Saturday, June 13, 2009

If A "Inventor" Comes To You, Needing $40 Million For A Solar System That Makes Energy 24/7...Run Like The Wind_Green Earl

Jim Mc_____'s New Home !!

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Just wanted to stress to my readers, the following information.
If I put up a link to goods or services here on the blog, it
is because I believe in that company, usually have met the
owners and believe they are the real article. I will not be
involved, or be involved long, as one scam inventor found out,
with a company, service or product, that you would consider
a scam or one who multiple complaints against them. This is not
the case with the two companies I mention below, in fact in
both cases I've had very solid, positive comments from actual
users of these services.

In the case of Denby Energy a online energy audit program and
Green Irene a online, home based, eco consulting training and
conservation devices company, I have met the owners of both
companies and I stand, with 3 decades of experience, backing my
choice to place their links and promote their products on this

While on the subject of scams...if a guy with the following initals
J.McK_____, who lives in Florida, and says he is a graduate from
M.I.T. and he has a solar system that operates and generates solar
energy 24/7 using artificial lights, who says he needs $40 million
to build a plant, and swears he has a working system, but it's still
being tested in Area 51 in Nevada. RUN LIKE THE WIND_Green Earl

I have about 10 folks and 5 companies that will back me up on this
one....I think that is enough to label it a scam, don't you?

I'm thinking about writing a story on this guy and his BS deal...
Just looking for a good excuse.

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