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REGION: Official warns against wimpy solar goal
North County Times - Californian - Escondido,CA,USA

"Northern California is cloudy half the year, but PG&E somehow managed to install almost five times the amount of PV (photovoltaic solar power) as sunny San ...

Chinese solar stocks soar as earnings plummet
New York Times - United States

A blog about energy, the environment and the bottom line. This month, most major Chinese suppliers of polysilicon feedstock and solar photovoltaic equipment ...

PG&E Tops 2008 SEPA Rankings - Huntington Station,NY,USA

Historically, the solar power market has been dominated by customer-driven installations. "Residential and commercial photovoltaic projects will continue to ...

Tucson takes advantage of solar subsidy program
EnergyCurrent - Houston,TX,USA

... Tucson Electric Power's (TEP) SunShare program to help fund seven new photovoltaic arrays that will add more than 1 MW to the city's solar generating ...

Peirce: A German city is emerging as a world class energy-saver
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA

Germany as a whole is following the Freiburg lead, investing billions in photovoltaic research to become one of the world leaders in solar panel production ...

DOE Selects EPIR and Sunovia's Cadmium Telluride on Silicon Solar ...
PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA

Sunovia's primary lines of business are advanced, cost-effective concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) and flat panel solar systems that employ patented cadmium ...

Concentrated Solar Power Could Generate 25% of the World's ...
CleanTechnica - San Francisco,CA,USA

The reaction creates steam that turns turbines and generates electricity. Unlike photovoltaic solar panels, CSP only works in places with reliable sunny ...

Environment News Service
Obama Invests $467M in Solar and Geothermal Development

Environment News Service - USA

DOE will invest $51.5 million in advanced photovoltaic concepts and high impact technologies, with the aim of making solar energy cost-competitive with ...

Obama promotes clean energy, stimulus in Nevada
The Associated Press

The president planned to tour the "photovoltaic array" at Nellis Air Force Base, near

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Copper Mountain Solar Plant when completed will Boast 1 Million ...
By admin
(167,000 Collectors Existing)

The combined 58-MW installation would become the largest operational photovoltaic solar-power facility in North America. Together with the existing 167000 photovoltaic panels at the adjacent 10-MW facility, which was completed late last ... Upon completion, the project, called Copper Mountain Solar, will be capable of generating 48 MW of power, or enough electricity to supply more than 30000 homes.”We look forward to continuing our efforts to help western utilities meet ...

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Solar How To: Discover The Benefits Of Solar Energy - Inside ...
By admin

The photovoltaic (PV) cells used in creating solar energy were developed for use in space. PV cells power most of the satellites that orbit the earth, primarily because of their reliability. Maintenance is generally not required on ... A small scale solar water heater costs $500 to $1500 on average, depending on size and required power. Some households have implemented solar power generators for specific rooms in their homes. You Can Do An Electric Truck Conversion (4) ...

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Getting 'green'
Lawrence Journal World - Lawrence,KS,USA

As noted in this space earlier this week, it seems that an energy audit would ... and jobs for many people with disabilities — all at no cost to the city. ...

Strategic Composites to Create 600 Green Jobs in Ohio ...
By Erik Even

Strategic Composites will open a wind turbine blade plant in the Dayton, Ohio area, creating up to 600 jobs. The firm is looking for two buildings to occupy,
EmploymentSpectator -

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

Google News Alert for: energy auditor, Green Jobs, Training, Services, CQ Transcript: Education Secretary Duncan Speaks About Education ... - Washington,DC,USA My job is to listen to them, to invest in them, ...

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Officials mum about job creation plan
Muncie Star Press - Muncie,IN,USA

Delaware County hopes to entice a company to create wind-and-solar-powered
Spirit of Ireland plans energy transformation

Sunday Business Post - Dublin,Ireland
That will mean getting the full support from the government, the public and finance

RP, Korea ink 6 pacts
Philippine Star - Manila,Philippines

s wind power projects in the Philippines. The Export Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM) has

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Officials mum about job creation plan | | The ...
MUNCIE -- Delaware County officials hope to create more than 100 jobs
-- as well as a wind-and-solar-powered lighting system for a local business park -- by offering a company $1.5 million in tax. ... Officials -- who are tightlipped about the plan -- will meet beginning Tuesday to earmark revenue from the Morrison Road Tax Increment Financing District, which runs along Morrison north of McGalliard Road, for the plan. Terry Murphy, vice president for economic development ... - Local News -

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Commentary: New tax credit program gives communities chance to renew'
McClatchy Washington Bureau - Washington,DC,USA

They are planning to build renewable energy projects, charter schools, health care facilities, manufacturing companies and retail centers. ...

