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[EnvironmentalistsforObama] Re: Re: Re: Obama- Soft on Climate?

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To: Green Earl Member of Environmentalists for Obama

Thanks Laura for citing the Environment benefit of Obama's
Economy stimulating "cash-for-clunkers" program. It
swapped 680,000 cars averaging 15 MPG for cars getting 25
MPG. That saves millions of gallons of imported petroleum,
and reduces autos' CO2 emissions, slowing Global Warming.
Synergism- What a smart President!

Rob [bob-pol] Caring is the Key to Life - Health Care for
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On Sep 23, 2009, at 11:15 AM, Laura Mauney

> Whoa - thanks for the perspective - this is just what I
needed to read. I will wait for a chance to see that speech
myself, being tired of media distortions and quests for
intrigue where there is none. I wonder sometimes why the TV
news people don't just give us the facts, the way old-timey
journalists used to do. What shocked me about the "soft"
report was the exclusion of the progress made so far, just
in the months since

> Pres. Obama was inaugurated.

Over half a million gas guzzling, polluting cars permanently
off the road, for one thing, will make a big difference overtime,
as will the many other pro-healthy-climate changes that are
already works in progress - it may take Pres Obama all 8 years to
get everything passed and intelligent policies at last permanently
in place, but the work is finally moving in the right direction
and scientifically, I suspect way more than the proverbial 7 will
be required to fix the climate problem.

> Thanks again, Laura M.
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>> This Presidency, with the Financial Industry's collapse and
>> Healthcare failure, has turned out to be an artillary GAUNTLET.
Now the RIGHT wants to protect the profits of the private
insurers, and the LEFT wants an affordabe competive Public INS

>> Obama is getting smoked, and you expect him to master the
climate problems. I don't want to shock his fans, but Obama
is not God.

Why it's reported that even God could not do everything on
Earth all at once (try 7 days).It may take Obama 7 years to
solve our problems in war, poverty, illiteracy, health care,
crime, illegal drugs and immigration, and climate decay.

>> Whew, I definitely don't want HIS JOB, and appreciate him
taking it.

>> Rob [bob-pol] Caring is the Key to Life - Health Care for

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ABOUT...JUST ABOUT._Thanks For The Visit_Green Earl

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