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BP Solar to use SolarEdge technology
Globes - Rishon Le-Zion,Israel

SolarEdge also teamed up with Schott Solar to design a photovoltaic panel-integrated power harvesting system. SolarEdge Technologies Ltd. has announced two ...

HOW I SEE IT: Renewable energy can satisfy US demand
Culpeper Star Exponent - Culpeper,VA,USA

The price of new renewable energy is decreasing dramatically and may soon be lower than new fossil fuel power supply. For instance, solar photovoltaic ...

Green Breaking News … Blessing Electric Goes PV Solar!
EIN News (press release) - Netherlands

What exactly is PV Solar? Photovoltaic, or PV, are electrical devices that convert light into electricity. The light can be from any source. ...

Solar Trackers: Facing the Sun
RenewableEnergyWorld.com - Peterborough,NH,USA

And, in perhaps the company's best known development, North America's largest solar photovoltaic system at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, SunPower was ...

Masdar hooks up first solar power plant to grid
XPRESS - Dubai,Dubai,United Arab Emirates

The solar photovoltaic (PV) plant will generate 10 megawatts of clean electricity and result in annual carbon savings of 15000 tonnes, according to WAM. ...

Sunday Energy, Ormat Technologies to Build Largest Solar Roof in ME
Jerusalem Post - Israel

By EHUD ZION WALDOKS Sunday Energy Ltd , the leading solar energy service provider in Israel, and Ormat Technologies, one of the world's largest geothermal ...

National pushes ahead with solar technology trials
ElectronicsWeekly.com - UK

An identical solar array fitted with power optimiser technology developed by National produced on average between 30% and 37% more electricity in the same ...

State's first 'green' house runs on its own power
Foster's Daily Democrat - Dover,NH,USA

"Arizona residents may not be using as much solar energy as they could be because
Lab on cheaper solar power to be set up

The Statesman - Kolkata,India
KOLAKTA 31 MAY: In a bid to reduce the price of photovoltaic solar cells, the Green
Energy Corporation, in collaboration with the West Bengal Science and ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar EnergyGoogle News Alert for: solar power,solar energy, solar careers, solar electric, solar pv, solar photovoltaic ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green... - http://yeswecansolveit.blogspot.com/

Solar Energy - The Future of Generating Energy For The Home
To provide solar energy for the home, solar cells called photovoltaic made from
semi-conducting materials, are grouped into modules. These solar panels are mounted on rooftops, yards or open spaces where it can capture the maximum amount ... solar power, is justified when compared to the price that is now being paid for conventional electrification method where horrendous amounts of CO2 are being dumped into the atmosphere just to generate a pitiful amount of electricity. ...

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How To Make Your Own Electricity From Solar Wind Energy
By Josee

Home solar power systems these days can run between $20 and $50 thousand depending on capacity. But there is a resource where you can learn how to make your own photovoltaic panels and your own wind turbines for under $200. ...
ArticlesInAClick - Make Money... - http://www.articlesinaclick.com/

New York Solar Energy Resources and Incentives
Local Option Solar Wind & Biomass Energy Systems Exemption ...
New York City Property Tax Abatement for PhotovoltaicPV Equipment Expenditures ...

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Veterans Green Jobs Academy Graduation Honors First Team of ...

PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA

The first team of veteran energy efficiency professionals is graduating from the Veterans Green Jobs Academy Home Energy Auditor Training (HEAT) Program and ...
UL Environment Announces Validation of First 'Green' Product Claims

PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
The launch of UL Environment Claims Validation service is yet another indicator that
energy-saving building products and green practices are becoming the ...

Cleansing Halliburton
Antiwar.com - Redwood City,CA,USA

Two weeks ago, David Lesar, CEO of the once notorious energy services corporation ... didn't “deserve to have their jobs threatened for political gain. ...

Two Indian schemes in Global green energy awards finals
By Ani

March 24th, 2009 NEW DELHI - The CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre in Hyderabad has won the 2009 international Aspen Institute Energy and Environment Awards in the NGO category, a CII spokesman said here Monday. ..... got updated gig listings up for Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore on our sidebar! www.indiecision.com; polymath22 IT Auditors at Det Norske Veritas Classification (New Delhi, IL) IT Auditors Location: New jobs #jobs #it http://launchtweet.com/t/640bC ...

The Gaea News - http://blog.taragana.com/n/
Business Monday: Movers and shapers in the business community ...

Engineering Ventures PC announced that Greg Sellers, P.E., and Paul Boisvert, P.E., of the Burlington office have achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council. ... Locklin is a member of the bank's audit and compliance department. Hale has been employed by Union Bank since November 2005. Locklin serves the bank as loan reviewer and internal auditor. she has been employed at Union Bank since August 2006, ...

burlingtonfreepress.com - Business - http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/

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Nobel laureate: Wind is not the future
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA

Wind power isn't the answer to our energy needs. I'm from Iowa and am surrounded by several wind farms. On a nearby project by ClipperWind and Florida Power ...

Business news and notes
Agri News - MN,USA
DES MOINES -- Iowa is producing so much wind energy that companies are competing to
sell the surplus. MidAmerican Energy, which has 1300 megawatts of wind ...

