Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Earl Retires From The Renewable Energy Business...Effective Today...Stand By For More Information

Over Ten Thousand Worldwide So Far.......And Now....

And Now Thousands Are Joining This Business Coming Soon

40 countries, WE Want You On Our Team......Please Return
Within One Week For More Information. Perhaps Sooner-Green Earl

Ask yourself...with thirty years in conservation and
renewable energy, with hundreds of personal projects
through out the state of California and some in
Hawaii, with several thousand additional projects I've
assisted in the marketing, sales and finance. With one
of the most positive business positioning ever in 30
yrs of renewable, tax credits, rebates, unlimited supply
of products and PV panels and conservation devices...
Green Earl is leaving the industry...For Good...

What the heck would make me do it? Stay Tuned For More.

Check Back Soon_Green Earl

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