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A Message from Lynn Tilton, New Owner of Rand McNally

Dear Green Earl:

Thank you for shopping with our companies. As the new owner of Rand McNally, I am proud to lead this great American brand and I appreciate your loyalty and patronage.

I write to ask for your support for an important initiative that will save jobs in America and help revive our economy. We are living in difficult economic times. And although the stock market has recovered, tens of millions of Americans are without work and hundreds of thousands more are losing jobs each month. Sadly, much of these job losses could have been prevented.

As a consequence of the financial crisis, many small and midsized companies, SMEs, have lost access to loans from the banks upon which they have long depended to fund their operations. Without credit, these companies have little choice but to lay off workers or to close their doors forever.

While Wall Street has received billions in bailouts from Washington, SMEs, the companies that employ the majority of Americans, continue to suffer under the burden of Wall Street mistakes. I have proposed a new program that would apply certain government funds set aside for Wall Street bailouts to a program dedicated to saving jobs by encouraging private investors to make rescue loans.

Please visit our website, Here you can learn more about the program and help me make the concept an American reality. I genuinely believe that this program will provide the most direct and immediate solution to turning job loss to job creation and rebuilding the industrial base of America.

With deep appreciation,

Lynn Tilton

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