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VINYL DESIGNS, INC, Sacramento's Window and Siding Company, Helps It's Customers Scam Sacramento County, City and Surrounding Cities, Out Of Ten's Of Thousands In Unpaid Building Permits

Green Earl Exposes Big Sacramento Building Permit Scam, A Dangerous
Policy of Deception, that could cost someone their life. But for sure,
in these hard financial times, are costing the cities of Sacramento
and Sacramento County tens of thousands in unpaid permit fees and unordered inspections._Green Earl

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Please let me make this clear, I am only singling out Vinyl
Designs, Inc, because as the form above proves, I have had
first hand knowledge of this policy being in force at their
operations. I'm sure others in similar businesses are
doing the same, and loses to the county and cities of Sac.
must run in the tens of thousands, over the years, perhaps
even more.

Before I exposed this permit policy, I almost contacted each
building and safety department, actually made a list, asking
if their city offered any whistle blower fees for exposing
this scam, because if these BUILDING PERMIT WAIVERS are legal,
and I think you'll agree with me after I explain why and how
they are used, I'd be very surprised.

If you read through such an agreement, and I encourage you to
read this one completely, if you hold a position at any building
and safety department of any California city or any other city
in the nation. What you read seems to be a pretty straight
forward document and notification to the customer. Hell the
document even says Vinyl Designs, Inc encourages all homeowners to obtain all permits required to complete the
work contracted.

But it is a lie. More on what is and what is not being told the
customer below.

Let me make this clear, Vinyl Windows, Vinyl Siding, Patio Covers
and Fiber Stucco Coatings, like TEX-Cote, and Entry or Patio
Doors are a big profitable businesses across the United States
and Canada, and no doubt around the world, in developed countries.

There is more than enough profit from a $8,000 to $10,000 vinyl
window job to do the job right and pull a permit to see that safety
issues of the homeowner are protected and have been addressed.

So the question is, IF like I say, a possible dangerous situation
exist, and most homeowners would not even realize it, and the
contractor is so aware of that situation that he mentions it in
the Permit Waiver, yet goes a head and installs the job without
making the necessary alterations, required by law and most
building and safety departments of any city, and does this
without pulling permit or inspection, would you say that is
careless, unforgivable, illegal or just a total disregard for
the homeowners and their families safety? Or all the above?

I say all of the above and more, if someone has actually died
because of these policies, or does, after they are made public,
they should, and no doubt would, become a criminal matter too.

Let me make it clear right here and now, I have no love lost for
city building department permit and inspection processes, been
there, done that, but they are not called Building And Safety
Departments for nothing. They actually do serve a purpose, but
I am suggesting, it's time they realize what's going on, and if
they already know, then it's time they start addressing this,
because someone could die in a fire, and it is likely it would
be a small child, and it could all be fixed at the time of the
new window install, and if the contractor does not have enough
pride in the job they do to address it, then it's the city and
counties job, (maybe even the states) to see that it is addressed.

So I have posted above enough information that most building
departments worth their salt, can understand what's happening
out there in the field and how the contractors are getting away
with it.

For the sake of my readers and blog visitors, I will add to this
post and add more details so that they fully understand the
reasons I say, this is a potentially deadly combination for any
customer doing work with any contractor who Waives The Building
Permit Process and helps or even encourages (In spite of what
the BUILDING PERMIT WAIVER agreement says at the top of this
article) helps encourage the customer, not to pull a permit or
not to have a safety inspection, at all.

You read it first, from a customers point of view, then come
back soon and I'll have the WAIVER interpreted for you by then

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

Ok, I'm back as promised. Let me include another link to the
Waiver above for you to view, as I go through it with you or
just open another browser so you can follow along with me. just copy and paste.

Someone once said your imagination is usually far worse than the
actual happening. But this Building Permit Waiver has the
customer imagining very bad things happening to them when the
big, bad, building inspector comes to inspect their window,
siding or patio cover job. Who wants building and safety depart
poking around their property, discovering that illegal addition,
shed, (usually legal) out buildings and other potential problems?

