Thursday, September 24, 2009

VINYL DESIGNS, INC, Sacramento's Window and Siding Company Awarded Green Earl's CHICKEN SHIT OUTFIT AWARD, BUYER BEWARE!

You know that the soft fuzzy stuff underneath the chickens
butt is called "Fluff" We have designed this award to sort of
help you see through all that "Fluff"

Solar, Wind, Bio, Energy News And Commentary By_Green Earl, 30 year Pioneer In Conservation & Solar Energy

Just announcing Green Earl's first ever (in three decades)
CHICKEN SHIT OUTFIT AWARD Goes out to the owners and managers...

of VINYL DESIGNS, INC. located at 5433 Stationers Way,
Sacramento, CA 95842. We've included a direct link to their
site above in the title of this blog so there can be no mistake
of exactly who has won (really earned) this prestigious award.

Please note: You may not actually see this award up there in
a frame next to his others, because I've timed the actual
presentation to co-inside with the presentation of my final
check estimated at several thousand, being presented to me,
Now based on the result of my first job commission check due,
I would say the odds of that happening, in any fair way, are
poor to none._Green Earl

Come back soon...Much more to say on this topic.

Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

Please Note: Yes, I really do get up this early in the morning
to jot down post in this blog. Usually post like this are already
completed before I say my morning prayer. Go Figure.

If you do a Google Search on this company understand, great care
and expense goes into their fluff presentation, by them and their
advertisers. An earlier post here now goes to a dead link, as I
removed it at the request of Vinyl Designs sales manager Mr.
Richard Arnett. With several request for a breakdown on my first
sold and now completed job, nearly 3 weeks ago, I now figure Rich
is part of the fluff of this company. At first, he gives the outfit
a professional tone and certain degree of realism, fluff that is
soon seen through, once you have any dealings with the owners and some of the staff.

I wrote several brief reviews of the company and noticed their
promoters, and these sites quickly removed them, so you would
not know the truth, see through all the fluff, of this company.

So I'll be using this site for that purpose. If your reading
this review, you'll see it's rated pretty high, and regarded
higher in the search engines than some of their other FLUFF
sites being used. GE

I figure after Stephen and Leslie Kuhlke (is that Hawiian?)
and their sales force lose $100K or so..when I expose the
entire truth about this big Fluffy Outfit, here on these
pages, I figure they'll get real with me..Who knows it
may take more, Like Steve said to Rich..when I asked for
my check.."Let him wait, I'm not hurting for money."

Of course your not Steve, your living off the sweat and
blood of your sales force and your customers and God knows
who else!

Note: I have just been threatened with possible legal action.
I guess they don't remember how broke I was and still am, after
working for them for free. No matter, Please be advised my
official company name is General Acquisition, LLC DBA in
Shasta County as American Energy Conservation Group. But hey,

I've got a great idea Leslie, instead of threatening me with
legal action, hiring an attorney and what not...Why not just
pay me and forget about it, like I intend to forget about you?
It'll cost you about 1/10th of the legal fee_GE

It's only fair to mention, I have also been promised the break-
down of my first job, by mail, it was sent back to them, and
although I asked their sales manager (twice) about
one thought it was very important until now, also no mention
of my check, only the breakdown, this should get interesting
soon, if your bored._GE

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