Sunday, March 22, 2009


Al Boek, associated with Lease One of Denver, US Home Funding of Anaheim, CA., Energy Savings 4 You, Toronto, Canada, SEPartners of San Francisco and New York, Liberty Bell Consultants of Mass and American Energy of Redding, CA.

is currently interested and interviewing International Investment Banks for the purpose of meeting and establishing valuable investment relationships with us for the purpose of making investments into our private equity fund with a focus on the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency in emerging markets.

Looking for a fully dedicated banking or private finance team to help us initiate, appraise and monitor US, Canada, and other world wide renewable energy markets.

We will identify, appraise and negotiate investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency funds, in line with your banks, fund objectives and guidelines.

Draft due diligence reports, and investment recommendations.

Draft reports to the fund's investment committee, financial reports and recommendations in English, French, Spanish or whatever language preferred.

Monitor Projects and draft monitoring reports on a regular basis.

Devise appropriate incentive and renumeration structures, exit strategies and control mechanisms for the fund's investments and qualifications.

Your firm should have at least 5 years relevant professional experience and a proven track record in investments in the renewable energy sector and /or in emerging and developing renewable energy markets.

Experience in and a willingness to become involved in private equity positions would be an advantage.

Experience and aptitude in direct contacts and clients, associates, alliances and partners.

Would also like to see a experience and sense of initiative, with a genuine motivation to help structure
and give content to this new activity for our company and associates.

We are team players, have good inter-personal skills at all levels even multicultural environments, स्ट्रोंग negotiation and analytical skills, ability to draft clear and concise reports, work under pressure and meet important deadlines.

Interested Banks, Investment Firms, Angel Investment Groups, Pension Funds, Venture Capital or Insurance Companies Please Contact:

Al Boek, Founder
American Energy Conservation Group
Redding, CA. 96003
Producing Negawatts...Since 1981

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