Why do you hire a contractor anyway? So that you can rest
assured the job will be done right, within all codes and
restrictions, so that any future liability that might arise
is hopefully addressed.

Then why would you ever agree such a BUILDING PERMIT WAIVER?
I mean if your families safety, your home and your integrity
don't matter, now or at resale perhaps, why not just do the
dang job yourself.

So here we go....First
Paragraph: Vinyl Designs Inc, wants you to release them
from ALL responsibility to obtain any and all BUILDING
Why would
you want to release them, they're the contractor, shouldn't
their work and pay upon completion be releasing you from
All responsibility?

So your going to take on
the responsibility for this licensed, bonded, insured and
trained, certified, award winning contractor, your going
to take over their permit processing department and pull
a permit for them, on your job? Isn't that part of the
work, your hiring them for?

Next line: Here's the crime taking place, ok my choice
of words, Vinyl
Designs, Inc will install all windows as per existing
openings. You the homeowner have been made aware of all
egress (should say ingress and egress)restrictions and

Your agreeing "you've
been notified, of all egress codes and restrictions",
but have you really been? Example, Mr Lane: When your
home was built, in the sixties, the code allowed the
bedroom windows to be only 24" inches high and a xox
window like yours to be in three pieces of only 24"
each, the windows today do not meet new building codes
and restrictions because they are located so high up
the wall and so small of opening that you, your wife,
and for sure your children would find it difficult to
even reach the opening, let alone exit the room through
them in event of a fire, also help from the outside,
your neighbors or even firemen would also have trouble
reaching them.

Now please if you would, sign this waiver, admitting
that your too damned cheap to give a damned about your
family and we are admitting to you in writing that all
we care about is slamming in your windows and getting paid
and moving on to the next job, to worry about your kids
burning alive, trapped in a fire, while you watch.

Well would you sign it?, if it was explained honestly to
you, that way, or would you see that the company pulls a
permit and expands the window opening, to code, so that
your family or the family after you don't ever get trapped
in such a spot? Because I'll tell you for damned sure, the
building and safety department of your county or city will
make that contractor lower and expand that window opening
and assure the safety of your family, if a permit is pulled.

Vinyl Designs Inc knows it, and every window contractor
out their knows it. The only ones that do not, are their

For this to be an honest document, one that might actually
stand up in a wrongful death suit, or manslaughter charge,
I, and I'm far from an attorney, but I believe, it would
almost have to be explained, in the document, that clearly.

All I'm saying, before anyone is asked, legally to sign
away their rights, they should have to be told exactly what
rights their giving up.

That is why I say, If documents like these are legal they
should not be, they should be outlawed right now. The fact
that anyone would encourage such a document to be signed
is exactly why permits are needed and should be required
on ALL window replacement, Vinyl Siding,Tex-Cote stucco
sealing jobs and Patio covers.

Roofers are required to pull permits and many times are
required to actually rip off existing roofs, when this
might not always be the best thing for the roof, but at
least the roof can be inspected for dry rot and other
potential structural problems down the road. Many of
these older homes have entire walls of glass, sometimes
around patio doors. Wouldn't you as a customer want to
be assured that those walls of glass are replaced and
replaced with tempered glass? instead of maybe just
double-strength, I mean if your grandchild rides through
a 7 foot high window on his tricycle?

Now the contractor will try to tell you what a hassle the
permit process is, when actually now, with the internet,
they can easily order a permit online, or even a city license
for that matter (wonder how many are not doing this when
they work in your city).

Contractors that would have you sign such a document, want
one thing and one thing only, your check at completion.

Don't let them get away with it. Tell them, you want the job?
Then you sir, must do the entire job, and pulling permits is
just part of the job. You don't want to do the job? Perhaps
a take and bake pizza shop would be a better profession for
you. No, I take that back, if you mishandle the meat, you'll
poison everyone. Just retire, get out while the gettens good.

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

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