Thursday, June 11, 2009

REU, Redding Electric Utility Is Having A Energy Show, Ahh, Make That A Solar Energy Show, Well Anyway

REU, Redding Electric Utility's 2009 Energy
Fair Will Be Held This Coming Saturday June
13th., from 8 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the
Sundial Bridge and Turtle Bay Exploration Park

"REU has one of the greenest
energy portfolios in the state!

(We actually painted our newest
gas-fired turbine green) and we
have been holding, behind close
doors meetings for several years
now, planning on where to run
about 600 miles of grid lines
through our own God's country,
rather than spend the $45 million
that will cost,to help our rate
payers (hum,owners) add renewable
energy to their homes and businesses.

Plus we've rat-holed another $45
Million or so..(light bulb give-w
-ways are cheaper than real solar

(Imagine what these people could
do with $100 million, the green
energy bonds they could finance
for their city and their rate-
payer owners, if they were not
so hell-bent on becoming the next
Pacific Gas and Electric...It's
all about power people, those that
have it, and those that need it
and want it. REU, like PG%E
does not intend to share that power)
_Green Earl

In fact in a city that gets over
300 days of solar a year, our
rates are so low, (we'll actually
at 8% compounded a year, which
we will admit to for now, I guess
their not really all that low any-
more, hey, bitch, bitch, bitch.
You rate-payers are never happy.

But in a market like Redding
where electric rates are low,
return on solar investment is
relatively slow. (They blame
their low rates, and I blame
their poor promotion and
I remain
enthusiastic and optimistic
however, about the robust
upside potential of solar power.

Actually rates in Redding have
been lower than those of it's
biggest brother utility, PG&E,
and Redding used to have contracts
with the one of the real renewable
energy projects in the north state
Shasta Dam, but those power contracts
have died. So REU recently had to
give Redding rate-payers, who
really are the owners of this utility,
the bad news...Rates are going up
and for the past 30 years we have
done very little to promote, or help
to finance, the idea of either solar
thermal, or solar PV. REU offers
aggressive rebates, ( If were talken
solar rebates, not that hot, I'm told,
if you want a new airconditioner, not
that bad, By the way Redding, did you
know they have solar air now too!)and
the federal government extended a 30%
investment tax credit to help offset
the cost of solar. (This federal credit
can soon be converted into a cash rebate)

We live in the second sunniest city in
(And that folks, is the truth) the nation;
let's put all that sunshine to work!"

Imagine what this city could be, if
they wanted to be..The Greenest City
In America
Instead we have 20%
unemployment and an empty industrial park.

Please city, REU be my guest and add your
comment. Did I get any of this right..or
am I jaded from trying to work with you
Northstate Utility companies for the past
3 decades?

Matt Madison
Solar Rebate Coordinator

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