Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New York Times Article Calls Solar Power Rebate Program a 'VICTIM' of It's own Success...HOG WASH

By Green Earl

The link above should take you to the story written by Jan Ellen Spiegel
for The New York Times.

It tells the sad story, again, as it's been repeated now for the entire
thirty years I've been in the renewable energy business, It tells the
sad tale, of a solar utility rebate program that has been so successful,
that the utility fund, that ran it, ran the program right out of money and
out of business.

This crap has been going on for years. As long as we let utility companies
collect rebated funds from their rate payers and expect them to do the right
thing by the conservation and solar, wind programs they are mandated to
finance. Just who do we think is going to come out on the loosing end of
this deal, The Wolf (Big Utilities) or the Baby Chicks (Solar Companies)???

Please someone help me get the word to the administration...who ever designed
this recipe for failure of the renewable industry, "needed a check up, from
the neck up," to quote Zig Ziggler

Something must be done and soon, to see that these utility companies not only
do not collect the funds, at least directly, but do not budget the solar rebates
for the industry or control the growth, Or like the past 3 decades...there
will be many more "Victims" And for God Sakes Don't Let their paid help guide
and Manage the rebate programs so important to the new growth of the industry.


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