Sunday, January 11, 2009

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Sandy said...

Green Jobs an ongoing debate pre and post Presidential election of USA. Lets get to know what the experts, green companies and individuals from US and other countries are saying on this, only on , JustMeans is the only platform for everyone to discuss green, social and environmental issues and educate everyone about the advantages related to these sectors. Many experts, energy environmental and social companies and individuals in these sectors share this site to express their thoughts and debate; they are using this site at large. Even in this recession I am able to find at least 40 to 50 new and quality green jobs on JustMeans site and if we compare with other sites then they have an update of only with 5 to 15 jobs a day. Also I would like to mention that JustMeans is the only site to learn new stuff revolved with "Corporate Social Responsibility" "Green Jobs" "Waste Management" "Energy" "Ethical Consumption" "Politics and Governance" "Social Investment" "Social Media" and "Sustainable Business". "Green" jobs listed by job category, searchable by keyword and location. Job seekers can sign up for custom job alert emails and register to post a resume... only at

American Energy Conservation Group said...

Thanks for your input..Not sure what all the debate is about..Green is In.

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Al Boek

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