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Just Like The Hyenas and Jackals They Have Become...The Power Brokers Can Run....But They Cannot Hide_Green Earl

Northstate Residents: Look out your windows...What do you see? THIS???

OR THIS??? Just Do Something...TANC Meeting Schedule For July Below

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City can't hide from TANC's controversy

* By Record Searchlight Editorials
* Posted June 25, 2009 at midnight

Our view: The city balked at talking power lines at a League of Cities meeting, but it can't escape.

They might have been genuinely trying to avoid public confusion.

They might have wanted to keep hecklers from crashing one of the normally mellow meetings of the California League of Cities, affairs generally devoted to arcane state policy questions that affect city governments.

But it's hard to avoid the impression that Redding city officials were simply suffering a cowardly moment when they balked at having the league members discuss the TANC Transmission Project at a regional meeting originally scheduled for Redding late next month.

Instead, city officials from around the Sacramento Valley have hastily rearranged their plans and now plan to meet in the Butte County town of Paradise - keeping the angry and well-organized crowds agitating to short-circuit the project at a safe distance.

Well, maybe. Of the three potential routes that run from Shasta County south through the valley, two cross Butte County. Indeed, one spans Chico's popular Bidwell Park (a charming spot where disc golf courses stir local controversy - never mind high-voltage power lines), then traverses the city of Oroville and runs through the surrounding orchard country. Another passes through several riverside wildlife refuges and the rice-farming belt before skirting the Sutter Buttes. Either way, it's sure to make some people unhappy.

Butte County environmentalists say the proposed power-line project hasn't provoked the same backlash there that it has in our parts, but the public mood can shift quickly.

By the time the League of Cities meets in Paradise, wary Redding officials might well find they can run from the TANC controversy, but they can't hide.

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* June 25, 2009
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citizenactivist writes:

That's right..just like the Hyena's and Jackals these power brokers have become..."they can run..but they can't hide."

Interesting side note while city after city, state after state is passing renewable energy bonding measures, including yesterdays announcement that San Jose, Ca has passed a large
Green Bond measure to help finance solar installs, and Oregon behind Vermont has passed new Net Metering Laws that force the utilities to buy back power, PG&E and the rest are fighting this tooth and nail here in California.

I would ask again...What is REU's priorities toward renewable energy bond measures....Funding for TANC...Funding for new Gas-Fired Turbines.

Citizens...City Leaders, REU management...You have to ask yourself, What does every other city, county and state know that REU does not? Did Paul Hauser move to the Redding area
with a preconceived plan? Why is our truly renewable community, (near Shasta Dam) embracing the tired, old failed energy policies of the past? The same policies that helped to put GM in the tank. Why are we being put in the TANC Mr. Hauser? What did that job pay? Who...exactly who,are you working for?

It sure in H*ll is not the people of Redding, Shasta County or your PUBLIC owned utility.

And why are we passing bond measures for conventional power transmission to the bay area cities and beyond, while their city leaders are passing solar, green bonds for their citizens. What is the difference? REU_Green Earl

The entire world is watching........

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