Friday, January 16, 2009

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You know, life is funny...Someone once said. "You got to live everyday like you just had a heart attack, and  your doctors only given you a year to live."  Now why would anyone need to be reminded out there?
simply put...There are a bunch of you out there, running around, that are already DEAD. Smile..Your just waiting for someone to put some dirt on your face, so you realize it.

So I spent a couple minutes this morning putting together this gift, I call, my $10 Million Dollar Flyer. Why give ideas and concepts away to the masses?  Am I fricken crazy or what?  Not really, not totally, anyway.  I just wanted to see if anyone out there with a check book wants to make some money?  I can be reached'll figure it out

Exclusive Affiliates for AECG
PO Box 1579
Anderson, CA. 96007
Phone: 530-549-4315
FAX: 530-549-4315
No More Utility Bills
offer includes
Free Energy Audit*
Free Project Planning*
Free Conservation and Weatherization*
Installation of Solar PV/Electric System
Installation of Wind Generation System
Installation of Solar DHW System
Installation Pool and Spa Heating,
(as needed)
Free Goods and Services (Worth Thousands In Improvements)
Help Us Put The Utility Company Out Of
Business !!!
The first ten complexes that return the filled out apartment information and
energy survey sheet and a signed right of entry agreement
(for audit and inspection only)
and then agree to give American Energy Conservation Group
fair and equal access to the complex will receive the following
A Solar Pool and/or Spa Heating System
At No Charge
A Complex-Wide Security Camera System
Call Now (530) 549-4315
*Audit and Project Plans are No Charge, No Obligation,Free Weatherization & Conservation Packages,
Pool, and/or Spa Heating or Security Systems are included (not to exceed $10,000) with a no-cash out of pocket installation of American Energy Conservation Group Renewable Energy Electric and Thermal Solar Application

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