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Become a Certified Energy Auditor and Instruct Others To
Do The Same...Nationwide Opportunities For Graduates Of
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News Release...June 03, 2009, San Francisco, CA

Earl Allen Boek, A.K.A., GREEN EARL, Founder of:
Yeswecansolveit Obama Group
Yeswecansolveit Picken's Plan
Yeswecansolveit Blogspot

American Energy Conservation Group
Producing Negawatts.....Since 1981

Announced today the pre-launch of AECG's nationwide energy
auditor online and live auditor training programs. Interested
parties are asked to contact Mr. Boek, regarding reservations
for their state.

"With our thirty year history of success in the industry of
conservation and solar generation, our projects have operated
trouble-free now for 3 decades. I feel our company is well-
positioned to play a roll, if not a major roll, in the educa-
tion and training and certification of anyone wanting a
gateway to this new Green Career Industry. Our financing,
product and equipment suppliers, L.E.E.D. certified consulting
partners and nationwide install base, and marketing experience
will be the icing on the cake for those graduating our training
programs"._Green Earl

Contact: Al Boek, 530-549-4315 AmericanEnergy@FrontierNet.Net


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Colo. academy to graduate green job trainees
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA

Calling it a continuation of their service to their country, ... new Veterans Green Jobs Academy Tuesday with training to work as home energy auditors. ...
Veterans turn energy toward helping community - Denver,CO,USA

They recently completed an eight-week Home Energy Auditor Training (HEAT) ... Veterans Green Jobs was created by Brett KenCairn who once helped displaced ...

Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green Careers, Renewable Energy Lease ...
By American Energy Conservation Group

New York City Property Tax Abatement for PhotovoltaicPV Equipment Expenditures ... Google News Alert for: energy auditor, Green Jobs, Training, Services, Veterans Green Jobs Academy Graduation Honors First Team of . ...
Solar, Wind, Conservation, Green... -

By DenverCommunityNewspapers

Today's ceremony included the Veterans Green Jobs Academy 's first team of 15 veteran energy efficiency professionals who completed the 8-week education program. This first class completed the Academy's Home Energy Auditor Training ...
billritterwatch -

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Rooftop solar just a small part of energy solution, experts say
Sacramento Bee - CA, USA

He suggests that another solar technology – "solar thermal" – might be less expensive. While photovoltaic systems are generally used in home projects, solar ...

Masdar City 10MW Solar Plant Completed
Reuters - USA

The 212000 square meter (55 acre) solar system is comprised of 87777 photovoltaic modules and will produce 17500 MWh of clean energy each year that will be ...

FACTBOX: What is thin-film solar power?
Reuters - USA

*In 2008, thin film represented about 20 percent of the photovoltaic solar market, or about 1.16 gigawatts. *Three technologies fall under the thin film ...

Renewable feed-in tariff could include large-scale PV projects ...
Creamer Media's Engineering News - Garden View,South Africa

A study by climate change and sustainable development consultancy Camco has indicated that large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power projects (over 1 MW) ...

Solar power subsidy may prove expensive
Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India

“Solar PV (photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity) costs have stagnated in the past 10-12 years. Currently, if you try to raise ...

Going green: Why Germany has the inside track to lead a new ...
Nanowerk LLC - Honolulu,HI,USA

Germany also has an installed base of 3830 megawatts of photovoltaic cells, making the country a world leader in solar power as well, despite its famously ...

Tides of Commerce
Maui News - Wailuku,HI,USA

Hawaiian Electric Co. was seventh, with 3.54 MW. But when it came to penetration - the proportion of solar to total capacity - smaller utilities in Hawaii ...

Best Syndication
Learn How Easy it is to Build Solar Panels
Best Syndication - Pinon Hills,CA,USA

Finding photovoltaic or solar cells is also an easy task. You can buy them from local stores or you can order them online. Once you master the process of ...

Solar Living Institute Offers Green Job Training: Preparing At ...
For over 10 years, the Institute has been providing hands-on training in solar
photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and green building. Located in Hopland, California, ... In a collaborative effort with non-profit and government agencies in Richmond, California, the Solar Living Institute trained 75 Richmond minority residents aged 18-35 for careers as solar installers. According to Welsh, "At least eight of the ...
Suite101: Science & Nature Articles -

By Herman K. Trabish

A baseball subplot compares the growth of the oil business to the growth of baseball, a fascinating reflection of our current president's personal career. There is an unforgettable image near the center of the story: International oil entrepreneurs ... "Energy generated by the PV panels will partially offset the electricity needs of Georgia Power's corporate headquarters. Each test technology will be capable of producing approximately four kilowatts. Four of the solar ...
NewEnergyNews More -

Google News Alert for: wind, wind careers, wind projects, wind financing, wind jobs

Nobel laureate: Wind is not the future
CNET News - San Francisco,CA,USA

Wind power isn't the answer to our energy needs. I'm from Iowa and am surrounded by several wind farms. On a nearby project by ClipperWind and Florida Power ...

