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'IN TRANSITION' , Arizona From Oil Dependency To Local Resilience Premier Today_Green Earl

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TERRI LARSEN has invited you to the event 'The Film "In Transition": Watch Online!' on Transition Arizona!


This is the film on Transition and will be available until tonight on line. Check it out!

The Film "In Transition": Watch Online! Time: June 13, 2009 all day
Location: On Line:
Organized By: TERRI LARSEN

Event Description:

The Transition Network is presenting "In Transition: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience," its first major educational film project online between now and late Saturday night.

This is a very good introduction to the Transition movement and to some of the Transition Initiatives which formed earlier and have already accomplished projects in food, education, energy, economic development, recycling, building, transportation, and government.

To watch the 57-minute film, go to this web page and click on the image:
Quicktime Player is required for viewing and can be downloaded from that page.

Last week, Sustainable Tucson became the 29th officially recognized U.S. Transition Initiative. There are currently more than 150 local transition projects around the world.

To learn more about the Transition movement, find resources and links here:

See more details and RSVP on Transition Arizona:
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