Press Release - Angara eyes "green campuses" to fight climate change
Many governments have packaged a green economic stimulus, tying economic-recovery plans with promoting renewable energy (RE) and green jobs," said Angara who chairs the Senate Committee on Finance. ... Let's include them in our overall national green agenda. Creating green campuses will translate the Filipinos' keen awareness of global warming into careers that will not only propel the country toward the clean-energy industry, but also promote a sustainable and ...

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HOWIEINSEATTLE: "Framing Issues In Terms of Jobs, Security: How ...
By Howard Martin

Now, four months into his presidency, Obama has elevated energy and climate issues to near the top of his agenda; he's made them pop by packaging them as ways to create "green" jobs and reduce U.S. dependence on imports of foreign oil. ... February's stimulus act lavished money on projects for renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy research. This month, the White House announced that it had negotiated corporate, state and environmentalist support for higher ...


The Oil Drum | DrumBeat: May 31, 2009
By Leanan

UK won't hit its target for renewables. BRITAIN is failing to green its economy, according to previously unpublished reports from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The internal forecasts show that by 2020 the UK will ..... wise even business will benefit from being equal distances from customers and employees.With employees changes jobs and careers several times in a life time spending hrs commuting is not a quality of life that most people strive for. ...

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* Japan's Kobayashi beats Chestnut in eating rematch (AP)
* Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks (Reuters)
* Warship fires on village by mistake (Reuters)
* Ore. man accused of trying to burn post office (AP)
* Cancer patient held at airport for missing fingerprint (Reuters)
* High-roller has bad feng shui in US casino: report (AFP)
* Iraqi teen tackles maths puzzle, but not the first: university (AFP)
* What could possibly go wrong? (Reuters)
* Accused reckless driver allegedly kicks troopers (AP)
* White tiger kills zoo keeper (Reuters)
* Pink dolphin a standout in La. shipping channel (AP)

Japan's Kobayashi beats Chestnut in eating rematch (AP) Top
AP - In a chewy chow-lenge, Takeru Kobayashi outlasted Joey Chestnut when the eating titans faced off to see who could devour the most pizzas.

Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Swiss holiday resort is offering mountain-cleaning courses after an April fools spoof caught the imagination of a nation known for its cleanliness, the tourism board said Thursday.

Warship fires on village by mistake (Reuters)
Reuters - The Russian navy said on Friday that one of its anti-submarine ships had fired artillery at a village by mistake, state RIA news agency reported.

Ore. man accused of trying to burn post office (AP) Top
AP - A man accused of trying to burn down a post office to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has been charged with attempted arson. The Register-Guard newspaper reported a 45-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in front of the post office holding a beer, a hammer and a propane torch.

Cancer patient held at airport for missing fingerprint (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Singapore cancer patient was held for four hours by immigration officials in the United States when they could not detect his fingerprints -- which had apparently disappeared because of a drug he was taking.

High-roller has bad feng shui in US casino: report (AFP) Top
AFP - A Taiwanese man who lost two million US dollars in Las Vegas is threatening to sue the casino for using feng shui to cause his losing streak, a report here said.

Iraqi teen tackles maths puzzle, but not the first: university (AFP) Top
AFP - A 16-year-old Iraqi immigrant, who figured out a solution to a complex maths puzzle, was not the first person to come up with a successful formula, Sweden's Uppsala University said in a statement Thursday.

What could possibly go wrong? (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Close to 200 prisoners will cycle around France next month, watched by scores of guards on bicycles, in the first penal version of the Tour de France, authorities said Monday.

Accused reckless driver allegedly kicks troopers (AP) Top
AP - Oregon State Police arrested a 27-year-old woman accused of driving recklessly and kicking a state trooper in the face. The woman was in the Multnomah County Jail on charges of reckless driving, driving under the influence, attempting to elude an officer and assaulting an officer.

White tiger kills zoo keeper (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A rare white tiger mauled and killed a New Zealand zoo keeper Wednesday, local media said.

Pink dolphin a standout in La. shipping channel (AP) Top
AP - What's pink, has red eyes and leaps around a Louisiana shipping channel long enough for you to believe your eyes? A rare albino bottlenose dolphin. Bottlenose dolphins are common in the lower Calcasieu Ship Channel, feeding in the deep water and riding on top of boats' waves. And when the pink one jumps amid four dark gray dolphins, it's easy to spot.

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