Business news and notes
Agri News - MN,USA
DES MOINES -- Iowa is producing so much wind energy that companies are competing to
sell the surplus. MidAmerican Energy, which has 1300 megawatts of wind ...

GE and Plutonic Power Considering Acquisition of Largest Wind ...
Stockhouse - Vancouver,BC,Canada
WT) to consider purchasing the up to 300-megawatt Dokie Ridge Wind Project, the
largest wind farm project under construction in British Columbia. ...
Diamer-Basha dam to be built on time: Raja Pervez Ashraf - Karachi,Pakistan

He asked the delegation to submit the detail proposal for wind power generation in Pakistan . The Minister said that Pakistan has great potential of 350000 ...

Report Recommends NY Biz Partnerships
The Gouverneur Times - Gouverneur,NY,USA
... wind power on the Great Lakes; and high speed rail. In addition to outlining
specific project ideas that could be effective long-term projects, ...

Today's Glimmers of Economic Hope | The Moderate Voice

Forty percent of the company's 6000 dealers will close, the workers' union will be forced to finance half of its $20 billion health care fund with stock of uncertain value in the restructured G.M. and bondholders, including many ... Of course, the GM bankruptcy, with the resulting job losses and other heartbreaking ripple effects, is a tragedy---a national tragedy, I would say. It is a consequence and sadly part of the economic crisis our country is presently going ...
The Moderate Voice -

Korea to hire 8000 Filipino workers until 2011 -- Intellasia.Net
s wind power projects in the Philippines. Export Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) pledged to provide up to $150 million in loans to finance wind-power projects that EWP and
Alternergy will undertake in the Philippines. ...

Vietnam RSS News Feed by Intellasia.Net -
UMass Amherst Office of News & Information : News Releases : After ...
James Manwell, director of the Renewable Energy Research Laboratory at UMass Amherst,
has been a trailblazer in wind energy research and teaching since the 1970s, when he first employed a small turbine atop nearby Mount Tom. ... Recent PERI research provided a blueprint for national green recovery, concluding that investing in clean energy such as wind power, solar and biofuels would result in about three times the number of jobs with good pay than conventional projects. ...

UMass Amherst News -
Indication of a Crummy Real Estate Agent
By Alen Lew

Subsequent to obtaining planning approval and permission for grid connection, West Clare Renewable Energy Ltd. (WCRE) says it hopes to construct 30 3MW wind turbines on the slopes of Mount Callan, a 391-metre high mountain located between [ ...] ... 06.02.09 @ Finance. Real estate agents are known for their job in buying and selling real estate. However, there can also be some time that you only wanted to rent a certain real estate. It might be a tough job in looking for a ...
Irish Article Directory -

N Yahoo! Alerts

The latest from Yahoo! News: Most Emailed - Odd News

* Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks (Reuters)
* Cancer patient held at airport for missing fingerprint (Reuters)
* US fearful flier becomes frequent flier (AFP)
* Conn. bride helps save neighbors from burning home (AP)
* UK-Odd Summary (Reuters)
* Everglades swamped with invading pythons (Reuters)
* Japan's Kobayashi beats Chestnut in eating rematch (AP)
* Warship fires on village by mistake (Reuters)
* Iraqi teen tackles maths puzzle, but not the first: university (AFP)
* Pa. couple both charged with DUI after 1 car crash (AP)
* Chavez' marathon TV show cut short (Reuters)
* High-roller has bad feng shui in US casino: report (AFP)
* Guilt-ridden New Yorker returns stolen rock to Israel (AFP)
* Burn armed robbers, says Guinea crime chief (Reuters)
* Modern Romeos and Juliets can tie knot in Verona (Reuters)
* Man angry at solicitor fires rifle, hits own car (AP)
* Man banned from all NH Dunkin Donuts after theft (AP)
* Former "TV ratings king" under arrest (Reuters)
* Store owner gives would-be robber bread and $40 (AP)

Swiss cleaning bug reaches new peaks (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Swiss holiday resort is offering mountain-cleaning courses after an April fools spoof caught the imagination of a nation known for its cleanliness, the tourism board said Thursday.

