Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Observations Watching The Hearings On Climate Change On C-Span

First of all, American Energy Conservation is now prepared to
begin a marketing effort in the State that should prove very
profitable for all involved. The market is huge, product and
financing, and expertise are all standing by...Still we need
some funding to kick-start the marketing effort...Currently
looking for investment capital, in the $100K range in exchange
for membership interest in the Marketing LLC..Expect first
year sales in the $30 million dollar range at about 25% Pre-Tax
GP. Interested certified parties, or groups should contact
AECG, at link above in Title or write to:

Please note, investors should be certified..twitter followers and
friends of the LLC will receive a business plan and operation agree-
ment, with all required disclosures._Green Earl

Now, Regarding The Hearings Held In Washington, DC Today...

First of all Ms Bono Mack (R) Palm Springs, Ca.,You do not have
large expansions of "windmills" in your district..Those big
things spinning around out there in the middle of the desert
are Wind Farms, Wind Generators, Wind Turbines, or even Wind
Machines...if you want...But they do not mill grain...

One other thing..blaming the Feds and Sacramento for the deregulation
mess and resulting Brown Outs and general utility mess falls
squarely on the Utility Companies located in California. PG&E
and Edison, in the south, conspired to rob the people of California
the opportunity to deregulate utilities in the state in the early

Imagine tens of thousands of Californians trying to change
providers while doing the right thing for their families,
cities and their planet and becoming living examples of that
change,and willing to pay up to 20% more for even a mix of
renewable energy.

Over 200 suppliers came into the state. Millions were given to the
utilities for their loss of customers and to off-set any of their
cost in regard to the deregulation plan. In PG&E case, at least...
They used the money to start a new company called Pacific Energy
while putting their old company, Pacific Gas and Electric into
receivership. Screwing many of their own employees and many older
retired widow type and senior investors who depended on these
once high-valued stock for their monthly incomes. Their execs took
bonuses and retirements, with big fat rate payer and tax payer funded
accounts and bailed with their ill-gotten gains and golden chutes to
the beaches of the world. This was 2001 in California...Sound similar
to what's happening today?

When, after much success, the 200 Spartens, mostly renewable energy
companies, came to the utilities for new customer records, usages and
such, these request were largely ignored or delayed in such a fashion
has to tie the hands of the 200, until the utility arrows rained down
upon them, killing them all, to the last one. In that day, we fought
in the shade.

All that was needed was a few well-delivered brown outs in downtown LA
during a summer heatwave until the inhabitants felt like jumping out of
the sealed widows.

Gov Grey facing a cleverly timed attack caved into the utilities, dozens
of additional gas fired turbines were agreed to by the state, rates,
artificially raised during this period, for effect, were put into long-term
power contracts, (anyone ever hear of Enron?) and basically Gov. Grey
Davis gave the state and our first born to the pirates. And the state
went into another 20 years of renewable energy dark ages. All this thanks
to those warm and fussy, grade-school, donating, childrens schools small
solar cells and other crap pushed by their clever ad buys. The same
kids THEY robbed just a couple of years before. Another 20 years of no

These are the same pirates involved in assisting with the utility mandated
solar and wind, conservation state of California rebate programs of today.
Thier workers man the school rooms, of the state, and meeting rooms and
community centers and board rooms. They are your friends, your relatives
and your neighbors.

Conditions in the marketplace will continue until someone, and maybe someone
just will, this time, but don't hold your breath. Someone must drive a large
renewable energy and emission stake through the heart of these companies
so they can return to the place they came from...their days here are numbered
let us pray._Green Earl

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