Friday, May 22, 2009

KBR, Halliburthon and Cheney, Still Unchained !!!

I hope Dick keeps it up. He's putting himself and his buddies
under the microscope. People that would rather move on to other
important business for our country, are starting to question
leaving Cheney unchained._Green Earl

[YESWECANSOLVEIT] Fw: [CountdownwithKeithOlbermannFansforObama] Investigate and Prosecute.
Friday, May 22, 2009 10:27 AM
"Earl Allen Boek"
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Why is Cheney Unchained?

Al Boek, Redding, CA.

--- On Fri, 5/22/09, Dave Calderon wrote:

From: Dave Calderon
Subject: [CountdownwithKeithOlbermannFansforObama] Investigate and Prosecute.
To: "Countdown with Keith Olbermann Fans for Obama"
Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 8:55 AM

If we are all so tired of hearing Cheney and his goons speak their
lies then we should push for an investigation of those involved in the
shady tactics that made torture "acceptable" . It's bad enough that
he is given a platform to speak out when he carries no credibility but
it is "we the people" that are letting him get away with murder.

Cheney would be hard pressed to grow whatever following he has if he
were being investigated for possible crimes.

And yes this is as important to me as a healthcare bill or any other
issue of importance because this is an issue of justice for lies said,
crimes committed and hypocrisy excercised daily.

We should put our money where our mouths are and stop whining about
Cheney and start doing something about it.

We can sit here all day and wish he would shut up and go away but he
is not going away! Put up or shut up!

I will personally look into what we can do to get the attorney gen.
To appoint someone to investigate this matter. How credible would
cheney be if at the same time he is "speaking out" he is also being
investigated for criminal wrongdoing?

But nothing will happen unless the American people push for it. We
got Obama elected so why can't we get cheney prosecuted?

I am sorry that I seem so angry but I am. Especially after seeing this
criminal touting himself as the guru of our national security.

Cheney and his minions led us to this morass we are in today and we
are going to allow him to give advice?

It's disgusting. And I am sick of it.

Dave Calderon

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From:"Marilyn & John Mc Ateer"

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To:"Los Angeles for Obama '08!"

Dear Friends,

The Department of Defense just gave $80 million in bonuses to KBR, a former subsidiary of Halliburton, for electrical wiring contracts in Iraq. But in a dramatic Senate hearing, the DoD's own documents revealed that U.S. soldiers have died via electrocution as a direct result of KBR's shoddy and substandard work.

Evidence revealed this week has shown that eighteen U.S. soldiers have died as a result of KBR's work -- including a decorated Green Beret whose death was classified by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division as a "negligent homicide."

I just signed a petition asking Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to rescind the KBR bonuses, pursue criminal charges against the officials responsible for the electrocution deaths of U,S. soldiers, and stop awarding defense contracts to KBR & Halliburton. I hope you will, too. Please have a look and take action.

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