Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vinyl Designs, Inc, Sacramento's Most Unfair Window and Siding Company_By Green Earl

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Following find a letter written to Vinyl Designs, Inc Owners and
Management, Steve the owner says he's seen a hundred sales people
just like me...

I'm still betting he has not_Green Earl
Steve the owner of VD cannot understand, why anyone as broke
as me, could think so much of themselves..Well, I have been
broke before and rich a couple of times...You can fix broke
stupid his harder.

My money owed...

Thursday, September 24, 2009 8:07:24 AM
Earl Allen Boek [Chat now]
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Steve, Leslie and Richard:

Let me be very clear as to what I want. Until now, the people
that love and trust me, that supported my efforts in Sacramento
and I have borne the brunt of Steve's and Leslie's foolishness.
No More.

Notice if you will...Do a Google Search, Over 50% of all
searches on companies like yours are done on Google, and more
and more people do these searches everyday, now, before
they buy from contractors, especially home improvement. I
pioneered one of the first contractor pre-screening companies
in the nation, way before there was an internet...

Now do a search on Google, on your company and start reading
the company reviews on your outfit. Notice there have been
some recent additions by me. All true comments on my part.
As an act of good faith, post on my blog had been removed,
they are now being added, several a day now and soon will
start replacing some of your page one Google Generic results
as my blog has just as good and high of a result on Google
Search as say the result. You'll see, as
these new blog post go up...

Bottom line, your comment, Steve to Rich, "I'm not hurting
for money." is about to change as more and more potential
customers read your press and these reviews...and you deserve

Now, after you verify the lose of say a hundred or so thousand,
and the lose of what I expect to be numberous jobs by your top
sales agents. Maybe you'll get real...or maybe you'll do the
smart thing and just settle the matter now, as I attempted to
do, early on.

It appears that you intend to not honor the commitment your
sales manager made to me if I fronted (and I did over
100 hours) my time and money (and I did, nearly $1200-1500
by my calculations) and covered your fair booth. For nearly
a week prior to the fair, Rich told me several times, he did
not know if the booth was covered. Each time I told him I
would cover it however and whenever needed.

No surprise then when Rich told me I would be the only sales
person there and he wanted me to get all the self-generated
leads possible to help me get financially "well". I claim
about 12 for my first three full days...I am no pig.

Now, through no fault of my own, that promise made to me,
became muddied up a bit when you added lead people, paid by
the hour, to also cover the booth.

The first 3 deals written, I was present and available in
the booth, as I promised I would be, and I consider these
all self-generated leads. I don't give a rat's ass what
you call them, or how you figure them now.

I want a break down of my first job, and all monies owed,
as promised now.

I want a break down of my second job, and all monies owned,
as promised, (before, verbally 1/2 up front) and now, by
contract, upon completion. No leads have been stolen or
written, so don't even try to go there Steve.) All materials
including your price books and pitch books were returned
as well.

If Richard is enjoying the digital Kodak I pawned with him
for $200 he may keep it, if not, please return it, in good
working order and deduct $200 from the completed job.

Feel free to estimate and pay me what I'm owed now, or just
keep dogging me...and take your sweet time. The more time
I have to wait, the more time I have to post our entire
relationship online.

Al Boek, Redding, CA.

_Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

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