Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Call Your Representative, Say Vote "YES" On American Clean Energy And Security Act, Repower America dot Org

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Dear Green Earl,

Call Your Representative:


Say "Vote 'yes' on American Clean Energy and Security Act." Then report your call here.

This is an extraordinary moment.

There are mere days before the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on the most unprecedented clean energy and climate legislation in our nation's history. But, our opponents have stepped up a blatant distortion campaign on TV and behind closed doors to scare Congress from taking action.

They know this vote will be close. But, what the special interests have in money and rhetoric, we have in facts and supporters like you.

Let your Representative know that you want a cleaner and stronger economy today. Urge them to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act now.

Call your Representative: 877-9-REPOWER (877-9-737-6937)

When you call, you will be given talking points and simple instructions to be connected to your Representative. Afterwards, help us coordinate our campaign by reporting your call here.

Just a few days ago, Members of Congress who oppose clean energy paraded around a map that distorts the truth about curbing carbon pollution. Not only was the analysis misleading, the computer file still listed the original author -- the coal lobby.

And another group, funded by the fossil-fuel industry, released targeted TV ads designed to drum up fear ahead of the vote.

We can't let the corporate interests fighting to keep the status quo scare us into sticking to rising fuel costs, more job losses and a continued dependence on foreign oil.

Congress has debated clean energy and the climate crisis for decades. Now is the time to act. Let's make sure the House passes this historic legislation.

Please call your Representative: 877-9-REPOWER (877-9-737-6937)

Thanks for all that you do,

Steve Bouchard

Campaign Manager


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