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TANC plans were hidden in plain sight
Record-Searchlight - Redding,CA,USA

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"But even optimistic assumptions about implementation of these technologies

Longmont Daily Times-Call
Light burden
Longmont Daily Times-Call - Longmont,CO,USA

Solar Power Partners Program, in which the city matches dollar-for-dollar grant money provided by the Governor's Energy Office. D'Amico received $10800 from ...

Making solar panels requires old-fashioned coal-fired power
The Saginaw News - - Saginaw,MI,USA

"So photovoltaic is a lot more energy effective." He acknowledges that coal-fired power has an advantage over solar, however, in that it can produce ...

Touched by sun stroke
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia

It's the great solar rip-off. Sales of rooftop panels that turn sunlight into electricity are soaring because energy sources that emit no greenhouse gases ...

Your Career With A Green Job « Greenstandard's Blog
By greenstandards

Your position doesn't have to be high technology, like a PV Project Engineer. Thanks to the new federal incentives for solar energy, more than 440000 jobs for installation and manufacturing will be opening up within the solar industry. ... Hawaii plans to stop using fossil fuels within the next ten years, moving to renewable, sustainable energy. An agreement to allow customers with solar panels to sell power back to the Hawaiian Electric Company was signed in November of ...

Greenstandard's Blog -
MSM Monitor: Boston Globe Powers Up the Jobs
By Rocker

Chief executive Christina Lampe-Onnerud, who founded the company, Boston-Power, in 2005, is seeking $100 million in funding from the federal energy and defense departments, as well as from the state, to finance the factory. ... Schott Solar is a subsidiary of the Schott Group of Germany. In a statement, it said the Billerica plant - which made photovoltaic modules - was too limited in "size and scale." --more--" I guess that's why the guv clammed up about the looting ...

MSM Monitor -

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New Labour – not so green after all : Socialist Resistance
By Administrator

He promised £10 million in new grants for anaerobic digestion to turn organic waste into green energy and that up to £4bn of finance for new renewable energy projects in the UK will be provided by the European Investment Bank. However, when looked at in detail, it became clear that while the Budget ... And offsetting is cheating working people in the countries of the global north out of the new jobs and industries which investing in green technologies at home would bring. ...

Socialist Resistance -

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Federation of Canadian Municipalities honours municipal excellence

Canada NewsWire (press release) - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
FCM's Green Municipal Fund and CH2M HILL Canada Ltd. are the primary sponsors of the ... as well as education and training services to support municipal ...

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