Cancer patient held at airport for missing fingerprint (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A Singapore cancer patient was held for four hours by immigration officials in the United States when they could not detect his fingerprints -- which had apparently disappeared because of a drug he was taking.

US fearful flier becomes frequent flier (AFP) Top
AFP - A New York comedian afraid of flying left Monday on a journey that will make him a frequent -- almost permanent -- flier.

Conn. bride helps save neighbors from burning home (AP) Top
AP - Georgette Fogarty-Clemons was heading home from her wedding Sunday evening, looking forward to relaxing with a few friends. Her friend was driving slowly because they had some leftover cake in the car, along with hydrangeas and lilies still in water.

UK-Odd Summary (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A modern-day Romeo finally got his girl Monday when the northern Italian city of Verona opened up the balcony where Juliet pined for her lover as a venue for weddings. The 13th century mansion of the Cappello family -- believed to be the Capulets of William Shakespeare's tragic play "Romeo and Juliet" -- has for years been a place of pilgrimage for lovers worldwide, who have scrawled love messages on its walls.

Everglades swamped with invading pythons (Reuters) Top
Reuters - The population of Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades may have grown to as many as 150,000 as the non-native snakes make a home and breed in the fragile wetlands, officials said on Thursday.

Japan's Kobayashi beats Chestnut in eating rematch (AP) Top
AP - In a chewy chow-lenge, Takeru Kobayashi outlasted Joey Chestnut when the eating titans faced off to see who could devour the most pizzas.

Warship fires on village by mistake (Reuters) Top
Reuters - The Russian navy said on Friday that one of its anti-submarine ships had fired artillery at a village by mistake, state RIA news agency reported.

Iraqi teen tackles maths puzzle, but not the first: university (AFP) Top
AFP - A 16-year-old Iraqi immigrant, who figured out a solution to a complex maths puzzle, was not the first person to come up with a successful formula, Sweden's Uppsala University said in a statement Thursday.

Pa. couple both charged with DUI after 1 car crash (AP) Top
AP - A western Pennsylvania husband and wife will enter a first-time offender program after both were charged with drunken driving in connection with the same car crash.

Chavez' marathon TV show cut short (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had promised a four-day marathon edition of his widely watched weekly television talkshow, but unspecified technical problems threw the plans awry this weekend.

High-roller has bad feng shui in US casino: report (AFP) Top
AFP - A Taiwanese man who lost two million US dollars in Las Vegas is threatening to sue the casino for using feng shui to cause his losing streak, a report here said.

Guilt-ridden New Yorker returns stolen rock to Israel (AFP) Top
AFP - A guilt-ridden New Yorker has returned a massive marble stone he took from an excavation site in Jerusalem's Old City 12 years ago, Israel's Antiquities Authority said on Tuesday.

Burn armed robbers, says Guinea crime chief (Reuters) Top
Reuters - Guinean citizens should burn any armed robbers they catch to avoid filling the country's prisons, the military government's anti-crime chief said Tuesday.

Modern Romeos and Juliets can tie knot in Verona (Reuters) Top
Reuters - A modern-day Romeo finally got his girl Monday when the northern Italian city of Verona opened up the balcony where Juliet pined for her lover as a venue for weddings.

Man angry at solicitor fires rifle, hits own car (AP) Top
AP - A door-to-door solicitor apparently rubbed a Michigan man the wrong way, prompting him to grab a rifle and fire two shots — one of which hit his own car. Police said the 20-year-old apparently was intoxicated when the solicitor paid a visit Monday afternoon. In irritation, they said he fired once inside and once outside the suburban Detroit house.

Man banned from all NH Dunkin Donuts after theft (AP) Top
AP - A Portsmouth, N.H., man was given a suspended 60-day jail sentence for stealing an $8.29 bag of coffee — and he's been banned from all the Dunkin' Donuts in town. Matthew Anderson, 20, pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor count of shoplifting. He admitted going into a Dunkin' Donuts, placing two bags of coffee under his shirt, and leaving one behind after an employee confronted him, The Portsmouth Herald reported.

Former "TV ratings king" under arrest (Reuters) Top
Reuters - He was mad as hell and he wasn't going to take it any more. So, police said Monday, an entertainer who used to be Israel's most popular television star hired thugs to beat up two TV network executives and an agent who shot down his pitch for a comeback.

Store owner gives would-be robber bread and $40 (AP) Top
AP - A Long Island convenience store owner confronted by a bat-wielding would-be robber said Tuesday he decided to show mercy on the man after he collapsed in tears claiming he was only committing the crime to support his starving family.

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