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Energy-Environmental Bill Markup..What Can You Do? Lastest Info, YESWECANSOLVEIT

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009 9:53 AM

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If more people on myBO were as sharp/active as you are, we'd have gotten a Medicare-type option in the healthcare bill.

In answer to your question, I'd call Ms. Fudge, identify yourself as a voting/politically active constituent, express strong support for the bill (give the number, H. R. 2454 as being amended in Mr. Waxman's Committee) and ask her (staff) to please make sure to relay your support to Mr. Space.

Below are some of the President's talking points, taken cut-and-paste directly from the White House Energy & Environment issues page

White House Issues: Energy & The Environment

Bless you!!

To take this country in a new direction, the President is working with Congress to pass comprehensive legislation to protect our nation from the serious economic and strategic risks associated with our reliance on foreign oil and the destabilizing effects of a changing climate. Policies to advance energy and climate security should promote economic recovery efforts, accelerate job creation, and drive clean energy manufacturing by:
Investing in the Clean Energy Jobs of the Future

President Obama does not accept a future in which the jobs and industries of tomorrow take root beyond our borders. It is time for the United States to lead again. Under President Obama, we will lead again, by developing an American clean energy industry, a 21st century economy that flourishes within our borders.

* Creating new Jobs in the Clean Energy Economy. Drive the development of new, green jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced.
* Investing in the Next Generation of Energy Technologies. Invest $150 billion over ten years in energy research and development to transition to a clean energy economy.

Securing our Energy Future

Our reliance on oil poses a threat to our economic security. Over the last few decades, we have watched our economy rise and fall along with the price of a barrel of oil. We must commit ourselves to an economic future in which the strength of our economy is not tied to the unpredictability of oil markets. We must make the investments in clean energy sources that will curb our dependence on fossil fuels and make America energy independent.

* Breaking Dependence on Oil. Promote the next generation of cars and trucks and the fuels they run on.
* Producing More Energy at Home. Enhance U.S. energy supplies through responsible development of domestic renewable energy, fossil fuels, advanced biofuels and nuclear energy.
* Promoting Energy Efficiency. Promote investments that reducing energy bills in the transportation, electricity, industrial, building and agricultural sectors.

Closing the Carbon Loophole and Cracking Down on Polluters

We must take immediate action to reduce the carbon pollution that threatens our climate and sustains our dependence on fossil fuels. We have had limits in place on pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other harmful emissions for some time. After decades of inaction, we will finally close the carbon pollution loophole by limiting the amount of carbon polluters are allowed to pump into the atmosphere.

* Closing the Carbon Loophole. By stemming carbon pollution through a market-based cap, we can address in a systematic way all the energy challenges that we face: curbing our dependence on foreign oil, reducing our use of fossil fuels, and promoting new industries right here in America.
* Protecting American Consumers. Revenues generated by closing the carbon loophole will be returned to the people, especially vulnerable families, communities, and businesses.
* Promoting U.S. Competitiveness. Ensure a level playing field for domestic manufacturing and secure significant actions to combat climate change by our trading partners.


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