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The Brightest Green Fund - Washington,DC,USA

The Europeans are several years ahead of us on the renewable-energy learning curve, so many of the best green companies reside across the pond. ...

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Labor Secretary Visits Lansing
WILX-TV - Lansing,MI,USA

Solis was in Lansing Monday, along with Governor Jennifer Granholm, to talk about federal funding for green jobs-- jobs she says are good fits for those who ...

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Labor Left to push for green jobs
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,Australia

Labor's Left faction will push the Rudd Government to develop renewable energy sources as a way of creating "green" jobs. It will also press for further ...

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$100m green cash up for grabs
Warrnambool Standard - Warrnambool,Victoria,Australia

The Government said that one regional city - yet to be selected - will receive the funding injection to show how renewable energy can be harnessed. ...

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Register Today! SEIA's PV America | Green Energy PR
By nabcep

Join SEIA for the premier solar PV event on the East Coast with top keynotes, more than 50 in-depth sessions, Career Center and Expo featuring 200 exhibitors. Presented by the Solar Energy Industries Association. Get Stimulated! ... Former Director of Central Intelligence and renewable energy advocate, links the interwoven issues of climate, security, and jobs. The answer to all three challenges, according to Director Woolsey, is PV generated electricity with battery ...

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Is It Time For a New Workplace Structure? - FP Posted
By Ray Williams

We need only visualize the scene every day, twice a day, when millions of one person cars travel long distances to work, with an extreme cost to society in terms of urban sprawl, increased polution, use of non-renewable resources, and increased stress on individuals and ... Career advice, job search tips and more from regular contributors to the Financial Post's careers section, including Ray Williams, Crystal Campbell, Stephen Friedman, Marty Parker, and Cathy Graham. ...
FP Posted -

C-Questor Carbon Markets and Climate Change News Letter: London ...
By Graham Crawford

However, hopes that renewable energy would create large numbers of jobs in Britain took a blow last month when Vestas, the Danish wind turbine producer, said it was cutting 600 jobs in Britain and probably closing its factory in the Isle of Wight. ... Andy Atkins of Friends of the Earth said: ”Ministers must ensure that more projects like this are developed so that Britain reaps the huge employment, business and environmental benefits of clean, green energy.” ...
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