Monday, June 22, 2009

Solar Google Installs System Large Enough To Power 1000 Homes In California_Green Earl

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Last October, Google announced its commitment with the production of solar energy, and now it is a reality.

Until now, 90% of the original project is already installed, 9,212 solar panels at their corporative offices in Mountain View, CA.

The solar panel installation will produce enough electricity to supply energy for 1,000 households in California.

They also created a web page where you can see how much energy they’ve produced so far, comparing it to daily use products for us to realize the magnitude of the project.

Take a glimpse at it here.

Oops! Our monitoring system seems to be having some problems right now, but don't worry -- the solar panels are still working! Please come back soon.
In the last 24 hours, Google produced 0 kilowatt-hours of electricity from the sun.

In June 2007 Google completed a 1.6MW solar installation at our Mountain View, CA headquarters - the largest U.S. corporate installation at that time. We installed 9,212 solar panels that cover the rooftops of eight buildings and two solar carports at the Googleplex.

This installation produces enough electricity to power 30% of Google's peak electricity demand in our solar powered buildings at our Mountain View, CA headquarters. That's the equivalent of approximately 1,000 California homes.

We built this page to monitor and share the day-to-day production of clean, renewable energy from our very own rooftops. Keep checking in to see how we're doing. We think the future looks bright!

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