GE and Plutonic Power Considering Acquisition of Largest Wind ...
Stockhouse - Vancouver,BC,Canada

WT) to consider purchasing the up to 300-megawatt Dokie Ridge Wind Project, the largest wind farm project under construction in British Columbia. ...

Diamer-Basha dam to be built on time: Raja Pervez Ashraf

DAWN.com - Karachi,Pakistan

He asked the delegation to submit the detail proposal for wind power generation in Pakistan . The Minister said that Pakistan has great potential of 350000 ...

Report Recommends NY Biz Partnerships
The Gouverneur Times - Gouverneur,NY,USA

... wind power on the Great Lakes; and high speed rail. In addition to outlining specific project ideas that could be effective long-term projects, ...

Today's Glimmers of Economic Hope | The Moderate Voice

Forty percent of the company's 6000 dealers will close, the workers' union will be
forced to finance half of its $20 billion health care fund with stock of uncertain value in the restructured G.M. and bondholders, including many ... Of course, the GM bankruptcy, with the resulting job losses and other heartbreaking ripple effects, is a tragedy---a national tragedy, I would say. It is a consequence and sadly part of the economic crisis our country is presently going ...

The Moderate Voice - http://themoderatevoice.com/
Korea to hire 8000 Filipino workers until 2011 -- Intellasia.Net

s wind power projects in the Philippines. Export Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) pledged to provide up to $150 million in loans to finance wind-power projects that EWP and Alternergy will undertake in the Philippines. ...

Vietnam RSS News Feed by Intellasia.Net - http://www.intellasia.net/news/english/
UMass Amherst Office of News & Information : News Releases : After ...
James Manwell, director of the Renewable Energy Research Laboratory at UMass Amherst,
has been a trailblazer in wind energy research and teaching since the 1970s, when he first employed a small turbine atop nearby Mount Tom. ... Recent PERI research provided a blueprint for national green recovery, concluding that investing in clean energy such as wind power, solar and biofuels would result in about three times the number of jobs with good pay than conventional projects. ...

UMass Amherst News - http://www.umass.edu/

Indication of a Crummy Real Estate Agent
By Alen Lew
Subsequent to obtaining planning approval and permission for grid connection, West
Clare Renewable Energy Ltd. (WCRE) says it hopes to construct 30 3MW wind turbines on the slopes of Mount Callan, a 391-metre high mountain located between [ ...] ... 06.02.09 @ Finance. Real estate agents are known for their job in buying and selling real estate. However, there can also be some time that you only wanted to rent a certain real estate. It might be a tough job in looking for a ...

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[YESWECANSOLVEIT] Fw: [EnvironmentalistsforObama] Re: Re: Re: Biodiesel from Tobacco
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 4:44 AM
From:"Earl Allen Boek"
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Al Boek, Redding, CA.




--- On Mon, 6/1/09, Derrick Gibson wrote:

From: Derrick Gibson
Subject: [EnvironmentalistsforObama] Re: Re: Re: Biodiesel from Tobacco
To: "Environmentalists for Obama"
Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 6:26 PM

Cellulosic ethanol was the phrase I could not retrieve earlier. What
struck me about tobacco was the energy content and my curiousity was
piqued by the notion of a more powerful feed stock than corn and/or
other plants that have been considered.

I am very interested to see a comparison between the energy content of
ethanol from hemp versus tobacco.

Sent from my iPhone

On Jun 1, 2009, at 6:14 PM, ethan@oringel.com wrote:

> Forget tobacco, we should have been using bagasse from HEMP the last
> 50-some years.
> Oh yeah and the hemp seed is the most complete form of nutrition found
> in nature......
> But apparently we can't use either b/c it's a horrible drug that needs
> to be controlled by the DEA.
> Also, anything that has to be mixed with palm oil is a non-starter.
> Indonesia is currently destroying the last habitat for the Orangutan
> for the sake of ethanol for the European market.
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7084306.stm
> http://news.mongabay.com/2009/0517-orangutans_kutai.html

> Quoting "Derrick Gibson" :
>> This looks really interesting!
>> If the seeds are used for biodiesel, can the leaves be used for
>> ethanol?
>> Sent from my iPhone
>> On Jun 1, 2009, at 4:24 PM, Gregory Monberg
>> wrote:
>>> How about this? A big complaint regarding biofuels is that corn
>>> grown for ethanol increases food prices.
>>> What if the US could convert most of the non-food crops like tobacco
>>> into biodiesel for running things like trucks and school buses?
>>> One of the most common agricultural crops in the US for biodiesel
>>> currently is soy beans - but tobacco potentially has more energy
>>> than soy per acre.
>>> The United States is one of the biggest tobacco producers and
>>> exporters in the world. Imagine if we kept all that tobacco in the
>>> country to run our vehicles instead. Target federal subsidies to
>>> school districts which run their bus fleets on biodisel...
>>> http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/48784/story.htm
>>> Compared with other biofuel crops, tobacco is cheaper to grow and
>>> produces bigger yields, according to Fogher. For every hectare (2.5
>>> acres) on which it is grown, two tonnes of oil can be extracted from
>>> its seeds, about twice as much as rape or soy.
>>> As for the energy it produces, its net calorific value is 2.5
>>> percent higher than those from other biofuel crops.
>>> The oil can be used by itself for stationary motors like a power
>>> generator. As a biodiesel for vehicles, it has to be mixed with palm
>>> oil.
>>> Based in Casalmaggiore, a town near Parma where prosciutto ham is
>>> made, Plantechno will let engineers test the fuel in October by
>>> running a one-megawatt hospital power generator.

