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Negawatts, Not Just Energy Saved, But Energy That Does Not Ever Have To Be Produced_Green Earl

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What is a negawatt? Below find An
Services Definition, which is the best example of the
word I've found. But a negawatt is actually better than just
a saved watt of electrical energy, as the dictionary result
would lead one to believe. Because when you save a watt of means you do not need it anymore, therefore it
does not even need to be produced again. I'm just saying
the effect of saving that watt has far reaching positive
results, especially when you couple it with the savings
of millions of other negawatts...they become gas-fired
turbine electrical plants that need not ever be constructed.
Green Earl

negawatt - 1 dictionary result
L'économie d'énergie
La moins chère et la plus efficace? Votre bon sens!

Main Entry: negawatt
Part of Speech: n
Definition: unused electrical watt due to energy-efficient living
Etymology: nega(tive) + watt's 21st Century Lexicon
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L'économie d'énergie
La moins chère et la plus efficace? Votre bon sens!

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