Friday, December 19, 2008

Energy, Solar, Wind, Electricity, Solar Power, Renewable Financing

Happy Holidays...If your looking for renewable energy financing, check out our Lease One
website for a 1-page application and information that should answer most of your questions.

We Can Lease or Finance New & Used Equipment
Including, but not limited to, energy efficiency equipment, computer hardware and software.
CAD equipment, printers, office furniture, phone systems, point of sale equipment, security
systems, medical equipment, manufacturing and production equipment and much, much
more. Most anything or any product that relates to your business.

But, our specialty is Green, Energy Efficiency Equipment for Energy Conservation
Funds for your demand side management (DSM), alternative energy, and environmental
equipment industries, lighting retrofits, energy management, power conditioning and
correction, solar and wind projects, electric co-generation, fuel cells, heating and air,
chillers and refrigeration systems and other equipment and projects that improve energy

Here's wishing you and yours a happy and blessed holiday. Be safe! Best Al Boek

Thursday, December 18, 2008


According to Nelson Cintra, National Business Development Director for
there are certain key words that can help bring more business to your renewable energy site,
and renewable energy in not in the top ten, it's number eleven.  So that is not the whole picture.
Using the top ten searches also puts you in the  top ten competitor field.  More competition
means less views per competitor, of course. So what's a competitor to do?

First The Top Ten Renewable Energy Search Choices, Note:   Google commands about 50%
of all searches.  84% of the folks want to stay generic on their searches, meaning that those
expensive ads on the side, usually pay for click, are seldom even looked at and mostly paid
for by those with more money than God, at least more than you and I have. Smile...

Number 1 search word...Energy       13.6 million searches a month             33 million Competitors
                                      Solar           7.5 million searches a month               8 million Competitors
                                      Wind           6.2 million                                         10 million
                                Electricity           1.5                                                    2.5
                             Solar Power         550K                                                 375K
                               Renewable         450K                                                 1.1 million
                            Solar Energy         450K                                                 731K
                            Solar Panels          450K                                                 141K
                            Solar Panel           368K                                                  184K
Number 10    Alternative Energy       301K                                                  772K

So maybe that helps you figure out why your not getting the hits you want...or maybe are!

For more information on this science contact Nelson Cintra, National Business Development
at:   1800-521-8220  EST   or write him at  ncintraatthinkbigsitesdotcom

Hope that helps you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Need Financing For Your Renewable Energy Project...Click Here

We have financing for your project...any project, equipment, anywhere.........

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