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Capping Carbon Creates Jobs, Citizen! Here's How! - Mises ...
By Thomas E. Woods

(That is why significant financial subsidies and point-of-the-gun government mandates are generally required for renewable energy resources to be utilized.) With individuals and businesses spending more for the same amount of electricity, .... Bob Murphy has already made an excellent post on "The Myth of Green Jobs". Someone at the conference had a great counter along the following lines: The purpose of a power plant is to produce electricity (in a cost-effective manner). ...

Recent Comments on Mises Economics Blog - http://blog.mises.org/blog/
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: After GM and Chrysler Bankruptcies ...
By Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

Now and for the past five years, we are laboring to position ourselves to help lead the green industrial revolution. We adopted our own energy policy to create demand for renewables. We restructured utility incentives to deploy efficiency. ... We restructured our workforce training to provide the skills for green jobs. We are targeting our competitive strengths. And, now, we're no longer going it alone. We have a president whose energy policies will put Michigan's efforts ...

The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/theblog/
African American Political Opinion: Obama Might Need to Show ID in ...
By The Hutchinson Political Report
Negotiated with President Barack Obama's transition team, the plan - a.k.a. Stimulus
II or ARRP - is an important first step to halt the downward economic spiral triggered by last fall's financial meltdown. ... is $52 billion for various " green jobs" programs from weatherizing public buildings (see related story) and homes to reduce energy demand, to developing a "smart" electric power grid that is both more reliable and better able to transmit clean, renewable energy. ...

African American Political Opinion - http://aapoliticalopinion.blogspot.com/


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* Car loses all four wheels on highway (Reuters)
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Groom drinks too much at wedding, dies (Reuters)
Reuters - A Taiwanese groom died on his wedding day after having too much wine and beer to drink, police and local media said Monday.

China puts a stop to snake-bitten cock-in-a-pot (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Chinese health authorities are putting a stop to restaurants serving chickens which have been bitten to death by poisonous snakes and cooked up for a supposedly detoxing meal.

Blonde therapy lifts spirits in crisis-hit Latvia (AFP) Top
AFP - Several hundred blondes marched through the Latvian capital Riga Sunday in a bid cheer up the crisis-hit Baltic nation, suffering the worst recession in the 27-member EU.

Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Swiss holiday resort is offering mountain-cleaning courses after an April fools spoof caught the imagination of a nation known for its cleanliness, the tourism board said Thursday.

Warship fires on village by mistake (Reuters) Top
Reuters - The Russian navy said on Friday that one of its anti-submarine ships had fired artillery at a village by mistake, state RIA news agency reported.

Canadian TV rapped for Obama assassination joke (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Canada's public broadcaster was wrong to show a skit that joked about the possible assassination of U.S. President Barack Obama and suggested he could be a thief, an industry panel ruled on Monday.

Cancer patient held at airport for missing fingerprint (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Singapore cancer patient was held for four hours by immigration officials in the United States when they could not detect his fingerprints -- which had apparently disappeared because of a drug he was taking.

Conn. bride rescues family from house fire (AP) Top
AP - A Connecticut family was saved from a house fire by a newlywed who rushed inside through thick smoke while wearing her wedding gown.

Everglades swamped with invading pythons (Reuters) Top
Reuters - The population of Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades may have grown to as many as 150,000 as the non-native snakes make a home and breed in the fragile wetlands, officials said on Thursday.

Car loses all four wheels on highway (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A car traveling on a motorway in Switzerland lost all four wheels simultaneously, coming to an immediate halt in the middle of the highway, police said on Saturday.

High-roller has bad feng shui in US casino: report (AFP) Top
AFP - A Taiwanese man who lost two million US dollars in Las Vegas is threatening to sue the casino for using feng shui to cause his losing streak, a report here said.

Car loses all four wheels on highway (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A car travelling on a motorway in Switzerland lost all four wheels simultaneously, coming to an immediate halt in the middle of the highway, police said on Saturday.

China puts a stop to snake-bitten cock-in-a-pot (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Chinese health authorities are putting a stop to restaurants serving chickens which have been bitten to death by poisonous snakes and cooked up for a supposedly detoxing meal.

Japan's Kobayashi beats Chestnut in eating rematch (AP) Top
AP - In a chewy chow-lenge, Takeru Kobayashi outlasted Joey Chestnut when the eating titans faced off to see who could devour the most pizzas.

Modern Romeos and Juliets can tie knot in Verona (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A modern-day Romeo finally got his girl Monday when the northern Italian city of Verona opened up the balcony where Juliet pined for her lover as a venue for weddings.

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