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A Open Letter To My President, Barack Obama...Sir, There is Nothing "Smart" About These Grid Plans, Here In Northern CA_Green Earl

This Is What We Get....

And This Is What We Need

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GreenEarl (GreenEarl)

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Mr. President: Please look again at expansions of the power grid,
there is little "Smart" about these grand plans. In our area, as
many as 6,000 rural homeowners and small farmers, many who
conserve and use solar themselves as an alternative energy source,
will be displaced by 600 miles x 1,000, clear cut, swatch of High
Power Transmission Lines, in Northern CA...For What. To bring
electric power, from Coal-Fired Turbines, Where? in Colorado,
Montana, Idaho, Utah. (Ten New Ones Are Being Planned). Sir we
can do better than following the same, tired, worn-out, polluting
and poisoning, GM mentality, form of power and distribution.

Please help us to think Globally...but act locally. Thank You
_Green Earl, Founder of

YESWECANSOLVEIT Obama Group, American Energy Conservation
Group, YESWECANSOLVEIT. Picken's Plan, YESWECANSOLVEIT. Producing Negawatts...Since 1981.

Please come out here and spend a day...see what these power
brokers are about to destroy...Nothing but Greed, Mr. President
,Nothing "Smart" about this grid, at all.


vinbeazel said...

Great idea GE!!!! That is...Green Earl; not the other guy...

An open letter to the president on your blog may actually find its way into his office faster than any attempt to contact him thru his appointed handlers!

Keep up the great job on the news and commentaries.

American Energy Conservation Group said...

Thanks for your comments VB._GE

Blogger said...

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