Thursday, September 24, 2009

VINYL DESIGNS, INC, Sacramento's Window and Siding Company, Be Careful What Company You Put Your Hardwork, Faith and Trust In_By Green Earl (St. Matthew Chp 7 Verse 6)

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

It used to amaze me, and frankly still does, the number
of people that are able to stay in business year after
year, in spite of their actions, or in-actions in this

Over thirty years ago, fresh out of college, on the G.I.
Bill, working as the top advertising display man for
my local Howard Scripps newspaper chain. (I actually
worked, fast track, for three major national corporations
before I was thirty years old.)

But it would amaze me when I would go to a company to pickup
their monthly ads, required to maintain their monthly
contractual agreements with the paper's, (these contacts
helped to maintain the monopolys these newspapers once
enjoyed, before the internet) It was crazy to me the little
amount of thought and preparation that advertisers would
give to their advertising and marketing, sometimes in the
several thousands of dollars a month range. It seemed to
me these folks, in these days, and they were, making money
in spite of themselves. The company mentioned above, The
Vinyl Designs, Inc company of Sacramento, or just such a

A little known fact about me, Green Earl, is before my
newspaper career, I had worked and paid my own way
through high school, cooking and running restaurants, I
guess I managed maybe 7 and owned two of them, but as
a relief cook, I worked in many more. These were high
volume, high customer service positions, but after years
of doing it...I realized I was starting to develop a
certain distaste for some of my customers, not all, but
some of them were starting to get under my skin.

My career in the food industry ended when in Redwood City
at a Pizza and Pipes, Piped Music Zoo, on a busy night,
I nearly fed one of my customers his pizza, the entire
thing, whole.

I realized right then and there, it was time for me to
do something else. Like the Sentry Dogs we trained for
action in Vietnam, I had had too much agitation training.

The the point of this post is...I believe the owners of
Vinyl Designs and maybe a inside support person or two,
has reached this high level of agitation and perhaps
they should consider doing something else for a living
instead. Maybe Pizzas!

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