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Is China On the Cusp of Becoming a Huge Solar-Panel Market?
Reuters - USA

“China, which already is important in production, is also going to be a large solar market,” Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, head of energy policy for the ...

Orange unveils solar concept tent at Glastonbury

CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA

The magnetic field creating a charge would then serve to power the device's battery. On a more practical side, some of the captured solar energy would be ...

Business Wire (press release)
Test Results Show New Energy's See-Thru SolarWindow™ Cells Surpass ...

Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA

In contrast, today's building-integrated solar and photovoltaic products are limited

New Test Center for Aluminum Building Solutions is Also Eco Friendly - USA

... on the window application and the integration of the photovoltaic modules. Specialists in solar energy integration, HBS Solar executed several analyses, ...

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Choosing Yourself a Solar Energy Training Course | Business Tips Blog
By admin

This program lasts for six weeks and will teach the student to design an entire solar electric power system (photovoltaic) all inside your home. Although it's an online course, the same topics will be covered that are in the face to ...

Business Tips Blog -

21st Century Complete Guide to Renewable Energy and Fuels ...
By Anna

The Newest Solar Power Products and Articles. ... Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center (MIDC) * Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC) * Solar Radiation Research Laboratory (SRRL) * Photovoltaics * Building-Integrated PV Project * * NREL Education Programs * Technology Transfer * Sustainable NREL * Electronic Materials and Devices * High-Performance Photovoltaics Project * Measurements and Characterization * Performance and Reliability * PV Manufacturing RD Project ...

Buy Solar -

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New Energy Focus

Government green light for 33GW of offshore wind

New Energy Focus - London,England,UK
He added: "These are significant milestones in delivering one of the major components of the UK's offshore renewable energy programme, including Round Three ...

Coalition for the Green Bank Praises House Members for Moving ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA

... renewable resource developers, original equipment manufacturers, investors, financial advisors and consultants dedicated to the stimulus of green energy ...

It's good to be green … and silver, and gold, and platinum
Local Tech Wire - Fort Mill,SC,USA

Financial incentives at the federal, state, and local levels are available for "green projects" and "green jobs." The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ...

Michigan must say no to dirty coal, and yes to opportunity
Detroit Free Press - United States

A new landmark report from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth called “Michigan Green Jobs Report 2009” now tells us that ...

Solar Energy Initiatives Announces Securing Land to Build up to 18 ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA

At full capacity, the solar park could generate enough green renewable energy to displace over 55600 metric tons of carbon emissions, annually, ...

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The Oil Drum | DrumBeat: June 24, 2009
By Leanan

Wells has three decades of experience in the global oil industry and during his career, he has visited Iran numerous times. Given his long experience in Iran and his deep understanding of the country's complex political situation, ... The Toledo area has been hit hard by job losses in the auto industry and is banking on more green factory jobs. Meltdown 101: Where are the renewable energy jobs? Everywhere you turn there is talk of a shift to renewable energy, ...

The Oil Drum - Discussions about... -

Voice of Vietnamese Americans: [VA c3 Board] Fwd: [Statevoices] FW ...
By Ngoc Giao

MORE ENSIGN TROUBLES -- LINKS TO FIRM WHERE HAMPTONS WORKED "Earlier today, we reported that both Hampton and his son, Brandon, landed jobs with Allegiant Air, whose CEO, Maurice Gallagher, is a major Ensign financial backer. ... CLAIM: SOLAR POWER PLANT DEVELOPERS IN CA CLAIM THEY'RE BEING PRESSURED TO USE UNION LABOR "As California moves to license dozens of huge solar power plants to meet the state's renewable energy goals, some developers contend they are being ...

Voice of Vietnamese Americans -

Environment | The Independent UK - Green energy is not a middle ...
By The Independent

Never have green concerns and measures been more important. How so? The second best reason is that this financial crisis is mild compared with the environmentally driven ones ahead. The climate crunch, the Stern report concluded, ... Renewable energy, says Professor Daniel Kammen of the University of California, Berkeley, "has been shown to generate three to five times more jobs per dollar, or yuan, invested, than comparable investments in fossil fuels". ...

Environment | The Independent UK -

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The Green Scene
Mountain Xpress - Asheville,NC,USA

The Energy Team at Asheville Green Opportunities replaced the light bulbs, ... (The nonprofit provides paid job training and placement to unemployed, ...

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A: Many types of jobs require little or no additional training and transition smoothly to the green industry _ accountants, stock clerks, security guards or electricians are all represented in the field. ... A: A study released this year by Management Information Services and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics detailed some median annual salaries: Insulation worker, $30800; recycling worker, $26400; energy audit specialist, $40300; environmental engineer, $76000; ... Burlington County... -

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